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Top 10 Most Popular And World Best Selling Fruits

World best selling fruits

World Best Selling Fruits. The popularity of a product is undoubtedly related to the level of its consumption which consequently affects the sale rates. That is, the world’s largest selling fruit is actually the most consumed. By researching the world’s most popular and best-selling fruits, various facts and figures, data, and charts on fruit production were examined around the world. ...

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Top 10 Largest Statues In The World

Largest Statues

Largest Statues. It is foolish to think, or ever thought, that the greatest statue in the world is in the United States – the Statue of Liberty. In fact, it is the largest and best known in the United States. 

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Top 10 Human Greatest Fears

human greatest fears

Human greatest fears. As human beings, everyone is afraid of something. It is human nature to react to danger or what is perceived as bad, and something that it intends to harm. Often it is up to something that the individual is unable to be protect. By definition, fear is an emotion that everyone experiences as a result of seeing ...

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Top 10 poorest countries in the world

poorest countries

Not all of us are supplied with our needs and many less extravagances. We hardly know or know of these places of hunger, where misery plagues a forgotten continent , for it has not accompanied the growth of much of the West. This is a top 10 in which no one is happy to elaborate, but it is recorded what ...

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Top 10 World’s Richest Countries

world's richest countries

In this selection the 10 world’s richest countries are highlighted, by the gross domestic product, in purchasing power parity (PPP), per capita. Use of purchasing power parity value of all final goods to show real dollar value within a country in a given year. GDP, gross domestic product, represents the sum, in monetary values. In relation to the totality of final ...

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Top 10 Biggest Bridges In The World

Biggest Bridges

Find out which are and where are the 10 biggest bridges in the world, according to full extension data. They are great works that reach up to 164 km in length. When speaking of great works done by mankind, there is no denying the ingenuity of the many Chinese. They have the largest companies , the largest statues , the ...

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Top 10 Best Selling Soft Drinks In The World

best selling soft drinks

Soda has been a popular type of drink for a long time . The refreshing feeling it offers does not compare to another. Yes, most soft drinks contain too much sugar. But if so much soda is consumed, this drink can compromise health. This selection highlights the 10 best selling soft drinks in the world. It will be presented how ...

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Top 10 Largest Ships In The World

largest ships

Largest ships in the world. It is certainly curious to note the largest ships that are used by the United States Navy . Even more than that, it’s amazing to see billions of dollars that are spent to get involved in the war.

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Top 10 Most Profitable Crimes In The World

profitable crimes

Profitable crimes in the world, according to the approximate annual income of illegal activities around the planet. This selection highlights the 10 most profitable crimes in the world. To find a suggestion for the selection, similar lists of the most profitable crimes, generally international, were considered. The figures found represent the average annual income of illegal activities. In this case, ...

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Beautiful flowers in the world

Henry Beecher once said, “Flowers are the sweetest things that God has ever done, and forgot to put soul in.” In fact God is an artist and flowers are perhaps one of his best creations. The flowers have a very short life, but undoubtedly very significant. For generations, this wonderful gift from nature has helped express human emotions and feelings. ...

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