Top 10 Most Expensive Smartwatches

most expensive smartwatches

In market the sale of wrist watch dropped on a wide range as smartphones popularized. So to meet the custom asked by people little by little smart watches or smartwatches came in the market as a revolution. These smart watches can serve many other technological purposes apart from showing only time. These watches have operating system similar to that of a smartphone. These watches have made a place of luxury in today’s market along with that of traditional watches. It’s manufacturing with durable materials, exclusive design And on designing with expensive stones it’s attraction has being increased. Here’s a list of top 10 most expensive smartwatches.

Most Expensive Smartwatches in the World

10) Apple watch Hermés — US $1100

most expensive smartwatches

In January 2016 Apple released it’s special edition Apple watch Hermés.

The base model of apple watch is sold at$350. This watch though have got the Same features as that of a smartwatch But the point of it for being expensive is the handmade leather straps by Hermés.  To determine the style of Hermés in Apple devices, it have been elaborated with elegance. The price of this watch changes along with it’s size range, starting price is $1100. It was originally planned for US market but now available in international market with limited production. All these makes Apple watch Hermés exclusive.

9) Tissot smart- touch — US $1200

most expensive smartwatches

The main attraction or feature of this watch is, it works by solar battery which lasts for a year. The users of this watch will be kept on informing about the local weather reports from local weather stations powered by solar energy. It is possible to navigate Tissot smart- touch using hand and screen if it’s being associated with mobile.

8) Kairos Hybrid Watch — US $2549

most expensive smartwatches

Kairos Hybrid Watch is a combination of mechanical And smart watche. It is featured by Japanese Miyota mechanical movement which is located beneath a semi transparent OLED display of smartwatch.

7) Montblanc timewalker e-strap — US $4000

most expensive smartwatches

Montblanc timewalker is an igneous solution for the production of luxury smartwatch with affecting the traditional clock style. It has got 0.9  OLED screen with 128 x 36 pixel resolution.

It comes in a polished steel case with a tri-compax chronograph design, matching its silver dial. It is packaged priced at $ 4,000 in 2004. When Montblanc timewalker is connected via Bluetooth it offers various smartwatch facilities like emails, calendar, Text messages, calls And social media notifications

6)Breitling Exospace B55 – US $ 8900

most expensive smartwatches

Breitling is the solution for the who want to have a watch with special aviation function, breitling makes watches for aviators.

It offers functions like measuring time, flight schedules, and memorizing take off and departure or landing and arrival time data. It’s not expected to provide All smartwatch facilities. For style it is formed of titanium.

5) Tag Heuer Carrera – US $ 15000

most expensive smartwatches

Tag Heuer mainly features classic Carrera design. Just like Apple watch it syncs with mobile to offer various functions. Though it have the Same functions that of a Apple watch from call alerts to appointment notifications, the watch maker refused to identify Apple as a competitor.

The first edition of this watch was launched in November 2015, New York. Only 1000 pieces of this edition was connected whose marked price was $15000.

4) Gold Apple watch — US $17000

most expensive smartwatches

As the name suggests the special attraction of this watch is that it is made up of 18k solid gold. Though the basic model cost $350.

It does exact all the functions that all other Apple watch or smartwatches do And offers the Same notification that are obtained on the iPhone. It’s nothing very different.

3) Hoptroff Platinum — US $54000

most expensive smartwatches

This clock syncs with iPhone. The prices are $21700 for base model And$54000 for platinum model. It’s just another hybrid mechanical watch. Hoptroff is commonly known as luxury watch maker. Since they are limited they doesn’t provide Best smart watch functions.

2) Built-In Nico Gerard Skyview Pinnacle — US $112000

most expensive smartwatches

Originally this watch is not a smartwatch. Apple watch comes in this watch, just it have to be rotated, hence instead of one actually there are two just in one.  This watch is a luxury with traditional Swiss movement and polished stainless steel waterproof coating.

1) Brikk Lux Omni 18k gold watch — US $109,995 — US $114,995

most expensive smartwatches

The basic difference between Apple watch and this watch is that, this watch is studded with multiple row of diamonds. In total there are 11.30-12.30 carats of diamonds spread neatly around the face, buttons and handles. The price varies with the size of the range. This is the number one in our list of most expensive smartwatches in the world.