Top 10 India Advance Cities

India advance cities

India is one of the fasting developing country in the world. In past year India has achieved the commendable achievement in technology, communication, infrastructure, education, business and many more. India being the largest foreign market attracts the billion dollar companies worldwide. Which along with are bringing the worlds top infrastructure and technologies. Based on these factors here is the top 10 India advance cities.

Top India Advance Cities


Kolkata also one of the important financial cities of india. Which used to be the capital of country prior to independence. It is the third most developed city according to the GDP. City serves as most important commercial hub of East and North-East India. Just like other developed cities information technology sectors has become high growth sector. Industrial units of kolkata includes mining, jute pharmaceutical,engineering, cement,textile,tourism etc. Beside Bhubaneswar, it is the only city to have international airport in Eastern India.India advance cities.


Ahmedabad is the financial capital o the state of Gujurat. It is also known as the ‘Manchester of India’ due to large no of cloth mills as it is the second largest cotton producer in India. City is the largest supplier of denim and one of the largest exporter of jewellery and gemstones in India Thus Ahmedabad has emerged as the important economic and industrial hub in India. In 2010 , Ahmedabad was ranked third in the Forbes` list of fastest growing cities of the decades. In 2012 Times of India chose Ahmedabad as the best city to live in. Besides textile industries two of india`s biggest pharmaceutical companies- Zydus Cadila and Torrent Pharmaceutical are based in the the city. In recent days city is rapidly advancing in the information technology industries too.


Short for the New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, situated in Utter Pradesh was ranked best city in housing in India.Noida replaces Mumbai as the second best reality destination according to an analyst report.. Roads in Noida are lined by the trees and it is considered to be India;s greenest city with about 50% green cover, the highest of any city in India. In last 10 years Noida has also become a hub for software and mobile app development companies like HCL, Samsung, Barclay’s, Agicent, CSC. These companies are contributing to city’s economy with their software product development and service export in foreign currencies.India advance cities.


India advance cities Chandigarh is the first planned city of India after independence of India and its internationally known for its architecture and urban design . Its the capital of both Punjab Haryana. Chandigarh has a belt of parks running from sector to sector. Prompting it green healthy city.It is known for its belts and other special tourist park. Chandigarh has been rated as one of the “wealthiest Towns” of India and it is identified as 4th in the top 50 cities as ‘emerging outsourcing and IT services destinations’.


Originally known as ‘Gurgaon’ Capital of Haryana, this India advance cities is becoming a leading financial and industrial hub with third highest per capita income in India. Gurugram has architecturally noteworthy buildings in a wide range of styles. Gurugram skyline with its many skyscrapers is nationally recognized and the city has been home to several tall buildings with modern planning.Gurugram is headquarters for many national and international companies like the Maruti Suzuki Private limited, coca-cola, Pepsi, BMW, Aglient Technologies, Hyundai etc. which has create the ample of job opportunities

5. Delhi

India advance cities Delhi is the political and national capital of India. Delhi houses the supreme court , IGI airport which is one o the busiest and biggest well managed airport in the world. Many eminent educational institution, political and diplomacy centers. This city provides good facilities in transportation and connectivity with well developed metro, railway, bus, with good government policies water crisis of the city has been dissolved and unemployment rate of the cities has decreased from 12.57% in 1999-2000 to 4.63% in 2003.


Hyderbaadis the capital of recently formed state Telangana, and is considered capital of south india. City has largest integrated film city film in the world. With the best businness policy of government Hyderbaad is becoming one of the most advance city in India. Hyderbaad has built the state of art infrastructure, aviability of talent pool , communication facilities ,educational institute where thousand of tech company has already set up their camp an its becoming the next tech destination of India.


known as the financial, entertainment capital of India. Mumbai is home for the one of the leading film industry of the world “Bollywood”. It is also one of the top 10 centre of commerce in term of global financial flow generating 16.6% of India GDP accounting 25% industrial output and 70% of maritime trade in India. Mumbai is world third most expensive office market. It is ranked among top 6 cities on billionaire count by WCCI. It is home to country finest port and some of India’s premier scientific and nuclear institutes like BARC,NPCI,AECE etc are situated in Mumbai. This city offers cosmopolitan and diverse lifestyle with a variety. Food , night life, luxury resort, cars, entertainment and many more which world see in the advance city.


India advance cities Pune is known as the oxford of east because of the presence of several known institutions. The city has emerged as a center of social reforms, nationalism, eminent start up like Mahindra Kirloskar Group,TATA motors. It has beome major educational hub In recent decades with nearly half of total International students in the country studying in Pune. Presence of good numbers of IT and IT related companies is transforming the Pune next IT hub of India after Banglore. The city is also known for its manufacturing and Automobile industries. Since 1990s number of integrated modern townships scheme has been introduced that drastically upgrade public transport , infrastructure , drainage, health care of the city which took Pune in The Mercer 2017 list of top 150 cities of quality living condition.


It is the the capital of the karnataka state and is the third most populous urban agglomeration in india. Good infrastructure, communication facilities ,proper waste management , sports acadamies and many more. It is the IT hub of India which gives thousand of start up every year. It is also known as the ‘SILLICON VALLY’ of india. Banglore has country best universities, head quarter of various public sector,research facilities which rank Banglore the most high tech cities in globe. Banglore is home for the rich kanadda literature and arts.Better transportation.


With the growing outnumbered population India is in great need of modern, sustainable infrastructure which can house its citizen in comfortable lifestyle and the former is challenging the government on its knees.