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Top 10 Most Discreet Sex Toys

Discreet sex toys for pleasures of the body. Sometimes discretion is the key. This is especially true when talking about living with parents, roommates, friends, among others. In this selection are featured the 10 most discreet adult toys, and some may even shock and surprise people.

Most Discreet Sex Toys


This adult discreet sex toys is so small and so unobtrusive that it actually looks like a keyring, the Fairy Baby Massage Wand being featured prominently these days. This means that it is possible to carry a small vibrator and the design makes it easy for people to not be able to understand that it is an adult toy.


In addition to being a panties to go everywhere with total discretion, it has a small vibrator connected to a remote control to change the level of vibration. This product is quite sexy and ninth position in this selection of the 10 most discreet sex toys.


What makes this toy discreet is that you simply slip, that the woman puts it in your underwear and the rest of your clothes, and no one knows they have a toy inside their panties. Perhaps this can add a level of mystique and stimulation when it comes to sitting or staying in certain positions, and it is quite interesting. Discreet sex toys.


This product is a small pebble-shaped vibrator that almost looks like a perfume bottle. The design is made to be soft by the sides and edges, and deliver an intense vibration that anyone would be delighted to experience.


Pendrives are probably one of the most common pieces of technology that most of the human population currently holds. Crave decided to add something more to the design, a vibrator. On the one hand, there is a battery-powered vibrator with a split end for maximum pleasure. And on the other side, an 8GB USB Pendrive.


It is very discreet, this adult toy that is disguised as makeup. This little vibrator is so discreet that people will notice and think that it is a simple tube of lipstick, also highlighting the practicality to carry, being fifth in this selection, the 10 most discreet adult toys. So, the lipstick vibrator has only one setting to turn on and off, so the person probably should not expect too much variety when it comes to different speeds. Instead of a tube of lipstick, there is a pink stick meant to look like a lipstick just in case someone really decides to look at the purse and actually open up the makeup.


This little instrument almost looks like something that would be seen in a spy movie where the sexy heroine pulls a gun out of her lipstick. In this case, the weapon is a bullet-sized vibrator, standing out for such creativity. From the outside, the box looks like a simple compact, and many will assume there is only dust with a paintbrush inside. It’s small enough for the woman’s purse, and maybe even a back pocket for sexy jeans.


Crave recently came up with a necklace called Vesper, which works both as jewelry and as a vibrator. The vibrator is made of silver and has a very elegant design. It was designed to lengthen the neck, rather than to pleasure someone. This adult toy is beautiful and pleasurable, and manufacturers are getting more creative in inventing adult toys that can be sported without anyone noticing, Vesper being third in this selection of the 10 most discreet adult toys.


For people who like bath toys and a waterproof massage, then this adult toy is ideal. It is small like any other typical rubber duck, but also vibrates with 3 different speeds. All you have to do is leave the duckling in private space and use it as you would with any regular vibrator that does not penetrate. So, the rubber will not irritate the skin as it is made to be softer than the traditional duckling. So there’s no need to worry when the maid comes to clean the room.


Tenga is a Japanese brand that sells discreet masturbators for men. At first glance, these things look like a rolled up yoga mat or a towel inside a tube. But, if you look closely, this is a discreet adult toy for men seeking practicality. The Tenga can even adjust so that the man can make the toy, as tight as he needs. The interior of the tube has different silicone textures and angles. Each type of Tenga masturbator simulates a woman’s position: sitting, dad and mom, woman over, oral sex, among others. It perfectly simulates the interior of a vagina, can put lubricant and control the suction force. It comes in many different forms transport outdoors, without the worries of being caught, and is leading position in this selection of the 10 most discreet sex toys.



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