The Top 10 Most Unusual Rock Bands

Top 10 most unusual rock bands

Today rock music has a large number of fans. Rock is a plexus of a wide variety of genres – from rapcore to metalcore, and each direction is filled with an innumerable army of fans. But if traditional rock is easily perceived, and many similar, then genres like metalcore, hardcore or death metal are, as they say, “an amateur.” And for these, we made  the list of top 10 most unusual rock bands of the genre Death Metal. If you are a true fan of this direction, most groups will most likely be familiar to you, if not, hopefully, in the list below you will find something to your liking.

Top 10 Most Unusual Rock Bands

10.Arch Enemy – Sweden

Top 10 most unusual rock bands

Arc Enemy opens up the list of top 10 most unusual rock bands. The band differs from the likes of performance style and great musicians – the famous Michael Amott is a member of this group. Each new album brings Arc Enemy more and more popularity, despite the fact that many of its fans do not like the obvious softening of the hardcore style.

9.Necrophagist – Germany

Top 10 most unusual rock bands

We have Necrophagist on the 9th in this list of top 10 most unusual rock bands list. The group does not enjoy worldwide fame, but deserves attention when combining the aggression of the metal with the dimensionality and softness, which is represented by classical music. If suddenly you are not familiar with this group, we suggest downloading a couple of tracks, to know your work, you definitely will not regret it.

8.Behemoth – Poland 

Top 10 most unusual rock bands


The Polish group scares all their new listeners. They stand out well in the context of similar groups not only with the help of music, but also thanks to their style of clothing. You will never see these guys in t-shirts and jeans broken, no, just elegant outfits, the design of which is very often developed by the musicians themselves. If you play your work, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the percussion matches, the unusual guitar, and if you take everything else, you will not be disappointed. In short, we can say that the group has its own unique style, which will learn instantly.

7.Children Of Bodom – Finland

Top 10 most unusual rock bands

This Finnish band is famous for their complex guitar riffs, but also quite melodic. He has not yet given an exact definition of his style, although the group has existed since 1993. The problem of “style” is still actively discussed by fans of the collective and the press.

6.Cannibal Corpse – America

Top 10 most unusual rock bands
I think, about these guys heard the overwhelming majority of heavy rock fans. These Americans make very heavy music, which is not so easy to listen, much less love for it. Only true gender savers can do this.

5.Mastodon – America

Top 10 most unusual rock bands

Although this equipment not only in death metal, but actively used its elements in their songs, which allowed him to enter this list. What only a drummer is worth is that what Brann Dailor gets on the drums can not be described, it’s just amazing. Mastodon was even nominated for a Grammy, which is a fairly prestigious award in the world of music, which says a lot about the state of the band.

4.Slayer – America

Top 10 most unusual rock bands

Slayer holds the 4th place. No top of this genre can not do without this group. Despite not the highest level of professionalism, the staff is very popular, and often receive invitations to all kinds of “metal” concerts. It is interesting that the musicians themselves are willing to admit the existence of errors and defects in their compositions, but refuse to alter something, responding that they like everything in its original form. Well, it’s right.

3.Between the Buried and Me – North Carolina

Top 10 most unusual rock bands

Top 10 most unusual rock bands have listed ‘Between the buried and me’ as 3rd. Perhaps, many will be surprised to see this team at a top, and even at the award-winning place. But, despite the fact that guys do not just play death metal, the amount of “metal” in their work, firmly reinforced third. We ask all unbelievers to listen to their songs and make sure this statement is true. You will hear a wonderful and skillful mix of styles, as well as the work of excellent musicians.

2.Decide – America

Top 10 most unusual rock bands

The 2nd position is acquired by The band ‘Decide’. Even second place does not prevent this team from being the “heaviest” on our list. Formed in 1987, these boys have remained in the same “brutal” style. Their solos are simply incredible, and the compositions will surely cause shivers.
To fully experience the color of Decide, we recommend listening to a song like “Homage for Satan”.

1.Death – Florida 

Top 10 most unusual rock bands

Well, here even the name speaks for itself. This group can safely be called a kind of “founder” of the genre, which is the criterion of this top. In addition, their music is pretty beautiful, and not as aggressive as those of the same Decide. It’s enough to listen to just a couple of songs, as it becomes clear that each participant puts all his energy, his soul into his work, which can not but deserve a response from listeners. All this has made it to attain the first position in this list of top 10 Most unusual rock bands.