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Top 10 Reasons That Bengali Girls is Best

May be you can talk about Sunny Leon (Because of most searched women in India) or many others. I agree with you they are pretty but not beautiful. The word ‘beautiful’ mean is not just looking good or just have a pretty face. There must be something in her which attract you. Indian girls are really so much beautiful in the world. But the nature and weather is different in various states and their culture also. I like South Indian girls too but if you say about the most beautiful girls, that’s belongs from West Bengal. During the 70s Sharmila Tagore was the most heartthrob of every Indian men. After that Rani Mukherjee, Kajal, Susmita Sen, Bipasa Basu, Nandana Sen… they are amazing. Amitabh Bachhan, Nawab Patoudi, Mahendra Singh Dhoni… all are married Bengali girls. But why? There must be some reason that Bengali girls is best. Check out the list…


10. True companion!

bengali girls is best

It comes once in a lifetime right? So why not celebrate it like a true king and queen? Bengali Marriages are the perfect mix of ritualistic festivities and a whole lot of uproarious fun. And they come with a spectacular menu too!

9. Splurge It Easy!

bengali girls is best

While the majority will ask for the most expensive and rare gift that is out there on display, Bong Girls will ask for something rare and beautiful too. A timeless romantic film, a classic book, a nice dinner or well, maybe just a perfect ballad. How cool is that?

8. perfect combination of cultures and traditions!

bengali girls is best

From Book fairs to Art-house Cinema, from Lalon Philosophy to Carnatic Music- she has her heart divided for all at a time! She worship ‘kali maa’ and believe to be empowered by her! She is a die-hard fan of Madhuri, she can turn & twist on her songs and can mimicry her! Wearing Bengali cultural sarees is her childhood passion, you can find teenage girls wearing red-white sarees at ‘Durga Pooja’, they can create hard competition to any girl with her perfect stunning looks!

7. Sarees are a must on all occasions and she looks pleasing each time!

bengali girls is best

Taant or a dhakai are the styles of sarees she wears in the morning, which fluffs up around her, you just can’t resist her when she dress up in these styles, she looks sensual and seductive interesting you with her Kohl-rimmed eyes! You will never find her wearing clinging and colourful saris to show off her cleaves? A Bengali woman knows what is her trump card with her thin crepe and loud Kanjeevaram sarees!

6. Foodie and perfect cook!

bengali girls is best

They have the best hands to cook everything from veg to non-veg, and the known fact is they are perfectly brilliant with fishes, fish curry, fish masala, fish fry, fish pakoras or every way fish can be served!Luchi, aloo posto, bhapa ilish, chingrir malaicurry and kosha mangsho are some best dishes that every Bengali girl know how to cook! Bengali girl know how add spicy and tasty flavours as they are masters at fish selection and cooking!

5. Rabindrasangeet and Nazrulgeeti- are Pride for her!

bengali girls is best

It shows she is talented and God help you if she takes her talent seriously! Bengali girls take pride of Rabindrasangeet and Nazrulgeeti as this is very common among them, but only some keep the hold on their passion throughout life! Its a fact that bong families are very particular to find their daughter-in-laws who are melodious with Rabindrasangeet and Nazrulgeeti, they prefer to make them their ‘Bouma!’

4. Daring, Broadminded and Independent life!

bengali girl is best

She is one woman who does not want to get married by 24. For her, it’s not a marriageable age! She is single by choice and love to create options for her and hates depending upon anyone for anything she needs and wants. You can see her smoking in style and thinking analytically about being a successful girl all of her own and that’s what she call ‘Life!’ they have the guts to go for a holiday alone, planning all enjoyments and be a loner-self willingly for moments when she need space and time, and yet maintain her dignity strongly to carry on as a ‘Brave Bengali Girl!’

3. Not fashionable, but stylish!

bengali girl is best

Her beautiful ‘ chaura border’ Saree or a quoted T-Shirt and a huge Red Bindi, Kohl-rimmed eyes and super sexy brown nail paint and lipstick can make you wonder her age, origin, profession and occasion of dressing! Fashion changes but not her style, even if you try to copy her style; you need to bring out the delicacy of Bengali girls to carry her style on.

2. ‘Beauty with Brains’!


bengali girl is best

You will wonder at her enthusiasm for Ritwik Ghatak (Bengali filmmaker) and Justin Bieber at the same time even if you think that her dreamy kohl-rimmed eyes are admired to watch!

1. For Your Eyes Only

bengali girl is best


Bengali girls with really gorgeous eyes are great to admire although they might expect their partners to write poetry about her eyes. Or at least to be able to recite Bonolota Sen’s romantic loving lines for her eyes!



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