10 Actors Who Could Get Lead Role In The “Game of Thrones”

10 actors who could get lead role in the game of thrones

At the present time it is strange to even imagine other actors in the place of loved characters from the “Game of Thrones”. Nevertheless, the casting for the role of each hero, even a minor one, was very large, and therefore had to fight for a “place in the sun”. It is worth paying attention to some actors who were more than ever close to the cherished role, but a little bit did not reach the cherished goal. On the one hand, some actors would have been nice to see on the spot favorite characters. Top 10 actors who could get lead role in the game of thrones.

Perhaps they would be even better fit into the plot and canvas paintings, but what to do. And there are those actors on the list whose absence in the movie saga was very successful. Very much they would stand out against the background of other residents of Westeros.

10 Actors Who Could Get Lead Role In The “Game of Thrones”

10. High Sparrow (Jared Harris)

High Sparrow (Jared Harris)

Jared Harris was very eager to get a role in another popular TV series. In the World of the Wild West, but there he was bypassed by the turn of Anthony Hopkins. In the case of the role of His Sparrow. Jared was also overtaken by the equally famous Jonathan Price. One gets the impression that the directors of the specialty are looking for older actors for collaboration.

9. Melisandre (Gillian Anderson)

Melisandre (Gillian Anderson)

“Secret Agent Dana Scully” auditioned in the Game of Thrones, but for a long time did not recognize what role. Fans guessed and came to their own conclusion that it was either about the role of Cersei or the Red Priestess Melisandre. The daughter of the actress could not believe how to abandon such a significant project. To which Gillian replied that it would be better to spend time shooting films for the works of Scorsese.

8. Xaro Xhoan Daxos (Mahershala Ali)

Xaro Xhoan Daxos (Mahershala Ali)

The casting director of the series for a very long time lamented the fact that the role of Ksaro was not given to Mahershala Ali. In her opinion, he would ideally fit into the project, especially since he approached the trial process very carefully. But in the end everything did not go according to plan. Who knows, maybe Mahershala Ali and more would have approached the rest of the cast, but no one will know about it.

7. Renly Baratheon / Loras Tyrell (Sam Hewen)

Renly Baratheon / Loras Tyrell (Sam Hewen)

Sam Hewen is a big fan of the Game of Thrones universe, and therefore everything that happens in the world of Westeros is very close to his spirit. And what was his total disappointment when, after trying for several roles at once, Sam was denied participation! He was as close as ever to such characters as Renley Baratheon, Loras Tyrell and several other Night Watch brothers, and everywhere he lacked a little bit! Well, nothing, no event happens just like that, it means that Sam is better to remain a loyal spectator.

6. Catelyn Stark (Jennifer Ehle)

Catelyn Stark (Jennifer Ehle)

Jennifer Elle, widely known after the series “Pride and Prejudice” and the role of Elizabeth Bennet, didn’t just go to the role of Catelyn Stark, she got this role! She even starred in the pilot episode, but at the last moment refused, because she decided that she could not leave her little daughter for such a long period of filming. Sweet and funny irony is that a loving and caring mother refused to play a loving and caring mother.

5. Sansa Stark (Izzy Meikle-Small)

Sansa Stark (Izzy Meikle-Small)

Izzy Meikle-Small was literally one step away from getting the role of Sansa Stark. At the last moment, studio bosses still approved the candidacy of Sophie Turner. According to the British actress, she was not very upset, as the series shows “nudity” in abundance, and its parents would hardly like this situation.

4. Daenerys Targaryen (Tamzin Merchant)

Daenerys Targaryen (Tamzin Merchant)

Just like Jennifer El, Tamzin Merchant managed to play in the pilot episode of the first season of “Game of thrones”. But after this, the actress for unknown reasons decided to leave the project. It is still unclear what influenced her decision. Whether it was not the masterpiece quality of the first series or the desire to appear in the TV series “Tudors”, but Tamzin Merchant did not want to take part in the shooting any further. It is worth noting that the author of the entire saga, George Martin, highly praised the actress’s play in that very series, The Tudors.

3. King-Beyond-the-Wall (Dominic West)

King-Beyond-the-Wall (Dominic West)

Dominic West is very bad with the role of Mansa Raider. He could take on incarnation on the King-beyond-the-Wall screen. Nephew Dominic complained that his uncle refused to participate in the only cool series, which is shown on TV. When Dominic caught himself and wanted to return to the role, it was already too late. The role went to Kiaran Hinds.

2. Stannis Baratheon (Mark Strong)

Stannis Baratheon (Mark Strong)

That’s really about whom one can say for sure that it is a pity that the audience did not see his name in the cast. Most likely, Mark Strong would have perfectly fit into the cruel and menacing world of Westeros. Apparently he fits the role of a stern and cold-blooded Stannis Baratheon. Unfortunately, Mark Strong chose to give up his role in favor of the series “Low Winter Sun”, which, sadly, did not continue its existence beyond the first season. The role of Stannis was taken by Stephen Dillane. Though brilliantly embodied on the screen the character of one of the brothers Baratheon. The spirit of the serial universe was not inspired.

1. Cersei Lannister (Tricia Helfer)

Cersei Lannister (Tricia Helfer)

Tricia Helfer is a recognized star, which becomes such after participation in the TV series “Star cruiser“ Galaxy ”. The actress has repeatedly told her loyal fans on Twitter that she was going to try the role of Cersei Lannister. Unfortunately, as if the audience did not support their favorite, but she did not play the role of Cersei. Trishia spoke very warmly about both the books and the series. She sincerely believes that the literary works of George Martin still remove the great series in which she will be able to participate