Top 10 Most Popular Drugs Currently

Popular Drugs

Drugs will always play an important role in society due to various reasons, mainly medical reasons. People receive prescription from them, they resort to them after horrible experiences, and this becomes a coping mechanism. In this selection are highlighted the 10 most popular drugs currently. This is not a selection that will encourage the use of drugs or make them interesting in any way. However, this is a selection that will be sincere about the popularĀ  drugs or illegal drugs that are used massively in today’s society.

Today’s Popular Drugs


This is not just a drug, it is a group of stimulant drugs that actually messes with serotonin in the brain. And it strengthens the sense of focus, the person experiences euphoria, and allows the individual to stay up late into the night. These are just a few of the symptoms. Unfortunately, the long-term effects include the active brain of so much lack of sleep and so many other unnecessary problems.


Yes, cocaine is still a super popular drug. Cocaine is made from the beloved coca plant, hence the highly addictive habits of chocolate by many, and in the Victorian era it was used for pain treatment. However, society has been more conscious, and now it is only popular with people seeking intensity or looking to have a “really fun night” once in a while.


It is another prescription drug that is usually used for pain management when used properly. Generally, pain somewhere in the body, preferably in the arm, are supposedly released small doses over a course of time. Unfortunately, people have discovered a way to misuse this drug as well; they chew it, swallow it, inject it, and put it in their system anyway to alter the state. Like any other drug, people believe that it’s all about fun and games, but realistically when in abuse, this drug can cause death, respiratory problems and brain damage, among other things, because death is not frightening enough.


Dust-Off is actually a brand of computer cleaner; is literally a can of chemicals used to clean the dusty computer except that this time people are inhaling chemicals out of the can and getting instant excitement. It is also known as huffing and is not limited to duster cans.

6. SPICE or K2

Spice or K2 is a synthetic form of marijuana that is laced with cannabinoids which are essentially a pair of related compounds put together to give an altered effect. It is popular simply because it’s cool. The extreme disadvantage of Spice is by the production substances that are highly dangerous. Thus, as much as marijuana, this drug can be considered lethal because spice is associated with many reports of sudden death.


For those who wonder about the definition of bath salts, these are the same ones placed in the bath for a soothing relaxation of 30 minutes. These crystals can be dangerous because smelling them makes the person absolutely crazy. The madness around the bath salts has made this drug quite popular among adventurers who are seeking an excitement. This compound has MDVP, a stimulant that is not legal and obviously turns the person into a manic cannibal.


MDMA is known to produce feelings of euphoria and well-being. On the negative side, this makes the person feel as fearless in the world, and stating they can fly. Because of every campaign around this drug, it has become one of the most famous party badges, becoming fourth in this selection of the 10 most popular drugs currently.


Something that was meant to help someone in pain is being brutally abused by teenagers and adults. However, if there is a recognized physician who recommended the tablet, no problem. But they get an incentive every time they prescribe a particular pill, so it is possible to have easy access to all popular pills and are readily sold anywhere.


Although alcohol is more socially accepted, it is still very dangerous, not just for the person and their body, but for those around when stimulated. Alcohol is second in this selection, out of the 10 most popular drugs currently.


Marijuana is so popular that now the government wants to make money from it; frankly speaking, if it is possible to get marijuana in its purest form , there are great health benefits. And her medical use is helping people in pain, around the world. It is not just mean to stimulate people for fun. Marijuana is the leading position in this selection of the 10 most popular drugs currently.