Top 10 All Time Scariest Horror Movie Villains

Best Scariest horror movie villains

Horror movies have been a constant presence in Hollywood for nearly 100 years. And during these 100 years, Hollywood provided for its audiences some of the striking villains that left people frightened worldwide. These scariest horror movie villains are the types of villains that haunt people’s nightmare long after the movie is over. Featured in this selection are the 10 villains of all time scariest horror films.

All Time Scariest Horror Movie Villains

10. Ghostface

scariest horror movie villains

Although the Panic series has provided audiences, countless different villains, the Ghostface mask is what all killers chose when attacking their victims. The costume of Ghostface was inspired by Edvard Munch’s famous painting O Grito.

9. Jack Torrance

scariest horror movie villains

Although Stephen King has vehemently expressed that he is not a fan of Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of The Illuminated, many audience members would disagree. One of King’s biggest criticisms in the film was the portrait of Jack Torrance.

In King’s novel, Jack is portray as a man who desperately tries to preserve his family but ends up losing to his inner demons. In the film version, Nicholson portrayed Jack as an insane man who has nothing of love in his role, either by his wife or son.

8. Jigsaw

scariest horror movie villains

John Kramer, better known as Jigsaw, is the sadistic serial killer of the Mortal Kombat series. In the series, Kramer is a former civil engineer who is dying of cancer. After Kramer tries to kill himself and fails, he finds a new appreciation for life and decides to try and help others find the same kind of appreciation.
Unfortunately, the way he helps other people find their appreciation for life is by forcing their victims into deadly scenarios in which they need to inflict pain on themselves and others in order to survive.

7. Pennywise

scariest horror movie villains

Stephen King has the strange ability to create horror villains that haunt nightmares. This is a film based on the novel by Stephen King of the same name that tells the story of a clown who lives in the sewers and kills little children. The book was turned into a TV movie in 1990, starring Tim Curry as Pennywise.

6. Leatherface

scariest horror movie villains

Leatherface is a character in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series who engages in cannibalism and murder along with his family. The villain wears a mask made of human skin, which is where the name Leatherface comes from. The inspiration for the character Leatherface came from a real serial killer, Ed Gein, who also wore a mask made of human skin.

5 . Pinhead

scariest horror movie villains

Pinhead is the main antagonist of the Hellraiser series. He is the leader of the Cenobites, who are creatures of an extra dimensional scope who traveled to Earth to reap human souls. And unlike other villains, Pinhead is known to be intelligent and also articulate.

4. Hannibal Lecter

scariest horror movie villains

Hannibal Lecter is the creation of writer Thomas Harris, who first introduced the serial killer in his novel Red Dragon. In 1986, Red Dragon was adapted into a film with Lecter being played by actor Brian Cox. In 1991, Anthony Hopkins assumed the role of Hannibal Lecter in the film, Silence of the Lambs, for which he won an Oscar.

3. Jason Vorhees

scariest horror movie villains

Jason Vorhees is the scariest horror movie villains of the Friday 13 series. Originally, Jason was not to remain as the main antagonist of the series. But the character continues to appear in film after film.

In the movies, Jason is driven to chase down and kill his victims as a result of his anger over drowning as a child. The original villain of the series was in fact the mother of Jason, who goes to a murderous fury to avenge the death of its son.

2. Michael Myers

scariest horror movie villains

Michael Myers is the main scariest horror movie villains of the Halloween series. The first presentation to the character was like a young boy who kills his older sister on Halloween. And 15 years later, Michael returns to his home and starts killing again. Michael is portrayed as the pure evil in the series.

1. Freddy Krueger

scariest horror movie villains

There is nothing scarier than a serial killer who takes his victims when they are most helpless when they are asleep. Freddy Krueger is the best villain of the series The Nightmare Before Time that uses its gloved slides to kill its victims while they are dreaming. In the dream world, Freddy is indestructible. But when it is pull into the real world, it becomes more human. Over the years, Freddy has been determined one of the best villains in history by various sources.

American Film Institute ranked Freddy as No. 40 on the list of 100 Heroes and Villains, and in 2010, Freddy won the best villain award at Scream Awards.