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Top 10 Funny Facts About North Korea

Some nations are known for their neutrality, others are known for belligerence, and some even for chocolate. North Korea, on the other hand, is known simply for the madness of its institutions and the laws that govern its land. It has to be said that although the country’s treatment of its population is tragic, some of the nation’s history is simply funny. From the former supreme leader Kim Jong-il’s hair to his glasses, there is plenty to laugh at when it comes to North Korea. Here are list of top 10 funny facts about north Korea. 

Top 10 funny facts about north Korea –

10.North Korean Calendar –

top 10 funny facts on north Korea

The list of top 10 funny facts about north Korea starts with the north Korean calendar.The smallest of things may be the most revealing examples of a regime that is far removed from simple governance. While most calendars are based on the reform of the Gregorian calendar, North Korea’s calendar is based on, hopefully, the birth of its leader Kim Il-sung. As a result, the year in North Korea is 104. Its adoption of the calendar of the Juche era means that years before 1912 (the year of the birth of Kim il-Sung) are used with Gregorian calendar dates, Juche Calendar Accompaniment . Jong il’s a film buff –

top 10 funny facts on north Korea

It’s one thing to love movies, it’s another thing to use their power to promote a psychotic movie production schedule. Kim Jong-il was reported as an obsessive movie buff with a collection of more than 20,000 video tapes. He even produced a 100-part patriotic documentary series on the history of the North Korean homeland while writing somehow a book entitled “On the Art of Cinema.” It is not known what kind of qualification I had for author of such a book.

8.The  Photoshop –

top 10 funny facts on north Korea

The 8th place to make it to the list of top 10 funny facts about north Korea is a Photoshop. At the international level, the demonstration of power and strength is shown in many ways. The most obvious is through war or military attack, while other forms include the power of diplomacy to pass agreements or international laws. North Korea had a different idea of power. In 2015, Kim Jung-a greeted the recent test of a submarine-launched missile. However, experts have shown that the images are Photo shopped.

7.The Fake City –

top 10 funny facts on north Korea

In the Seth Rogen movie The Interview, they present a grocery store that is in the center of the city. It seems to be full of food and attempts to represent a healthy urban life, but it turns out to be fake. In reality, a mere grocery store is undervaluing it. Kim Jong-il sponsored the creation of an entire city on the border of North Korea and South Korea to promote immigration by South Koreans.

6.The World Cup –

top 10 funny facts on north Korea

With the great economic difficulties of the country, many North Koreans have fled the country: about 23,000 people in the last sixty years. It is illegal to leave the country without the permission of the regime, and yet, for the World Cup, a legion of North Korean fans attended the team’s game. Or did they?

5.Rules and Regulations –

top 10 funny facts on north Korea

While the lack of freedoms and the state of oppression of the North Korean people is not at all humorous. The randomness of rules and regulations has to be considered at least a little funny. One of the most salient regulations is the inability of North Koreans to wear jeans. Reports indicate that denim is a crime, as it symbolizes the enemy of the United States of America. Another extremely trivial issue that is also the law is the type of haircut you can receive in the country.

4.Unicorn Sighting –

top 10 funny facts on north Korea

This is probably the most unusual event on our list of top 10 funny facts about north Korea is the unicorn sighting in North Korea. In 2012, scientists from North Korea revealed to the world that unicorns are indeed real. The Korean central news agency, said the scientists “reconfirmed” the location of the unicorn’s tomb mounted by King Dongmyeong. He was the founding father of the ancient Korean kingdom of Goguryeo (37 BC-668).

3.NADA the Space Agency –

top 10 funny facts on north Korea

Although the United States is considered the deadly enemy of North Korea, the creation of a space program by the nation had a striking resemblance to the logo of its American counterpart. The only problem? Its acronym was a bit off, or adjusted based on program achievements. Although “nothing” is Spanish, specifically, not at all, it is almost universally used in the Western world in general to mean nothing. That is exactly what the North Korean space agency has achieved: nothing.

2.Threads Sent via Fax Machine –

top 10 funny facts on north Korea

The 2nd position goes to such threads of economical breakdown in this list of  top 10 funny facts about north Korea. With a government structure that limits freedom to such a degree, it comes as no surprise that the country is economically backward. The North Korean economy is recovering as a result of UN sanctions and a series of natural disasters, according to data released by the South Korean central bank. In 2010, Kim Jong-il promised its citizens that the economy would grow, but reports showed that the North Korean economy contracted. For the first time in decades, North Korea grew enough to feed itself in 2015.

1.Necrocracy –

top 10 funny facts on north korea

The most fascinating fact of this list of top 10 funny facts about north Korea is that North Korea is the only country in the world that is a nécrocracy. It is a government that still operates under the rules of a dead ruler. Leave North Korea to do what is not done anywhere in the world. All our other facts refer to this form of government. The calendar that revolves around the date of birth of its leader. The inability of citizens to celebrate their own birthdays if they reach the day of their death. So the people of North Korea is under




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