Top 10 Ghost Towns Around The World

ghost towns

According to Wikipedia, a ghost towns is “a village, village or town, which had population, but has since been abandoned, which contains substantial visible vestiges.” Earth is full of many of the abandoned settlements. In this selection are featured the 10 ghastly ghost towns around the world, once bustling cities that have now been reduced to scary but being ghost towns fascinating.

Ghost Towns In The World


Ghost Towns

Recently, in 2006, this city still had a population of 24,223; but currently, it is totally uninhabited. Located 38km from Misrata, it was once famous for its palm trees, fruit, and its romance location just a few miles from the sea. The peace was broken when anti-Ghadaffi forces descended on the city in 2011 and accused the villagers of helping the Ghadaffi forces. Despite the denial of the people of the city, they were given a 30-day ultimatum, that is, leaving the city or facing “ethnic” cleansing. The rebels wereted no time in decimating the entire city in what has since been marked as a war crime. Currently the apartment blocks are empty with broken glass and anti-personnel mines scattered.


Ghost Towns

The Italian entrepreneur, Mario Bagno, had a sublime dream of creating the City of Toys, a mini version of Vegas in Italy. He seemed to have found the ideal location in Consonno, a small village of 200 inhabitants located an hour outside Milan. Paying 22.5 million lire in 1962, at around $ 16,600, he razed the entire village to create space for his futuristic park fun. Consonno was so singular in that, at the time, that there was only one road leading to the place. However, this proved to be the fall of Bagno’s dream. In 1972, a landslide covered the road and blocked access for excavators and other heavy equipment. At this point, Bagno had his plan ruined, so he abandoned the project.


Ghost Towns

The whole village of Oradour-sur-Glane serves as a lasting reminder of the horrors of World War II. In 1944, acting on intelligence that a Waffen-SS officer was being held in the village, a battalion of Nazi soldiers invaded. According to cunning to examine identity documents, they locked the women and children in the local church before proceeding to plunder the village. Leading the 190 men from the village to a large barn, the Nazis murdered all of them and burned down the barn. Returning to church, they threw an incendiary device and waited. By blasting and burning the church, some people tried to escape. Those who did this were shot dead by Nazi soldiers; 247 women and 205 children died in that attack. What was left of the village was burned to the ground. Since then it has become a ghost towns.


Ghost Towns

After the tourist boom in the 1970s Cyprus, the government built a complex of tall buildings and hotels near one of the beaches of Cyprus. Designed to attract Cypriots and wealthier tourists, the complex had all imaginable amenities, car dealerships, shopping malls , bars, nightclubs, and the beach was just a few steps away. But the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus changed all this, very quickly. The Turkish army has banned the entire area and has not allowed any of the residents to return since then. Urban explorers who have managed to infiltrate the complex report that it is strangely like a time capsule of the 1970s.


Ghost Towns

Chaitén was a Chilean city that also served like the old capital of the Province of Palena. In May 2008, all 3,347 of the city had to leave the area when the volcano near Chaitén erupted for the first time in more than 9,000 years. In the aftermath of the eruption, a stream of debris known as a lahar ran through the city. These muddy “flows” flow very quickly, deep, and destroy anything along the way. To date, a large part of the city is still buried by the ash from the eruption. The government is trying to rebuild the city, but for now, it remains a mysterious “white” ghost towns.


Ghost Towns

This town in southern Sudan was almost destroyed for an entire night in the 2011 ethnic wars. The resident tribe Murle, all 20,000 of them, fled when they were suddenly attacked by members of the Lou Nuer tribe. In the fight over grazing lands and water assignments, the village was burned to the ground and 30 tribesmen lost their lives. Those who escaped to nearby Pibor were persecuted and were only saved when the government implanted 6,000 soldiers in the area. The continuous threat of communal violence in the Jonglei region has since led to the abandonment of many of its cities. Because of the atrocities there, Lukangol became known as the ghost town.


Ghost Towns

These days it would be hard to believe that Plymouth was once the capital of Montserrat. And it was also the only gateway to the island, but due to heavy and deadly volcanic activity, Plymouth’s population currently remains at 0. After an evacuation, the threat was considered minimal. But a few weeks later, rivers of hot gas and of movement and rock followed, entirely by the island, which caused widespread panic among its residents. The lava flowing through the city resulted in 19 deaths and more eruptions covered 80% of the city in deep ash. Since then, the pyroclastic flow has ruined the soil, causing residents to totally abandon the island. Ghost towns in the world.


Ghost Towns

Nicknamed “Caucasian Hiroshima”, Agdam was a city of 40,000 residents in the southwestern part of Azerbaijan. In July 1993, as part of the Summer Offensives, Armenian forces invaded the city and forced its entire population to leave the site. At the time, the city was used as a buffer zone between the opposing armies . As the fighting diminished and the Armenians receded. They decided to destroy what was left of the city, so that the residents of Azerbaijan could not dwell there anymore. A bombardment and heavy artillery campaign destroyed most of the buildings in the city. Over the next decade, sustained looting of what was left of the buildings rendered the town inhospitable. Despite all the fighting and plunder, the impressive mosque of Agdam has been spared and is still standing. Currently, the region is inhabited by cows, descendants of cattle that were abandoned many years ago. Ghost towns in the world.


Ghost Towns

When the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster happened in 2011, one of the cities that was abandoned was Namie, a 120-year-old. This ghost towns of 21,000 inhabitants was one of the closest land-zero sites, only 6 km away from the plant. Even though the city is within the exclusion zone of 20 km, it is advised to evacuate, but not all have left. Some could not leave their homes, others could not abandon their farm animals.


Ghost Towns

This Argentine tourist resort was once home to more than 200 companies and there were around 1,500 residents. The main attraction was saltwater lake Epecuen, but this also proved to be the cause of its eventual ruin. In 1985, an abnormal climate pattern caused the formation of a seiche, a stationary wave in an enclosed space, that broke the city’s dam. The water descended through the dike that sheltered the city. Then the occurrence of this domino effect caused by the waters of the lake, occurred for the next 20 days, the city was submerged in 10 meters of highly corrosive water. And it took another 25 years for the waters to recede long enough for the old resort town to become visible again. Today, its empty streets are dotted with rusty barks of cars, twisted trees and deafening sound of silence.