Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds In The World

expensive horse breeds

Many people really enjoy riding or wanting to keep the same as a pet. These animals are very popular pets in several nations. They love their owners, vary greatly and therefore are very loyal to their owners as well. There are some that have a very high value in the market. These are beautiful, and due to their appearance they have gained popularity by the universe related to these animals. The expensive horses are still famous for the speed presented. So, people who can afford these animals tend to buy them to get them as a pet and thus increasing the status in society. The horses present speed and energy. And the 10 most expensive horse breeds in the world stand out in this selection .

Most Expensive Horse Breed In The World


They are mostly found in the United States. These horses are kind, friendly and also have a powerful personality. And they are in brown chestnut colors and black coloring. These sum up to very intelligent animals and can participate in all kinds of horse races, occupying the tenth position in this selection of the 10 most expensive breeds of horses in the world.


This breed is very famous for temperament, and is believed to be the best relative to this factor. These horses are very affectionate to their owners, being so beautiful and also impressive.


This horse belongs to the Shetland Islands. It has a size of 71.12 cm and has a maximum height of 111.76 cm. This breed is preferred for youngsters who are starting out on the mount. People who like to keep the horse as pets may consider this a good option as it is tame and beautiful.


These horses are quite strong and have legs that squander muscles. They are called powerful corridors. It is a large family horse, being so famous by all sorts of knights. These horses can be used for sport, and can remain with minimal feeding.


These animals originate from Friesland (Holland). He is a gracious horse and is quite fast for the size of it. It is considered a war horse. And they have a resilient body and are also very intelligent.


It is a wild breed, and these animals are found in the North West American region. This breed was initially introduced in America by the Spanish people. Horses can live for a longer period of time, and are quite stable and intelligent, impressing on this selection that they integrate. Wild horses are currently protected under United States law, but have disappeared from many states where populations existed. The few hundred wild horses are featured survivors in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. It is considered that there are 27,000 individuals per BLM, but the wild mustangs these days exceed 33,000.


These animals have the characteristics of the western stock horse. And they have patches of white and dark coating colors. They developed the basic form of horses painted with accommodation horse and bloodlines with panache. This fastest growing breed in North America.


He is the most sensitive horse to the riders. These animals are best for short walking distance. And they are capable, when running, of reaching up to 88 km / h, and are still considered the most versatile. These animals are very famous for jumping, drum racing; and can also take the child, and take them for a trail ride. The quarter-mile race stands out greatly and is third in this selection, of the 10 most expensive horse breeds in the world.


It is the best horse to race. They are hot-headed, but sometimes they love their owners too. These animals are distant runners. And they have good muscles that help to run very fast; are small and skinny standing out in second place in this selection of the 10 most expensive horse breeds in the world. This breed is characterized by crosses for practicing sports competitions. The main use for great speed and endurance is the race. It is a very complete animal, therefore it integrates many competitions, for example equestrianism.


This is the most expensive horse on the market. The color of it is black and has a very impressive appearance. These unique horses have high tail and head shape making the breed unique in the world of horses. It is also the oldest horse, and is used in trade and war. These animals have a concave face and therefore have a very beautiful looks, being leading position in this selection of the 10 most expensive horse breeds in the world.