The Top 10 Lesser Known Place India

lesser known place india

India is known as the “mini earth” for its vast geographical and cultural diversity. You can roam india endlessly and still find yourself on unexplored territory. Kashmir , Ladhakh, goa are popular tourist destination and are incredible on their own way; but there is something extraordinary going going to spectacular places that only handful venture to. Here we are listing 10 lesser known place India.

Top 10 Lesser Known Place India

1. Krem Puri Caves

lesser known places

Location: Mawsynram, Meghalaya
Best time to visit: September to May

No. 1 lesser known place India is Krem Puri Caves. Recently the worlds longest sandstone cave discovered in Meghalaya. Its the vast network of sandstone cave, with remaining of fossils all over the cave has add the natural decoration . This cave is the complex maze of hundreds of tunnels which are interconnected like giant network. The cave is partially filled with water so tourist can explore it with boat which makes the journey more thrilling.

2. Nighoj Pothholes

lesser known places

Location : Ahmednagar , Maharashtra
Best time to visit: During summers from April to May.

This lesser known place India is the largest natural potholes in Asia. The potholes are very beautifully shaped like artist worked on it which open the new wonder of the natural landscape. They are spread over 2-3km with deep crest and trough in kukdi River bed which carved it out over hundred of years in the Basalt rock in the riverbed.

3. Dzongu

lesser known places

Location: Sikkim
Time to visit: Late spring and summer time(March-end,April and May)

In the far north of Sikkim there a lie a small isolated village “Dzongu’, beautified by Small streams,long stretches of hills, and lush green forests. Dzongu is a triangular region bounded by river Teesta River in south east, Tholung chu River in the north east and mighty mountains in the west.

4. Nubra Valley

lesser known places

Location: Leh,Ladhak
Best time to visit: April to June and September to October are the two best times of the year to visit Nubra Valley

Meeting of the Shyok River and Nubra or Siachen River has born the rugged Nubra vallay which has its own charm to woo! the viewers. The breathtaking taking views of sand dunes with contrasting snow cap mountains makes the palce most unique. This lesser known place valley separates the very famous tourist destination Ladakh and karakoram mountain range.

5. Garadia Mahadev Temple

lesser known places

Location: Kota, Rajasthan
Best time to visit: September to January

This temple in situated on u shaped curve of ‘Chambal River’ which falls under the region of Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve also known as the ‘Grand Canyon of India’. The place is full of mesmerizing scenic beauty of forest, gorges of which grandness and calmness cant be define in words.

6. Sandakphu

lesser known places

Location: Darjeeling, West Bengal
Best time to visit: September to April

The lesser known place India is known for jaw dropping view of the Kanchendzonga that changes its colour dramatically during the sunrise when its rays falls on it. Sandakphu is only the place in world from where u can watch mountains of four countries and provides 180 degree view of the mountains. The region falls under the Singalila National Park which is home for the worlds most endangered floura and fauna. This lesser known places is also popular for trekking destination and sometimes Red Panda surprises you with its sudden appearance.

7. Dzuleke

lesser known places

Location: Nagaland
Best Time to visit: except for mansoon any time of the year

Just 40 km away from Kohima , Dzuleke village is 100% organic and thrives on community based Eco-tourism. The beautiful terrain of farm can be seen running over hills which gives similar view like Bali of Indonesia. The colourful culture of the Naga tribe is also the main attraction of the region This lesser known place gets its name from the Dzuleke river, which goes underground once it reaches Dzuleke.

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8. Chalakudy

lesser known places

Location: Thrissur, Kerala
Best time to visit: December to March

Still untouched by the commercialization, the beauty of this small sleepy town is a treat to the eyes. Chalakudy is situated on the bank of Chalakudy River and is surrounded by a hill station, wildlife sanctuary, Athirapally waterfalls, and the backwards of Mala and Azhicode Munakkal beach.

9. Sea Caves

lesser known places

Location: Agonda Beach beach,Goa
Best time to visit: November to February.

Like shadow under the light Loliean Beach in Goa remains one of the lesser explored options by tourists. Just 15-20 km away this beach lies the famous Palolem and Agonda beaches which is always inhabited by visitors. Cupan, a wave-cut cave on the sea shore is probably the only one of its kind in, and around , Goa

10. Bhimbetka Caves

lesser known places

Locatiion: Madhaya Pradesh
Best time to visit: October to February

The Bhimbetka Caves were discovered in 1957 and is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Viewed from the distance, these rock formations resembles a small fortress with elevation of 100 meters. These caves are the earliest evidence of human life on the Indian subcontinent.

Who does want to have all those city noises, pollution and crowd while vacationing ? Of course, one look for the peace, calm environment to enjoy the time to lost in different world away from all the negativity. Well these are the lesser known tourist spots which can give you the a whole new travel experience. Respect the nature and the culture of the region and be responsible, welcomed tourist.