Top 10 Most Expensive Appliances in the World

expensive appliances

How much would you be willing to pay to have that perfect refrigerator or stove to complement your kitchen? That tanning bed for your salon? That grill for your backyard? That coffee maker for your workroom?. If you want any of these high-end appliances or fixtures be sure to set aside a small fortune. Make that a big fortune. Or maybe part of your life savings. These are, after all, the most expensive appliances in the world.

Most Expensive Appliances

10. The Thermomix food processor

Price– $1,400

The Thermomix can do many things to your food; it can chop it, beat it, emulsify it, mill it, knead it, blend, it, cook it, melt it and steam it. It can even weigh it. This food processor can reportedly whip up a carrot cake mixture in 30 seconds, a Crème Brulee in 15 minutes and Hollandaise sauce in four minutes. U.S. residents who want to order this appliance may be disappointed to find out it is not for sale in the U.S. However, it is available for purchase via Thermomix Canada. Expensive Appliances.

9. Hobart N50 mixer

Price– $2,223

“Run it like someone is chasing it” the description on their official website reads. The N50 five-quart mixer has the 1/6 horsepower Hobart speed motor, you can choose between three speeds to suit your needs and the controls are easy to locate and operate. The mixer is designed to be stable during operations and easy enough to clean after. The bowl is big enough for how much you need to mix of anything. While it is designed for heavy-duty mixing it can also perform the light stuff needed around ordinary kitchens.

8. The Citrocasa Fantastic orange juicer

Price– $6,300

This juicer reportedly squeezes oranges 300 percent harder resulting in twice more juice, it’s also 90 percent easier to clean than the conventional juicer and takes 40 percent less space. It is geared toward health clubs, coffee shops or other places where people order a glass of orange juice every five minutes. However, if you want a quick juicer for your home and you have a lot of oranges around you might want to take a look at this one.

7. Scanomat TopBrewer coffeemaker

Price– $6,500

Here is a coffeemaker you can control with your iPhone or iPad. With just a flick of a finger you can choose between a macchiato, café latte, cappuccino or an espresso and it will be ready in 15 seconds, 45 seconds if it’s coming from complete standby. The Scanomat TopBrewer has the appearance of a table with a spout on top so it can be inconspicuous anywhere. The processing takes place under the covers and no noise or smell escapes from the drawer. This is another product not yet widely available in the U.S. and has to be ordered from Denmark, but a woman who was able to purchase one in the U.S. reportedly did so for $16,000.

6. The Kalamazoo 900 Series FreeStanding Hybrid Grill with Side Burner

Price– $15,895

While many barbecues enthusiasts out there are arguing as to whether gas or charcoal is best for the grill, users of the Kalamazoo 900 are spared that problem. This hybrid grill can cook with whatever fuel is available, wood, charcoal or gas. The big, customize-able space on the grill allows for cooking even the biggest of choice parts and the deep drip tray makes for easy cleaning. This hybrid grill powers up at 144,000 BTU’s reportedly enough to heat a small house. It also comes with a side burner and a warming rack. Expensive Appliances.

5. The Vinotemp Macau 1450 wine cooler

Price – $16,043

The wine refrigerator can fit 960 bottles of your finest wine and store it at a constant 55 degrees with 50 to 70 percent humidity. The exterior is made of high-quality white oak while the interior contains solid oak in cellar trellis racking. It also has lights, locks and a digital temperature control. Buyers can choose between three finishing colors and the finish has three coats of semi-gloss treatment.

4. The Velocity HP1000 tanning bed

Price- $33,999

This tanning bed by ETS Tan does not look like the usual tanning bed, more like a hammock that tans from above and bellow, allowing the user to cook yet not get cut off from the rest of the world. The bed has its own entertainment system with a subwoofer stereo and a four-speaker system comprising of four inputs that includes one for your iPod. The device also has a failsafe that prevents users from getting burned during fast tanning and a system to cool down body temperature. Expensive Appliances.

3. The Meneghini La Cambusa refrigerator

Price– $41,500

This three-door refrigerator by Italian manufacturer Meneghini is actually more than just a refrigerator. It is all a refrigerator, oven, microwave, freezer, pantry and coffee-maker in one. Some models even have a flatscreen TV. The right-side door is designed for the usual refrigerator items like milk, fruits and water bottles. The left-side door is for anything else that cannot fit in the right-side door, like a tall bottle of wine or two crates of beer. The middle door is where the coffeemaker, the microwave and the TV are. When all its doors are closed, the La Cambusa appears like an antique cabinet, making it great for any room in the house.

2. La Cornue Grand Palais Range

Price– $50,000

The famous Le Cordon Bleu School in Paris only uses this range and no other. Hand-built by artisans of the La Cornue company since its founding in 1908, La Cornue ranges are “designed for professionals but built with novices in mind.” Made from cast-iron, each range has a pair of powerful burners, one gas the other electric, each three cubic feet. The range also comes with a solid stainless steel counter top and two vaulted ovens with airtight, seamless doors. They are finished in porcelain enamel and are available in 16 colors. Expensive Appliances.

1. Electrolux Grand Cuisine range

Price– $103,000

The Electrolux Grand Cuisine range is actually many products in one package. In addition to being a combination oven, it has a blast chiller, a precision vacuum sealer, an induction zone, a gas hob, a sear hob, it even has its own ventilation systems and a stand mixer. Buyer can also choose to have their ranges specified by color and choose between an electric solid top, a gas solid top, a hot cupboard, a fryer, a fry top, hot surface, induction, a gas burner and a gas or an electric static oven.

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