Top 10 Most Expensive Gemstones In the World

Expensive Gemstones

Something that we can verify quite easily, is the fact that there are a lot of people who end up having an interest in getting jewelry, however, they end up not understanding their values ​​that are quite high, and that is precisely why we will quote the values ​​and the name of the most expensive gems in the world so that you can understand the values ​​of jewels. Check out:



The gemstone that ranked tenth as the most expensive in the world is Jeremejevite being that its correct pronunciation would be Ye-Rem-ay-Ev ite and this would be known as a blue or even colorless sky stone, having a high quality and would have come from Namibia. Its average price is 2000 dollars per carat.


The ninth most expensive gemstones is the Black Opal, which would have come from Australia, and is considered as the classic country of this stone, being the largest supplier, however its average price is approximately US $ 2,355.00 dollars carat of the stone .


The eighth most expensive gemstones in the world would be the Emerald Beryl Red, which is a red beryl, is found mainly in the Thomas Range in the mountains of Utah, and its average price would be approximately $ 10,000 per carat. The value is estimated because it is a stone extracted from volcanic rocks under low pressure and high temperature.


Already the seventh most expensive gemstoneswould be Musgravite, one of the rarest stones in the world, because it is a silicate mineral and its composition would be beryl, magnesium and also aluminum, and its average price would be approximately 35 thousand dollars per carat.


The sixth stone would be the Grandidierite, a blue-green mineral that is found mainly in Madagascar, initially would be confused with a serendibite. The stone has an approximate price of US $ 50 thousand per carat of the stone.


The fifth most expensive gemstones would be Painite. It has always been regarded as the rarest mineral on earth, even with advances in research today, only three small crystals have been found so far, but of course there is always the hope of exploring and finding more. The main motivation is the average price is approximately US $ 50,000.00 to US $ 60,000.00 carat of the stone.


The fourth place was reserve for the Blue Garnet. A precious stone that found in several colors, however, the rarest of all would be the blue, which was discovered in Madagascar, its average sale price is U $ 1.5 million carat. This most expensive gemstones became known after selling a 4.2-carat jewel for $ 6.8 million.


The third place is Serendibite, a turquoise stone originally from Sri Lanka. Its composition would be calcium, magnesium, aluminum, silica and boron. Only three cuts of the rarity have been found until the present day, and of course the carat value could not fail to accompany the quasi-exclusivity of having such a precious stone. The price per carat is approximately $ 1.8 million.


Second place was reserve for the red diamond (Red Diamonds). Because it is an invaluable preciousness, it has been the product of theft in several fiction films on the small screen. Few people had the opportunity to appreciate its beauty, its brightness and the vivid color of purplish red. This most expensive gemstones considered as the most expensive diamond in the world, and its extraction is of Australian origin. Its average price is 2.5 million dollars per carat.


The most expensive stone in the world is Jadeite. The title is due to the historical auction that sold it in a jewel of only 0.5mm by 9.3 million dollars in Hong Kong. It is consider a mysterious stone. Its origin would be from Guatemala, but it has several specimens that came from California. Its colors would be white or gray. Thus, we can verify that the carat of the stone can cost approximately 3 million dollars.