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Top 10 Best Selling Soft Drinks In The World

best selling soft drinks

Soda has been a popular type of drink for a long time . The refreshing feeling it offers does not compare to another. Yes, most soft drinks contain too much sugar. But if so much soda is consumed, this drink can compromise health. This selection highlights the 10 best selling soft drinks in the world. It will be presented how ...

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Beer

Beer is a drink prepared from the fermentation of cereals, especially malted barley. And it is believed to be one of the first alcoholic beverages to have been brewed by man. At present, it is the fourth most consumed drink on the planet , losing to coffee, tea and orange juice. This is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the ...

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Top 10 Best Coffees in the World

top 10 best coffees in the World

Coffee is one of the most favorite drinks in the whole world. Its assortment amazes with its variety of varieties and species. And it is often difficult to determine which coffee is the best. It would be desirable, that the drink was not only tasty, but also qualitative. Connoisseurs of the drink prefer coffee in beans, but there are worthy ...

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50 Amazing Facts to Drink Alcohol

Facts to Drink Alcohol

Before going to the topic about 50 Amazing Facts to Drink Alcohol I want to tell that I am not branding or advertising something! Believe or not there is many factors that proves alcohol is not so dangerous for health. But everything has a limit. People forget that limits every time and suffer later. Let’s get the topic.

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Top 10 Most Sold Cocktail Drinks Around the World

top 10 most sold cocktail drinks

Bar or club goers know which cocktail drink is worth ordering. They may have their all-time favorite, but of course, they are willing to experiment other mixes to find out which give them the kicks. There are a lot of different recipes for cocktails available for anyone to try. Cocktails are alcoholic mixed drinks

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Top 10 Most Expensive Bottled Water in the World

most expensive water in the world

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop that we can afford to drink. That probably is what people would say when they see the price of these exorbitant exotic bottled waters. And to think that it seems to be anywhere unless you are in one of the drought hit areas in the world.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Whiskies in The World

One of the best ways to end a day is by enjoying a glass or two of whiskey. Strong and relaxing, whiskey is a distilled alcoholic beverage created out of fermented grain mash. While different kinds of grains may be used, such as barley, corn, rye or wheat, all of them are aged to perfection in wooden barrels generally made ...

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