Top 10 Human Greatest Fears

human greatest fears

Human greatest fears. As human beings, everyone is afraid of something. It is human nature to react to danger or what is perceived as bad, and something that it intends to harm. Often it is up to something that the individual is unable to be protect. By definition, fear is an emotion that everyone experiences as a result of seeing or feeling the danger or evil coming, which can cause anxiety in many people. The reactions differ from one individual to another. Sometimes it is desired to face imminent harm or danger, but sometimes all one wants to do is be out of danger. Check out the greatest fears of the human being:

Human Greatest Fears

10. FLY

No matter how safe it is, flying is afraid of many people. This can be about flying by plane or helicopter. However, for some people the fear of flying is so serious and strong that they can not even think about the idea of ​​flying. People with such a condition will not travel through the air. Just the thought of it will cause them, much anguish and anxiety. This condition can, however, be controlled through drug therapy and prescription. People with such a characteristic can also mediate this condition by reading self-help books that explain how to deal with the situation. There are also specially made audio CDs that help in changing a person’s behavior with such a fear of flying. Top 10 human biggest fear.

9. DOG

Everyone knows that the dog is man’s best friend. But, there are some people who suffer from the fear of dogs . This abnormality is known as cynophobia. The phobia against dogs has been linked to past traumatic experiences with dogs, such as a childhood dog attack.


Arachnophobia is, by definition, the fear of spiders. And it can be irrational in many cases. Whatever the case, arachnophobia is prevalent in millions of people around the world. The fear is quite true in some cases as there are spider species that are dangerous , and that is where the phobia derives.

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Another interesting phobia is the repulsive fear of mice or rats, also known as musophobia. Usually this phobia is triggered by past experiences with mice and rats, although most cases are irrational fear that is associated with the nature of the animals. Some people detest these animals for the plagues they are. Musophobia is interesting in some people because it can be triggered even by the mention of a mouse or mouse. The extreme triggers of this phobia include mere sight, either physically or on television.


This human greatest fears of death is known as tanatophobia. She can be softened with distraction, avoiding thinking about it, watching news and other. Unfortunately, it is something that has no escape. Death is the only certainty we have in life.


Like all fears, this is an abnormal condition or behavior in an individual who will react when seeing blood. People who suffer from fear of blood are affected by the simple fact of seeing any liquid that looks like or suggests blood, regardless of who it is. This is more common in the world than you think. In short, it can be the blood of the person himself, or of others. In other cases, this phobia may even be triggered by blood shown in a movie or an instance, or by imagining blood. Top 10 human biggest fear.


This is another very common human greatest fears. And it comes very natural for many people the moment they are taken by an elevator or when they look down from a very high place. The interesting aspect of height fear is that there is no defined height for this fear. For some, even just a few steps up a ladder will trigger the phobia. It is an understandable fear, usually the person is worried about their safety from above. Top 10 human biggest fear.


Known as nicotophobia, excessive fear of darkness is something that is found in many people. The degrees differ. But it can be generally accepted that many people are afraid of the dark. In rare cases, the phobia may not necessarily have something to do with the dark around someone, but only by the imagination of the dark. It’s a kind of triggers that some feel the danger in them.


This human greatest fears is very common in humans and animals. And sends a frightening fear down the spine as lightning and thunder occur. The fear of thunder stems from childhood and follows the person into adulthood.


This can be arguably the human greatest fears. The snakes are very dangerous creatures . And they appear in fables and other stories. The nature of a snake makes it even more frightening than it really is. But it’s normal to be afraid of snakes. The snake can leave devastating and traumatic effects on the individual with only one attack. And some snake bites are fatal, while others can be treated.