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Top 10 Best Romantic Movies of All Time

best romantic movies

Romance films have always stood out and will continue for a long, long time. At some point, everyone likes to sit with blanket and watch a good story about people falling in love. Romantic movies are timeless and will continue to be made due to their growing popularity. Some of these most popular movies of all time are romantic movies, ...

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Top 10 All Time Scariest Horror Movie Villains

Best Scariest horror movie villains

Horror movies have been a constant presence in Hollywood for nearly 100 years. And during these 100 years, Hollywood provided for its audiences some of the striking villains that left people frightened worldwide. These scariest horror movie villains are the types of villains that haunt people’s nightmare long after the movie is over. Featured in this selection are the 10 ...

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Top 10 Biggest Bollywood Actors Right Now

top 10 biggest bollywood actors right now

Bollywood, as soon as you hear the name, the platform of a dream world flows in your mind. Bollywood has become the center of attraction for Indian youth for the last 50 years. From Asok kumar to now Akshay kumar Bollywood has got many versatile actors who have made Indian movie industry prosperous. These superstars have earned a lot of ...

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Top 10 best thrillers of the year 2016-2017

top 10 best thrillers of the year 2016-2017

Here you have top 10 best thrillers of the year 2016-2017.Thrillers are what which make  you frightened, angry, excited,investigative,refreshed, witty. In our everyday’s materialistic life we always want to enjoy a thrill for refreshment . but sometimes it doesn’t become we enjoy the experience through a thrilling movie. One of the most intriguing thriller genres in film are considered ...

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Top 10 Rising Stars of Hollywood

rising stars of hollywood

Since the cinema every year is developing swiftly, it is not surprising that at the same time increasing the number of actors and actresses. This is not many people manage to gain a foothold in this business and gain popularity. Nevertheless, there are still those who fall rather quickly among celebrities and is becoming popular. We, in turn, suggest that ...

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Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio Movie He Should Have Won an Oscar

top 10 leonardo dicaprio movie

Really guys it’s very difficult to say which one is the best or making a top 10 list of Leonardo movie! Yes I’m talking about Leonardo DiCaprio the finest actor of Hollywood. Before this February Leonardo got five times Oscar nominations and get zero! Can you imagine how frustrated the situation should be? “This man deserve an Oscar” people always ...

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Top 10 Biopic Movies You Must Watch

top 10 biopic movies

We all need inspiration in life. To brave through trying times or to continue the success story. The truth is that, sometimes just a pat on the back does the trick and sometimes a splash of rainbow in the sky does it all. Here are my Top 10 biopic movies, some inspiring and the rest eye-opening (have not mentioned any musician’s ...

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Top 10 Feel Good Movies

top 10 feel good movie

What do you do, when the day doesn’t favour you? When you prefer staring at the ceiling to hanging out with friends? When you gulp down tubs of sundae? Well for me, nothing works as much as a good movie!! Or shall I say a Feel-Good movie! Here is my list. Feel free to shoot your picks! 

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