Top 10 Fastest Internet Connection Countries

Fastest Internet Connection Countries

Internet connection speed in different countries is measured by the average peak connection speed. This represents the average of all the measured connection speeds of all the registered IP addresses in that particular region. Different countries have different capacities in communication cables and covering high speed fibres. Here is a list of the Top 10 fastest Internet connection countries available.

Fastest Internet Connection Countries

10. Singapore

This country is considered to be one of the richest tech hubs in the entire world and it boasts of an average internet speed of 30.7 megabits per second which is almost twice the average peak internet speed globally. Within the country there are six internet service providers with over 300,000 broadband users. This fast internet speed is buttressed by ultra-high speed fibre network that was launched in 2010.

9. Israel

Israel which is a Middle East country has an average internet connection of 30.9 megabits per second. It is among the few nations that have developed the broadband capabilities that are capable of reaching a maximum of 95% of its entire population. In this country the internet is provided through the cable infrastructure and the phone by the two major companies in communication, HOT and Bezeq.

8. Bulgaria

This country has a broadband rate of 32.1 megabits per second which makes it to be among the countries with the highest internet connection in the world. In this country, about 50% of the internet users use the local area network. Asymmetric digital subscriber line was introduced in Bulgaria along with liberalization of the telecommunication market which has greatly improved data transmission.

7. Switzerland

This country has one of the highest broadband and internet penetration rates in the continent. Currently it boasts of an average internet connection rate of 32.4 megabits per second. ADSL and VDSL are very popular in this country but businesses most rely on the satellite and xDSL connections because these are very affordable.

6. Belgium

In 1999 when ADSL was first introduced in this country, the average internet connection increased to 32.7 megabits per second. This made it to be among the countries with fastest internet connection in the world with a download speed of between 5GB and 500GB per month. In addition to this, the country also has a cable network that has a speed which varies between 100 megabits per second to 512 kilobits per second.

5. Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has an average internet connection peak speed of 6.7 megabits per second and is one of the fastest in Europe. The average speed ranges between 1 to 120 megabits per second with cable internet being the most popular among the subscribers in the country.

4. Ireland

In this country, the average internet speed is 6.8 megabits per second making it one of the countries with the fastest internet. It has been proved that over 50% of the total population in this country can access the 70-100 megabits per second broadband services. cable, fixed wireless, 3G technologies and the DSL are the most popular broadband in the country.

3. Romania

Even after its average peak speed fell by 3.2%, Romania is still among the countries with the fastest internet connectivity. It has a broadband speed of 32.5 megabits per second and more than half of its internet subscribers are broadband users. This is because the broadband service is the most popular in the country with a speed of between 2 to 120 megabits per second.

2. South Korea

This country is among the few Asian countries with the fastest internet connectivity in the world. It has an average peak internet connection of 48.8 megabits per second and is normally considered as the world number one in internet speed and connectivity. It has an ADSL network that is able to provide speed ranging between 2 to 8 megabits per second.

1. Hong Kong

This country has most fastest internet connections. Hong Kong has an average peak speed of 54.1 megabits per second and it takes about four minutes to download a full movie. It provides a fast broadband internet speed that ranges between 10 to 1000 megabits per second. This is made available through the network infrastructure called Fibre to Building and Fibre to Home and both of these use the optical fibres communication. Internet connections here are blazing hot because of the strong government backing and the high population density with over 70% of the entire population being considered to be subscribers. In this country there is no content blocked and no license is required for you to operate a website.

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