Monday , 19 November 2018
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Top 10 Most Widely Spoken Languages in the World

top 10 most widely spoken languages in the world

Language is the medium to connect people of same territory or different, express one’s thought to other, carry one’s introspection. This is the frequently asked  question that which is the most widely spoken language, you might say that English but it barely comes in the 3rd position.Can you name of top 10 most widely spoken languages in the world? Let’s ...

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Top 10 Countries with More Women than Men

top 10 countries with more women than men

In this selection top 10 countries with more women than men are highlighted. Many countries have a balance of the male population and the female population, being common, but the difference here in the selection is the proportion that the female population gained in some countries, compared to the male population. It is an expression of the number of men ...

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Top 10 Oldest Cities in the World

top 10 oldest cities

In this selection we will discuss about the top 10 oldest cities in the world. Every city has its own historical mounting. A city is a large and permanent human settlement.The concept of forming a city began with establishing a normative discipline by artificial means.Some of the settlements that exist today,are  formed  a very long time.By archaeological and historical research ...

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Top 10 Reasons That Bengali Girls is Best

bengali girls is best

May be you can talk about Sunny Leon (Because of most searched women in India) or many others. I agree with you they are pretty but not beautiful. The word ‘beautiful’ mean is not just looking good or just have a pretty face. There must be something in her which attract you. Indian girls are really so much beautiful in ...

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