Top 10 Best Selling Soft Drinks In The World

best selling soft drinks

Soda has been a popular type of drink for a long time . The refreshing feeling it offers does not compare to another. Yes, most soft drinks contain too much sugar. But if so much soda is consumed, this drink can compromise health. This selection highlights the 10 best selling soft drinks in the world. It will be presented how much these soft drinks are valued and how they are in the current market. 

Best Selling Soft Drinks In The World


Commonly known as an energy drink maker, Monster actually produces soft drinks and fruit drinks as well. Founded in 1935, the company was in fact called Hansen. Only after 2007 was it renamed to Monster. And it’s not the company’s fault that many people do not know their soft drinks around the world, but their forte has always been the energy. Monster Energy is, in fact, the third largest manufacturer of energy drink in the world.


Founded in 1947, it has been owned by PepsiCo since 1998. And this was the beginning of the Tropicana Twister Soda. When the soda began to sell a lot in the market, Tropicana began to produce more variants of its soft drinks. One of the most sold is the Tropicana Frutz Sparkling, which is basically carbonated fruit juice. These product innovations have brought even more sales revenue to this company.


Introduced more than 7 decades ago, Mountain Dew is still one of the most popular sodas among all. This citrus soda is not popular all over the world, probably because PespsiCo concentrates sales of this brand in the United States alone. It is understandable, since the taste is similar to 7 Up, which is also produced by PepsiCo worldwide, and can confuse the market. In addition to the original citrus flavor, there were over 40 Mountain Dew flavors presented.


With all its fruity flavors, Fanta is sometimes confused as a fruit-based drink. If you do not know the real fact, know that all Fanta’s flavors are artificial. However, the creation of this fruit-flavored beverage was actually started with the use of real fruit bagasse as its main ingredient. There are more than 90 Fanta flavors available all over the world. And the most popular would be the strawberry and orange flavors.


Another soft drink brand from the Coca-Cola Company is close to the $ 3.7 billion mark. Sprite’s unique refreshing taste has inspired other manufacturers to show similar taste. After the establishment of Fanta in Germany, Sprite was actually developed as a variant of Fanta. In the United States was initially called Fanta Klare Zitrone, or Fanta lemon light. Only after the introduction in the United States to reinforce the Coca-Cola army against the new Pepsi soldiers was it renamed to Sprite.


Like Monster, Gatorade is more commonly known as an energy drink maker. But the Gatorade Thirst Quencher is like any other soft drinks, fizzy water, just inferior and close to nowhere. It’s simply because Gatorade uses sport as his brand’s theme and adds a bit of “healthy” bending in it, it’s popularly known as sports drink. Gatorade was first introduced in 1965. It is currently sold in 80 countries worldwide. Best selling soft drinks in the world.


Lipton, the tea maker, added the flexing of soda to its iced tea product. This¬†best selling soft drinks is one of the most expensive and leading brands of tea in the world. It was established more than a century ago in the 1890s. It started as Lipton’s Yellow Label Tea Bags, and extended its market to drink ready to drink since the birth of Pepsi Lipton International company.


To date, the Red Bull energy drink is still the leading, most popular, and best-selling energy drink brand in the world. With its popularity, Red Bull took the opportunity to change the soda market through its soda, Red Bull Simply Cola, 8 years ago. Discontinued in the United States, Red Bull Cola is only available in Austria and Germany currently. However, through limited import, it is available in several other countries as well. Best selling soft drinks in the world.


Pepsi’s brand value is $ 19.4 billion, the twenty-ninth highest in the world, among other brands overall. The company is making $ 11.8 billion in sales revenue per year. Pepsi was created more than a century ago in 1893 as Brad’s Drink. There are many variants of Pepsi drinks, including Diet Pepsi, the less calorie version, Pepsi Blue, Pepsi in blue color, and other flavor versions like lemon, mojito, cherry vanilla, and peach. Best selling soft drinks in the world.


Among other brands in the world, this is the fourth largest. For 130 years, Coca-Cola was created as a cola drink. With so many variants, the original Coca-Cola and Diet Coke are 2 most popular soft drinks not only from this company but also in the global world.