Top 10 Cases That Can Prove Astrology Is Real


In this selection are highlighted the 10 cases that can prove that astrology is real. Astrology is perhaps the oldest science in the world. Fortunately, being convinced that astrology exists does not require an act of faith. At least, not entirely. This involves studying the planetary movements and seeing how the events on the planet unfold according to certain planetary patterns emerging. Sounds like something out of this world? Here are some facts that can prove to be true.

Top Cases That Can Prove That Astrology Is Real


Perhaps the name that comes most often to people’s minds when talking about astrology is from Nostradamus. The French seer of the 1500s. Nostradamus and his famous courts are now the material of the legend. Mainly because of the belief of many that he predicted several events important in history long before they happened. The Nostradamus courts are often a bit vague, though, leaving some skeptical about what he meant.


An American TV show called Unsolved Mysteries broadcast a segment on astrology in which an astrologer named Carolyn Reynolds was challenged to identify the horoscopes of 4 serial killers out of a total of 20 astrological maps given to her. Without knowing anything about people or their maps, Reynolds was able to tell viewers who were most likely to be serial killers, being the ninth position in this selection.


After studying 400 horoscopes and using the scientific method, Dr. Mitchell Gibson, a psychiatrist, discovered that he could easily predict if anyone had mental illness, based on the person’s horoscope. Gibson found that an average person has an average of 3 markers, or indicators of depression in a horoscope, while a person with clinical depression usually has 10 or more of these markers.


In a book called The Scientific Proof of Astrology by Percy Seymour, a former professor at Plymouth University, he says that the gravity of the planets changes the way ferns develop in the womb, a clear case, he says, for the existence of astrology . Seymour claims that the planetary magnetism of the Sun, Moon, Mercury and other planets at different times of the year changes how the brain develops in people.


Carl Jung, among the most famous psychologists of the twentieth century, was a fervent believer in astrology. Jung’s visions were largely based on the study of how long the marriages of his participants lasted and how the stars aligned with the couple’s letters. Approximately, he made the time.


Frank Brown, a biologist at Northwestern University, discovered one day that oysters on Connecticut beaches, many miles away, opened and closed regularly every day, like clockwork. This finding suggested to Brown that the oysters were responding to some kind of moon’s geomagnetic stimulus, which pulls the tide back and forth every day. Many astrologers point to this study to help support their arguments that all are affected by the planets, especially the moon in this case.


Solar flares occur when parts of the sun create high waves of electrical radiation. These waves of heat and electricity are so strong and powerful that they often create disturbances in radio frequencies and power line transmissions on Earth. Some researchers believe that flames drastically affect Earth’s geomagnetism, which in turn influences how people think and behave. If radios are affected by solar flares, then why do not people’s minds? In addition, some scientists have noticed health effects on people from solar flares.


This may surprise some people that a small percentage of traders. Perhaps around 10%, currently use stars to predict when stocks will rise or fall. Some companies in the United States, usually those that offer a stock market forecast bulletin for a fee, are fully dedicate to this initiative and swear that stars help in predicting market changes on their websites.


“I refer to it as a badly guarded secret of the world that President Reagan relies on in astrology.” That’s what astrologer Sidney Omar, Reagan’s personal astrologer, told the public when it was discovered that Reagan was relying heavily on astrology to make decisions as president of the United States.


Saturn and Mars oppositions in astrology are generally consider dangerous. Especially if you are doing something dangerous when the opposition is rising on the eastern horizon. If you are skeptical of this, you may consider that the oppositions of Saturn and Mars often coincided with some terrible events in history, including the 2003 Iraq War, Columbine Massacre, the collision of the Challenger ship, the collision of the Columbia ship, and the bombing of the Boston Marathon.