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Top 10 Best Xiaomi phone of 2017

Chinese phones confidently conquer the market of many countries. Among the many strategies from China manufacturers released the Xiaomi company, whose products have great demand. Russia Xiaomi – one of the most popular brands in the market of mobile devices. The best phone Xiaomi 2017 is not the only major representation, but budget model. Xiaomei (properly named company name in Chinese) provides high quality products, but it does not price worth to lift. Price and quality optimal coordination, Chinese manufacturer success. For even a very small amount the buyer can choose from a large range of device models with good features. Line up Xiaomi smartphones often offer to meet the company’s best offer for 2017 often.Here is the list of top 10 best Xiaomi phone of 2017.

Top 10 Best Xiaomi Phone of 2017

10.Mi Max Xiaomi –

top 10 xiaomi phone of 2017

The list of top 10 Xiaomi phone of 2017 starts with Mi max. Although it entered the market last year, it is still one of the best phones. It is a huge 6.44 inch screen and a powerful non-removable battery of 4850 mAh battery. 5.5 inch screen smartphones are still a rare feature, and release a new device equipped with a large curtain. Traditionally attracted an increased interest “admission” DeVisa impressive six-core processor 650 Snapdragon MSM8956, 3 GB and 64 GB internal flash memory 16 megapixel main camera And with a resolution of 5 mind “frontalka”. PHABLET to buy in Chinese online stores can be cheap by 2-3 thousand.

9.Redmi Note 4X –

top 10 xiaomi phone of 2017

a budget model, part of the list of the top 2017 Xiaomi phones of the year. It presented the gadget was in January this year. The smartphone has 5.5 inch screen, eight-processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, 3GB of RAM and 32 GB of non-volatile memory. With the new module Sony camera has been greatly improved the quality of shooting and the main camera has a resolution of 13 megapixel, front – with a 5 megapixel. The device is equipped with a high capacity battery at 4,100 mAh. The housing is made of metal and plastic inserts decorated. Redmi Note 4X – a vivid example of the wonderful combination of excellent quality and value for money. The estimated cost of a smartphone – 10 000. 

8.Redmi 4 Pro – 

top 10 xiaomi phone of 2017

One of the best Xiaomi phone of 2017 model has included Redmi 4 Pro, the new generation of this less device company, continues its popular line of smartphone. Especially devaysa is impressive and almost as good as the top end device from other manufacturers. Smartphone has a 5 inch screen, eight processor Snapdragon 625 3GB and 32 GB internal flash memory. In the presence of 13 megapixel main camera and a 5 megabyte “Frontalca” presence, 4,100 mAh smartphones recommended price – 16000  INR.  

7.Xiaomi Redmi 4

top 10 xiaomi phone of 2017

We have Redmi 4 pro in the 8th of this list of top 10  best Xiaomi phone of 2017.Another productive smartphone from Chinese manufacturer. It is a powerful battery power 4100 mAh. Aprocessor Snapdragon 430 2/16 GB and these low cost devices with internal memory and metal housing. In practice, this is the same Redmi 4 Pro, but the average model value with budget processors and low memory -price about 10000 INR.

6.Redmi 4A –

top 10 xiaomi phone of 2017

One of the best phones is the Xiaomi 2017 model Redmi 4A, Chinese manufacturer of the cheapest smartphone, which still has some good features. Undemanding user offers everything available for your smartphone. The main camera with a 5-inch display, a Snapdragon 425 processor, a resolution of 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory, 13 megapixel and 5 megapixel front. The battery is not as great as the other models of the company – at 3120 mAh The only exception to the smartphone is can be called a plastic housing. Approximate price   – 8000 INR

5.Mi Mix –

top 10 xiaomi phone of 2017

One of the best Xiaomi phones, Framham Flashplaying Mi M ix (which was not confused with last year’s unit Mac Max), was launched in India in Nov 2016. He owns a massive screen of 6.4 inches and a high strength ceramic body. The model has received high quality designs: A fingerprint sensor and a 16-megapixel main camera is made of 18-carat gold, a high-performance smartphone that provides a snapdragon 821 chipset. The value of this set is approximately 40,000.

4.Mi Note 2 –

top 10 xiaomi phone of 2017

Smartphone is a versatile battery and productive processor, theMi Notebook 2 can not enter the list of the best mobile devices. The 5, 7 inch screen is made with full resolution, Snapdragon 821 processor, 6GB RAM and 128 GB internal flash memory. 22.5 mn provides high quality images of the main camera with a resolution. Smartphone Features – Ultrasonic Sensor Fingerprint Recognition. The Value is about 35 000 INR.

3.Mi5 Xiaomi 

top 10 best xiaomi phone of 2017

new product from Chinese entrepreneurs, which appeared in the market in early March. Smartphone Features – Surge X1 Jiaomi production in eight cores Smartphone 5.15-inch screen-protected glass gorilla glass is equipped with 4D, 3 GB and 64 GB internal memory and aluminum housing with glass insertion. The main camera with a resolution of 12 MP is equipped with a two-phase sound reduction function. Approximate cost of the device – 18400 INR at the beginning of the sale. Smartphones in Chinese online stores can be purchased for significantly less.

2.Mi 6 –

top 10 xiaomi phone of 2017

The 2nd place is acquired by Mi 6 which is Beijing’s best phone making Mi 6 2nd best  Xiaomi phone of 2017 –  Mi 6, which was launched in Beijing in April. Ergonomic Case Smartphones make glass and looks very attractive in an external device. Top of page: Fill in the number: 5.15 inch screen, eight core Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM and 64/128 in-house flash memory, dual-core 12-megapixel camera auto focus and a versatile battery of 3350 mAh. Average price – 28000 INR.

1.Mi Mix2

top 10 xiaomi phone of 2017

The best smartphone with a large screen,excellent performance at an reasonable cost for a 5300 mAh battery. It supports quick charging, stereo speakers, high quality cameras and an all-metal body functionality. The average cost of a model – from 18 000 INR.These features make it best Xiaomi phone of 2017. 



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