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Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Pages

In this selection are highlighted the 10 most popular Facebook pages. Those who thought that Facebook Inc could not expand its reach and stagnate, certainly were shocked, as the social media platform continues to conquer a staggering percentage of the world’s population. There were just over 2 billion active Facebook users in 2018, including 95% mobile users.

Popular Facebook Pages

10. EMINEM – 88,215,676 LIKES

Eminem enjoys the support of more than 88 million people. It’s been 4 years since Eminem’s previous album, but fans will not have to wait much longer.

9. LEO MESSI – 89,921,291 LIKES

Leo Messi is the second most popular soccer player in the world based on tanned Facebook. Probably people know him as the main, with close to 90 million of them. The FC Barcelona striker has 11 goals in 7 La Liga games in the season, all of which his team has won. He is considered one of the best players of all time. Popular Facebook pages.

8. TASTY – 95,585,273 LIKES

Tasty is a bit surprising, the world’s most popular website in terms of tanned Facebook, not including Facebook itself, hits the YouTube page. BuzzFeed’s food portal, Tasty, offers an extremely minimalist approach to website design, with nothing but food articles. The value it offers to readers on Facebook is probably the reason it ranks so high, with content focused.

7. VIN DIESEL – 98,838,585 LIKES

Vin Diesel is the most popular actor in the world on popular Facebook pages. What impresses is the amount of more than 40 million tanned by Dwayne Johnson of Fast and Furious, and the number says by itself, there are 98,838,585 tanned for actor Vin Diesel.

6. SHAKIRA – 101,998,644 LIKES

Shakira is the most popular singer in the world on Facebook, with more than 101 million tanned. She ranks slightly more than FC Barcelona, ​​which happens to be the team of Gerard Pique. And beyond the world-wide success in music, Shakira shows that it rises and much also when the subject is popularity. Popular Facebook pages.

5. FC BARCELONA – 102,698,933 LIKES

FC Barcelona, ​​or Barça, is the second most popular soccer club in the world and a team respected throughout the world for its charismatic characteristic. While FC Barcelona currently takes advantage of a ranking lead in La Liga, including by 7 points over fierce rival Real Madrid, they were defeated by Real Madrid on both legs of the Spanish Super Cup in August.

4. COCA-COLA – 107,539,820 LIKES

Coca-Cola ranks as the most popular company on Facebook, as well as Facebook itself, with 107 million tanned, just 4,000 tanned behind the page that was in third place in the selection. It currently controls 26% of the soft drink market worldwide, having nearly doubled market share from fierce rival PepsiCo, Inc. Coca’s shares have increased nearly 10% this year, although this slightly follows the market.

3. REAL MADRID CF – 109,500,578 LIKES

Real Madrid is the most popular soccer club in the world, and the second most popular organization, with a slight advantage over Coca-Cola in tanned Facebook. Despite its popularity, it is only estimated to be the fifth most valuable sport franchise, behind Man U, Barcelona, ​​New York Yankees, and Dallas Cowboys. But, it is without doubt one of the best soccer teams in the world .


There is no doubt, Cristiano Ronaldo cement the status of football as the most popular sport in the world. Second footballer to be in the selection, along with 3 clubs. While no other sports personality or teams have come close. He won for the fifth time the title of best FIFA player of the year 2017, equaling him to Méssi in number of prizes. The illustrious player stands out in much by the popularity also pointed by the success in Facebook.

1. FACEBOOK – 213,610,08 LIKES

The Facebook page on Facebook is leading position in this selection of Facebook’s 10 most popular pages. With over 200 million accounts enjoying the page. A number of other Facebook pages also have 200 million tanned. According to Trackalytics, including Facebook India, and Facebook for Every Phone, although they were not listed all these separately as it seems to be interconnected with Facebook’s main page. Despite slightly different tannage totals.



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