Monday , 16 July 2018

Top 10 Best Portuguese Players of All Time

Best Portuguese Players

Despite having some of the best players ever to have graced soccer, Portugal has rarely been among the world’s elite when it comes to major international tournaments. In fact, the only international title came in 2016, when they were champions of EuroCopa. In the World Cup you need to look further, in 1966 was your best participation, where they finished ...

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Top 10 Beaches Where You Can Go Nude

top 10 beaches where you can go nude

    Nudist rest is very popular today. In the tourist environment – this is one of the most closed, but at the same time interesting topics. Such beaches are only for “their own”, outsiders are not allowed to enter the territory. The best nudist beaches – the top 10 are presented to the fans of nude rest . These ...

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Top 10 Best Coffees in the World

top 10 best coffees in the World

 Coffee is one of the most favorite drinks in the whole world. Its assortment amazes with its variety of varieties and species. And it is often difficult to determine which coffee is the best. It would be desirable, that the drink was not only tasty, but also qualitative. Connoisseurs of the drink prefer coffee in beans, but there are worthy ...

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Top 10 Best Family Cars in the World

top 10 best family cars in the World

  For a large family, you need a car with impressive dimensions, so that it can accommodate not only the whole family, but also many things. The best family cars can boast not only good capacity, but also elegant design. Also important is the reliability of the security system, which is equipped with this or that model. And for some motorists, ...

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Top 10 Largest Zoos in the World

top 10 largest zoos in the world

On the territory of the whole globe there is a huge number of zoos that are created not only for the aesthetic pleasure of man, but also for saving rare species that are on the verge of extinction. The largest zoos in the world contain and multiply several hundred of the world’s most rare creatures. Such complexes affect not only ...

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Top 10 Longest Living Animals in the World

top 10 longest living animals in the World

The longest living animals on our planet have an age that is far from one century old. Such records can not boast any long-lived man. Scientists are still struggling over the question of the secret of the longevity of these creatures, but they can not find an answer so far. Perhaps, mankind is not far from the great discovery, allowing ...

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Top 10 Best Actions Cameras of 2017

top 10 best action cameras of 2017

The action camera is a kind of digital video camera, the purpose of which is shooting in the most extreme conditions, as well as while driving. As a rule, such gadgets have compact dimensions, are not afraid of water, dust and shakes. This type of device was first introduced to the world by the company GoPro, which is still the ...

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The Top 10 Most Unusual Rock Bands

Top 10 most unusual rock bands

Today rock music has a large number of fans. Rock is a plexus of a wide variety of genres – from rapcore to metalcore, and each direction is filled with an innumerable army of fans. But if traditional rock is easily perceived, and many similar, then genres like metalcore, hardcore or death metal are, as they say, “an amateur.” And ...

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Top 10 Ultimate Rides In The World

top 10 ultimate rides in the world

We all love and want to travel and there are many different ways to make your trip unforgettable, and of course one of them is amusement parks. Big cities can offer you carousels for all tastes – children and adults, scary and fun, quiet and breathtaking! And, of course, if you dare to ride in some dangerous attraction, surely this ...

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Top 10 Funny Facts About North Korea

top 10 funny facts on north korea

Some nations are known for their neutrality, others are known for belligerence, and some even for chocolate. North Korea, on the other hand, is known simply for the madness of its institutions and the laws that govern its land. It has to be said that although the country’s treatment of its population is tragic, some of the nation’s history is ...

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