Top 10 Types Of Girls To Avoid Dating

men should avoid dating

Men just like women, have the vulnerability of being injured and often do not even know what to look for in a woman to avoid being trapped in an unpleasant situation. In this selection are highlighted the 10 types of girls that men should avoid dating. Despite all that we will address, there are exceptions to these rules. But usually these types of women are pure drama.

Men  Should Avoid Dating

10 .The girl who always has a problem

In the beginning, men are attracted to this type of woman, because somehow they think they can help her by doing what she can. However, as time goes on, the drama begins to accumulate and sooner or later it becomes more than anyone could bear. This type of girl loves the attention she gets from victimizing herself, rather than a boyfriend. Sooner or later, no matter how attractive she is, this attitude almost always gets annoying.

9. The girl does not have friends

Women who only go out with men tend to be much more secretive and reserved, which is usually why they avoid being with women. There is a reason she explains just hanging out with members of the opposite sex and generally, the reason is nothing but problems.

8. The girl who hates the man’s pets

How pets and girlfriend respond to each other is very revealing. The owners of the little animals tend to talk about them, so the girl must know how important they are to the man. Because she does not treat the animal gently, this is very revealing about the person she is. Of course not everyone loves animals, but if man loves, this man should be with someone who appreciates it.

7. The girl who is friends with her ex-boyfriends

Being friends with one of the ex is one thing, but being friends with all the ex-boyfriends is a bit sociopathic. This is a sign that the girl has some problems. Problems in this situation may reveal that this type of woman is still leading these men, keeping them around, maybe even feeling. Situations like this have drama everywhere, and relationships with a lot of drama usually end horribly, so the two will probably remain friends. Men should avoid dating this types of girl.

6. The girl who is always at parties

Party girls love attention, which is part of the reason they are always coming out. It’s one thing to be a weekend warrior, meaning you only go to party parties on weekends, but when you talk about party girls, they’re girls who practically live in ballads.

They are delighted to dress, flirt with strange men. By the time this girl is in a relationship, her addiction to nightlife will still be in her. So, men should avoid dating this types of girl.

5. The girl who always has an excuse

Her phone died, she was out of service, she’s overloaded with work, she had a very traumatic relationship. These are some of the things that the girl who always has an excuse will throw on the man. This is the kind of girl who never takes responsibility for her bad behavior and instead blames something else that leaves the man feeling bad for even citing the subject.

4. The girl who is always on the cell phone

A woman who is always texting and looking for social media is not someone who necessarily wants to start a relationship. Although she may seem super confident in her Instagram, chances are she is super insecure and seeks to validate as many people as possible. Find a woman who appreciates the man, this is the idea, and who does not advertise her entire life on the internet.

3. The girl who never had a job

If a woman has never had a job, there are only 2 things she would be doing to survive. The first is that she is still completely dependent on her parents for financial support, which is not sexy, especially when they go shopping. The second factor is that she has people, usually men, supporting her lifestyle. These women are called “profiteers”. Men should avoid dating this types of women.

2. The girl who is just playing games

When thinking that the woman is making games, it is better for the man to turn around and to distance himself. Well, you may be wasting your time. Games are for kids. As an adult, the man in liking someone should be honest and say it bluntly. And if you do not like someone, you must do the same thing, because everyone deserves honesty and communication.

1. The girl who has no education

Being polite is something that will always be a matter of style and quality that everyone should strive to have. However, unfortunately, not everyone thinks this way. If the woman is rude at the beginning of the relationship, we can not expect a “better behavior” later. It is no use blaming her later when the man allows to live with such attitudes in the beginning.