Top 5 Most Expensive Cosmetics in the World

most expensive cosmetics

Expensive Cosmetics can help enhance the beauty of a woman. It can help a person exude class and sophistication. These days, however, owning specific cosmetic products can also serve as investment items because of all the jewellery attached to it. They are meant for the rich and wealthy, which is probably the only group of people anyway that can afford the top five most expensive cosmetics in the world.

Top Most Expensive Cosmetics

5. Kre At Beauty Gold and Diamond Eyelashes

Price– $1,350

Kre At Beauty is dedicated to the sharing of beauty eyelashes with other celebrity makeup artists. It was established at the start of 2009 by Taylor Chang Babaian, who grew up witnessing how a makeover can help change not only how a woman looks but also how she feels about herself. She then worked behind the limelight of fashion shows, runways, awards nights and magazine shoots and observed how eyelashes played a big part in completing a woman’s look. She then set about to tweaking eyelashes in order to make them more natural looking. The shop itself has been already featured in several red carpets and cover shoots. Some of the magazines that have used Kre At Beauty include Ebony, Elle, In Style, Marie Claire, Prevention, Teen Prom and US Weekly. Most Expensive Cosmetics.

The shop now has a line of 22 false eyelash styles. It believes that there is a lash available that can enhance every eye. It basically groups its lashes into three main categories, namely natural, which is designed to be worn during the day or by newbies; smokey, which is designed to be worn by at night or by those with smokey eyes; and krystal, which have Swarovski crystals and designed for an elegant and embellished look.

In 2011, the company designed an eyelash made of diamond and 18 karat gold. The lash was made exclusively for Barneys in New York. While the company swears by the beauty of its more affordable eyelashes at $16, the gold and diamond eyelashes provide a sophisticated and classy look. With a price tag of $1,350, the eyelashes also reflect a woman’s wealth.

4. Essie Cosmetics I Do Nail Polish

Price– $55,000

Essie Cosmetics is a nail salon that was established way back in 1981 by Essie Weingarten. Her idea was to create nail polishes with hot and unique colours. More importantly, the colours should be cute and fashionable. She then went about the task of actually producing the product, eventually impressing the fashion and show business world with her new colours. Along with it came a bevy of models and celebrities wanting to try the product.

One of the new colours she has created is the platinum polish. While a normal bottle of the colour is sold for an already hefty amount of $250, the company went even a step further by teaming up with Allure magazine and partnering with the Platinum Guild International, or PGI. The company also enlisted the help of Johnson Matthey, a supplier of platinum from the United Kingdom.

The company then asked Henry Dunay, a designer, to help create a special bottle made of platinum that would be manufactured by PGI. The result is a bottle that is made of pure platinum, which is then filled up with the powdered platinum of the nail polish. At the end of it all, you will be buying the product not because of the cute colour of the nail polish, but because of the real nice platinum bottle where it is placed.

3. Guerlain Diamond Studded Lipstick

Price– $62,000

Guerlain is actually a perfume house established in France in 1828. It has always been held with the highest respect in the industry. Its perfumes have a unique aroma that has since become known as Guerlinade. It has made over 300 perfumes since its formation.

The Louis Vuitton group, further underlining the class and prestige of Guerlain’s products, now own the company. Guerlain has since expanded its line to include a wide variety of makeup and skincare products. It now has 13 international beauty and spa boutiques, including five in its native France.

One of the products that it sells in its boutiques is the lipstick. It normally costs around $48 per tube. Guerlain, however, decided to manufacture a lipstick tube made out of 18 karat gold. It is also encrusted with around 199 free diamonds that weigh 2.2 carats. There are also rubies and emeralds coated into the tube. The entire tube weighs about 110 grams. Most Expensive Cosmetics.

Olivier Echaudemaison, the artistic director of the company, will personally attend those who want to purchase this extravagant lipstick. The company will also customise a colour shade of the buyer’s choice. It will also come with its very own lip brush.

2. Models Own Gold Rush Nail Polish

Price– $130,740

Models Own is a fashion and trend colour accessory company that was established in 2008. It offers a complete line of cosmetics and make-up for the eyes, lips, nails and face. Some of its products include the nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, face make-up, brushes and other accessories.

The company’s nail polishes usually cost only $8. Models Own, however, came out with a gold nail polish that is placed in a specially made and designed bottle. The bottle’s cap is encrusted with 1,118 diamonds, thus bumping up its cost by more than 16,340 times.

1. H. Couture Beauty Mascara

Price– $14 million

H. Couture Beauty is a defunct cosmetics company that was established only in 2006 by Taysha Smith Valez. The company was initially responsible for mascara in a tube adorned with 1,000 Swarovski crystals. It upped the ante when it took a client’s order for a mascara casing made of 18k gold with 2,500 blue diamonds and a lipstick casing made of 18k gold with 1,200 pink diamonds. Included in the price tag are lifetime concierge service, lifetime refills, 24/7 phone support, discounts and gift-wrapping services. Now that the company has closed shop, however, it is not sure how the additional services are being provided. Most Expensive Cosmetics.

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