Top 10 Smallest Birds In The World

Smallest Birds

Smallest Birds. Birds are incredible creatures and appear in various sizes and shapes. The largest bird in the world , for example, the ostrich, weighs 104 kg, which is impressive. In this selection are highlighted the 10 smaller birds in the world. In this selection, there are no departures from popular scientific researchers. By researching several scientific dissertations, it originated the result of this selection. The height and average length of birds were considered.

Top Smallest Birds In The world


This bird has length of 10 to 13 cm, and weight of 10 to 11 grams. It is widely found in Australia. This bird has long legs and beak curved down. Its tongue like brush helps to eat insects, spiders, flower nectar, and seeds. Males are brighter colored than females, which helps find a pair in the breeding season.


The ladybird is mainly found in the Amazon Basin, and has a length of 11 cm, and weight of 6 to 8 grams. The male adult has blue and gray head, as well as upper and total. Its lower part is colored bright yellow. The ladybird has 14 species, among which the smaller species is approximately 11 cm long.


Bananaquit has a length of 9.5 cm to 11 cm, and weighs 9 grams. This bird can be commonly found in the West Indies, Caribbean Islands and in the southern part of Brazil. This bird is very social animal and can be found in flower gardens and fruit in search of food. Its curved beak helps to eat nectar from flowers. In the breeding season, place 2 to 4 white eggs, which take 12 to 14 days to bump.


The American Goldfinch has a length of 11 cm and a weight of 11 grams. And it’s a small American bird, from the finch family. It is commonly found in the United States, but can also be found in the southern part of Canada and northern Mexico. During the summer, the feathers of the male’s body are bright yellow, wings and crown of the head are black. The bird changes its feather twice a year, late in winter, and mid-summer. And it can live up to 10 years, thanks to its all vegetarian diet. And put 2 to 7 bluish white eggs at a time.


The bird has length of 10 cm, and weight of 5 grams. And it was formerly known as brown nightingale. It is found on the eastern coasts of Australia. It is seen in groups of 2 or 4 in the coastal rainforests. Their food is mainly based on insects. Its top along with its face is olive brown and the lower part looks like light gray.


The sparrow is 8.5 cm to 9.5 cm in length and weighs 13.5 grams to 15.5 grams. It is the smallest bird in Europe but the bird that can also be found in various locations including Asia, Europe, UK, Wales, China, Russia, Himalayas. It is also called the King of Birds in European folklore.


This special bird has length of 10 cm, and weight of 10 grams. It is called a tailor bird for its ability to sew like humans. And they are also known with shiny head cisticola. It is found from western Australia, India and China. And they consume insects and seeds. The male and female work on the nest building, but the female usually incubates the eggs.


These birds are 9 to 11 cm in length, weighing 9 to 11 grams. It is a very beautiful bird, with colored dots on the crown and neck. And they usually live in small family groups in long horizontal tunnels at ground level, or in the hollows of trees. And consume insects, spiders, among others. The male and female work together to construct the nest, incubating the eggs and feeding the pups.


The bird is 8 to 9 cm in length and weighs 6 grams, being second in this selection of the 10 smallest birds in the world. It is Australian, found mainly in the forest in the middle of Australia. And spend most of the time looking for insects and larva in the woods, trees, among others. Females lay 2 or even 3 colored eggs in cream at a time.


Bee hummingbird is the leading position in this selection of the 10 smallest birds in the world, 5 to 6 cm long, and 1.6 to 1.8 grams in weight, and both the size and weight of this bird are very impressive. As its name suggests, it is probably the size of a bee, but is a little wider than a bee. It is the smallest bird to live on the planet. The male and female can be differentiated by size, since the female is slightly larger than the male. They are usually found in the dense rainforest of Cuba. The female puts 2 eggs at a time, being about the size of a pea.