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Top 10 Supernatural Beings You May Need To Fear

Top 10 Supernatural Beings You May Need To Fear

Well folks, we all know how these metaphysical beings have softened up during the bygone few decades. Once upon a time they were dreaded. But those times along with that fear are long gone. No one cares about the “Boogie man”, or the vampires. Everything has been rendered cute and beautiful or in the language of internet “sexy” or “Hot”. Even the “Adams” have a better reputation than them. It’s about time we rated them according to their danger level because I for one look upon them as “endangered species”. We’ll start from least to the most.

10. Warlocks:

Top Ten Supernatural Beings

They’re the notorious ones indeed, the keepers of magic and dark arts. They can summon demons and use them for their own use. They lead an army of demons. They see opportunity and go for it. And of-course they want to rule the world and crush the witches, vampires and demons under their feet. Well they can help you with a trick or two when in need. They’re the least evil beings in my opinion. But that doesn’t mean you should underestimate them. They not only got the guts but the glory. So, trust me you do not want to mess with a warlock.

9. Slender Man:

Top 10 Supernatural Beings

A passive aggressive creature. The creepiest looking being in my opinion and it’s kind of sad too. Not having a face. For those of you who do not know “Slender man”. Well, he’s a faceless guy, who steals children. A tall man- silhouette basically-who disappears with his victims never to be seen again. So, If you’re still a child then you’re doomed because he will come for you. Adults on the other hand are safe.

8. Skin Walkers/ Shape shifters:

Top 10 Supernatural Beings

Pretty much like the werewolves or lycanthropes. They can change at will but before they can learn to change into an animal they must imprint it on their minds. For example, if they want to shape shift into a tiger they must imprint it on their mind by seeing a tiger and touching it. But once it’s done they’re stuck with it. They can transform into only one animal. Skin Walkers are slightly different from what I’ve seen or heard or read, they can take a skin of any human being, as-in form of a human being which makes them dangerous. So basically, it could be a close relative of yours. It could be me. Anyone seen “The Thing”???

7. Demons:

Top 10 Supernatural Beings

What you see you can kill at-least but what you cannot see is something to be afraid of. Too bad. They can be summoned and controlled for one’s own purpose. Usually, the witches or warlocks summon them or stupid humans. Nevertheless, they’re something to be afraid of unless you’re Dean Winchester. Then all you need is salt and Holy water to wipe their demonic ass. These ominous beings will use an aura of darkness to alter your emotional state, twist reality to drop you to your knees crying, and even hurt or kill your most cherished family members to see you suffer. Anyone seen “The Conjuring” or “Supernatural” yet?

6. Black Eyed Kids:

Top 10 Supernatural Beings

Black Eyed Kids are the innocent beings who’ll probably ask you for your help on an obscure forlorn road or at your doorstep asking for your permission to step inside. They’re clever and creepy. They have blank lifeless eyes and a look that says I’m your death, say your prayers and get ready to exist no more. They can befall you in groups or just one person. Their intentions are still unknown because people happen to report them and not welcome them.

5. Ghosts/Phantoms:

Top 10 Supernatural Beings

Well, ghosts are dangerous to some extent unless it’s Casper we’re talking about. Ghosts want revenge and if you were the person who killed them? Then my dear you’re doomed because they’re not very forgiving. Ghosts and phantoms resides in centuries old houses or any place basically they want to. Mostly, they haunt the place where they were killed. And they’re not very welcoming or friendly. I’m sure you’ve seen The Sinister or The Amityville Horror.

4. Vampires:

Top 10 Supernatural Beings

The beautiful and charming they lure people into their charms and kill them or you know better “drain them dry”. But that was long time ago before the vegetarian Cullens started jeopardizing their reputation or before the Salvatore’s came into the picture. Now the vampires only shine like diamonds or drink animal blood. Gosh I am so scared. I am not. The once upon a time gory vampires haven’t existed since the times of Dracula. If you folks are going through this post then know this you need to build the gory reputation of yours. Good-luck! Since the luck is kind of hard on you.

3. Ghouls/Zombies:

Top 10 Supernatural Beings

The disgusting and horrifying flesh eaters. Dead or alive you definitely do not want to be consumed by these fuglies. Ghouls and Zombies are two different species though. You could call them cousins. Or second cousins. Ghouls-the ones with the ability to think- are a level ahead of Zombies speaking of gory creatures. Ghouls go for the utmost rancid while Zombies the brainless creatures not specifically eat brains. They eat despite of the racial differences. They’re no racists. Ghouls however, can be racists. It doesn’t end up good for either way. You’re still screwed if one or perhaps an army is after you. Go see walking dead.

2. Werewolves/Lycanthropes:

Top 10 Supernatural Beings

Ah! Once upon a time they were most feared by every mortal and Immortal? With their strength and the bulky, humongous wolf forms-a perfect combo-they had the potency to bring even the immortals to their knees. They were feared and respected. And the Lycans with the ability to transform at desire is more of an advantage than a curse of any devil. Nay?
No more enslaved to the full moons these guys can turn at wish and out-run anyone in my list of top most fearsome supernatural creatures. If a werewolf or a lycan is reading my article then sir or ma’am, know this I kind of liked your performance in Underworld Awakening but seriously, an affair with the vampire chick? No offence you peeps are supposed to be bloody and wild and un-tamed! You’ve become cute and tamed as a pet puppy. Get a Life, do your job, claw their hearts out and eat’em. Or have you too forgotten your ancestors and their traditions? You have instead adopted human traditions and cultures just to mingle. huh!? seriously? A leash around your necks, is that what you want? tsk-tsk! At least once upon a time the howls at the moon scared the living daylights outta some people. But now it’s just……!!
1. Witches:

Top 10 Supernatural Beings

The prize winners. Thumbs-up for you old ugly hags. No offence and I am damn sure you have taken none for you are ugly enough! Aren’t you the sneaky and artful dorks? Always hiding “Hoax-Bags” and making “Vodoo Dolls”. You folks kill your preys rather mercilessly. Hmm-mm! At least someone’s doing their jobs. But don’t forget hunters are out there beheading you ugly hags! And you need to keep them at bay. Because there aren’t many witches left according to many surveys. Many of your generation were killed during the 15th and 18th centuries. Tens of thousands of people were executed in the name of witchcraft and wizardry. This should be more than enough to boil your thick blood and set you on fire and make you want to avenge your dead mates.

Keep it up. You might win the grand prize for being gory and ugly! Well! That’s something. Nay?
However, I got a warning for you too. The Spellmens! Yes. They’re way too nice, just a little too nice. And they’re jeopardizing your ugly well-built bad-will. You might want to pay them a visit!



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