Top 10 More Legs Animals

legs animals

More legs animals. The human body consists of innumerable organs, blood cells. Each has 2 eyes, a nose, 2 ears, 2 hands and 2 legs. These parts facilitate the functions and are essential for our full healthy life. Humans and animals have totally different organs, respiratory, digestive and reproductive. Some with numerous members.

There are some animals on the planet that are blessed with many legs. They use their legs to walk, run and for safety purposes. These animals can catch their prey with the help of their legs. Several of them inhabit the ground and so your legs can be useful to make your homes under the ground. In this selection are highlighted the 10 more legs animals.

More legs animals

10. Other Insects

There are many possible bugs to see every day, but sometimes people do not know much about them. Ants, crickets, and house flies also have many legs to fly and other purposes. Mosquitoes also have several legs by which they draw blood from humans. All these insects have 6 legs to walk and run. More legs animals.

Insects like ants and crickets use their legs to carry their food and build their houses. Their legs give them protection from enemies and also use for various purposes.

9. Spider

This insect has poison in its mouth and has 8 legs. Spiders can put pressures to extend their legs and can jump very high. They use their legs to build their webs. Their legs are the most powerful weapons against those who attack when they try to plunder their nest. Some spiders have the ability to inject poison into a human’s body with their legs. More legs animals.

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8. Crab

Crabs inhabit the land and water. They have thick exoskeletons on their bodies. The legs are so shaped that they can walk easily on the ground and also swim in the water. They can dig burrows in the mud with the help of their legs and also protect themselves from intruders attacking at any time. More legs animals.

Crabs feed on small insects like earthworms, bacteria, and crustaceans that kill using their legs. And they can run fast with their legs in rocks and caves. Crabs are widely used as a food item in many parts of the world.

7. Woodlouse

It is a crustacean with a long exoskeleton and 14 articulated limbs. There are more than 5,000 species of bug-eater worldwide. They belong to the family Armadillidae and genus Armadillidium.

The woodlouse has 7 pairs of legs and 11 segments. And they are mostly found in the Earth’s atmosphere. Their habitat requires a large amount of moisture and thus they usually live in wet and humid places. This animal feeds mainly on dead plant matter and matured strawberries and cultivated plants as well. More legs animals.

6. Caterpillar

The caterpillar is a larval stage of limb. And it feeds on leaves and animal products. These creatures have soft body and their extension is of 1 mm to 14 cm. And they have 5 pairs of pro-legs. The caterpillars have seen moths and butterflies as they grow. These creatures have sharp legs that use to move anywhere on the earth or on branches and leaves of trees.

5. Lacraia (Symphyians)

It is one of the most dangerous centipedes on the planet. They can have up to 24 legs, as they have a pair of legs on each trunk segment. These creatures have dangerous poison that can seriously affect humans. They can grow up to 30.48 cm in length. And they can be found in any kind of environment. They are usually red or brown in color. More legs animals.

4. Millipedes

The millipede, also known popularly as “snake lice”, belongs to the group of arthropods that has 2 pairs of articulated legs. Millipedes have long, cylindrically shaped bodies that have more than 20 segments. And they move at low speed and their food consists of fungi and plant fluids. The body wall called paranoid makes it difficult for predators to eat millipedes and also protects their legs. The millipede legs have 7 segments and are attached to the underside of the body. More legs animals.

3. Centipede

Haploophilus underground is one of the longest species of centipedes in the world. And it can grow up to 70 mm in length. They have 77 to 83 pairs of legs. These centipedes are usually yellow and pale brown in color. And they have a head wider than the body. They are mainly found in grazing land and under rocks. They can also damage plant roots with your legs. More legs animals.

2. Himuntarum Gabrielis

This is a kind of centipede that has up to 354 legs. It belongs to the family Himantariidae. And it can grow up to 22.09 cm in length. These creatures have yellow and orange bodies. Females have more legs than males.

1. Illacme plenipes

Illacme plenipes is found mostly in central California in the United States. This animal belongs to the genus Illacme and has a total of 750 legs. It was first discovered in the year 1926. Illacme plenipes is very small and of a fine size. The female limbs of this family grow up to 3 cm.

Males have a smaller body and have fewer legs than females. This creature has a narrow body shape with gonopod characteristics. And they are very long in size.

These insects have legs to move around, run around and in times of attacking enemies. The legs grow with the development and size of their bodies and can even attack humans with the help of their powerful legs.