Monday , 19 November 2018
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Top 10 World’s Richest Countries

world's richest countries

In this selection the 10 world’s richest countries are highlighted, by the gross domestic product, in purchasing power parity (PPP), per capita. Use of purchasing power parity value of all final goods to show real dollar value within a country in a given year. GDP, gross domestic product, represents the sum, in monetary values. In relation to the totality of final ...

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Top 10 Richest Companies in the World

Richest Companies in the World

The richest companies in the world – who are among the ten most successful corporations? In our list includes companies that, according to the of Forbes , occupy a leading position on the market value and the resulting profit for the past year.

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Top 10 Biggest Corruption In India Make a shame

corruption in india

Corruption in India has become a common factor today. Political Leaders, Govt. Officials, Private Sectors and Media; each and every one is corrupt in India. Peon to Prime Minister none of them are honest. Every inches of Indian land is debt in corruption. All political leaders promised to eradicate corruption. But after few months every truth comes to light that how they came ...

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