Top 10 Most Efficient Light Bulbs for Home

most efficient light bulbs

Every house requires a replacement of light bulb at a time be it later or sooner. For this when We go to the hardware there is always a difficulty to choose exactly what to buy that will be serviceable and budget friendly too. Impaling bulbs are considered to consume a lot of electricity. To save electricity or to consume less of it there are many competitors in the market such as fluorescent, LED and other energy saving lamps , many of them saves upto 80% of energy.

Below there are top 10 most efficient light bulbs for ones house.

Top 10 Most Efficient Light Bulbs

10) Philips

most efficient light bulbs

Amongst the top 10 light bulbs Philips is one.
Phillips is a Russian reliable company who manufacturers a huge variety of it’s product such as standard, candle like, tea drop. Cost of LED of 5 watts is about $100. Also for as a there is a model in form of impaling lamp. This is to attract attention when they are turned off as a design decision as they are transparent. For classic design of house these are suitable.

9) Feron

most efficient light bulbs

Feron is the 9th, among the top 10 most efficient light bulbs.
Feron is manufacturing lightning equipments over 17 years and it offers 4000 types along with energy saving lamps for homes. The brand “Saffit” is being owned by Feron, also it works with many other companies like, CIS in order to find itself all over Soviet union. These company provides products that vary for home, designing and price.

8) Camelion

most efficient light bulbs

It is positioned as 8th in the top 10.
This company produces energy saving efficient light bulbs for home, lighting equipment, power supplies of lights. For today’s world of High demand in interior designing it produces bulbs featuring LED, fluorescent, Halogen lamps not lying behind from it. It’s prices varies depending upon the market demand and also provides discounts on its products.

7) Osram

most efficient light bulbs

The 7th position in top 10 is acquired by Osram
This company is one of the company have been leading the production of light bulbs and is more than 100years old. Automatic and special lighting, as well as civilian products are the specialisation of this company along with that one of the area is to produce energy saving efficient light bulbs for homes. Osram implements itself as the official representative and also as networking vendors lighting in the Russian market. Depending on how much Power required and the type of good required the price is available.

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6) OptoGan

most efficient light bulbs

OptoGan comes in the 6th position in the top 10 most efficient light bulbs.
The only company providing the full production cycle is “OptaGan”. The products of this company are energy saving and are available through chain stores and also through the internet. Products of OptiGan is available throughout eastern Europe, Russia and CIS countries.

5) Navigator

most efficient light bulbs

The top 10 most efficient light bulbs list have got Navigator in the 5th position.
This company mainly promoted products of other companies such as Panasonic, Duracell, Energizer and other until 2006 when it launched and promoted it’s own products. It produces mainly three kind of products for industrial and housing purposes those are LED, fluorescent and halogen. Due to presence of gas in halogen bulbs many are afraid to use them But they are absolutely Safe if used properly.

4) X-Flash

most efficient light bulbs

This comes in the 4th position amongst the top 10 most efficient light bulbs
This is a Chinese company. For housing purposes there is a availability of huge and diversed choice of LED for the purchaser. The price varies with the designing, functionality and capacity. But the main availability is of powerful and more expensive models, intended mainly to serve industrial requirements.

3) Lisma

most efficient light bulbs

The 3rd position in the top 10 most efficient light bulbs is acquired by Lisma.
This company producing more than 300 kinds of goods, is a state Unitary enterprise, located in Mordovia. For homes the energy saving lamps are divided into LED, sodium, metal halide, Mercury, fluorescent and halogen by the company. The prices of the products of this company is same as that of other market participants.

2) Dumas

most efficient light bulbs

Dumas is in the 2nd position in the top 10 most efficient light bulbs.
This company produces LED and energy saving lamps for homes that have a variety of shapes and capacities which makes it nothing less than other foreign companies. The prices are Same as that of other products in the market.

1) Lamp Tomic.

most efficient light bulbs

The first position in the top 10 most efficient light bulbs is being acquired by Lamp Tomic.
Mainly known as “Tomic light bulb” In addition to LEAD bulbs this company Also produces fluorescent bulbs, LED fixtures, conventional implailing and course special purpose lamps. This light bulbs is suitable for “everything should be retro” lovers those who are able or can sacrifice their earnings for aesthetic pleasure. Such light bulbs have a spiral of LED and the design of “light bulb Ilych” which make people true to traditions. It’s prices varies from dealer to dealer.