Top 10 Best Games On PS4 2018

Top 10 best games on ps4

Playstation 4 console several loud exclusives came out, but there were also cross-platform projects that were well adapted to the Sony console. In this material, we recall what pleased us developers in the past year and collect the top 10 best games on ps4 available for purchase right now.

Top 10 Best Games On PS4

10. Monster Hunter: World

top 10 best games on ps4

Action RPG Monster Hunter: World came out in January on consoles. At the end of the summer got to personal computers. This is the fifth part of the series from Capcom, in which the studio decided to abandon the loadable locations, making the world open. As before, the game will have to be played for the Hunter in the third-person mode. Co-op mode with 4-player support is available for co-fans. The PS version has a score of 90 points out of 100 on Metacritic, so if the release went past you, immediately go to PS Store. Top 10 best games on ps4.

9. Battlefield v

In the fifteenth part of their series, the developers at EA DICE went back to basics, creating a game in the setting of the Second World War. Announced in May, she came out in November, not meeting sales expectations: the main competitor, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, was sold in large quantities. However, the game did not become bad because of this: as always, dynamic gameplay, excellent graphics, a digestible plot – all this is in place. Top 10 best games on ps4.

8. A Way Out

Top games in the world A Way Out, Fares went down the beaten track, using the mechanics from Brothers as a basis, refining and improving it. The passage is designed for two people, each of whom controls one of the two characters. They are prisoners in prison, from which it is necessary to escape. To escape successfully, you will have to interact a lot with each other and the world around you, so you need good teamwork.

7. The Crew 2

top 10 best games on ps4

In recent years, many game genres are on the rise, while others – on the contrary, are experiencing a decline. The latter can be attributed to the race: good simulators and arcades are extremely few, and the series The Crew is a pleasant exception. Released in late June, the second part took all the best from the original, becoming bigger and better. We have to take control of a little-known rider who wants to become the best in the business.

6. Red Dead Redemption 2

top 10 best games on ps4

The third part in the Red Dead series, a prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption. The release of the second part of the players around the world waited as much as 8 years, but the wait was worth it. Slowly and thoughtfully, Rockstar created an RPG in an open world that will be remembered for many years. You plunge into the atmosphere of 1899, where banditry is flourishing in the Wild West. One of the robbers from the big road will have to become a player, having gone from an ordinary robber to a person respected in certain circles.

5. Far cry 5

top 10 best games on ps4

In the fifth part of the series of the same name, events take place in the state of Montana, where, under the management of an assistant local sheriff, we will have to fight the “Gates of Eden” sect. The game was released in March on all relevant platforms, including the Playstation 4. During the first week of sales, over $ 300 million was generated, making it the most commercially successful part of the series, and overall, Ubisoft earned more from sales only Tom Clancy’s The Division.

4. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

top 10 best games on ps4

This unfinished construction, the creation of which the Czechs from Warhorse Studios took 4 years. Throughout this time they fueled the interest of the public, regularly publishing on Kickstarter, from where they took funding, reports and teasers, so the RPG was eagerly awaited. Its distinctive feature is the realism of the gameplay. The authenticity of the surrounding world: no fantasy is even close. If you don’t eat, you die. If you don’t sleep, the same thing happens. Certainly, such difficulties are not to everyone’s liking, but it is unlikely that somewhere else you can enjoy the beauty of medieval Bohemia. top 10 best games on ps4.

3. Spider Man

top 10 best games on ps4

This title is a full-fledged exclusive PS4, which was announced in 2016, and released in September 2018. A successful film about Spider-Man helped attract a large audience, which affected sales that significantly exceeded analysts’ forecasts. However, the plot and the picture are not related in any way: Peter Parker has been in Spider-Man for 23 years. He graduated from high school a long time ago. Parker’s main task is to clear the streets of New York from the gangsters. Who as always have a pack around every corner. It is also worth paying attention to the DLC. Which came out as many as three: “Robbery”, “Gang Wars”, and “Silver Ray”. You can get them all together in the “City that never sleeps” set. Top games in the world.

2. Detroit: Become Human

top 10 best games on ps4

The second exclusive console from Sony in our collection, created by the studio Quantic Dream. Which previously gave the world such titles as Heavy Rain and Fahrenheit. The plot revolves around the three main characters in 2038, with a separate story for each. At first glance, they are not connected in any way, but as they pass, more and more threads will appear, and in the end everything will turn into a single, fairly solid picture.

1. God Of War

top 10 best games on ps4

Let’s finish today’s ten with the adventures of the aged Kratos. Who moved to Scandinavia, where he started a relationship with the mortal woman who gave birth to his son. The legendary warrior was practically not engaged in his upbringing. After the death of the child’s mother he had no choice. The game is fundamentally different from the previous parts. Since it is no longer based on Greek mythology. No gods of Olympus: the stern Midgard awaits you, in which its no less colorful monsters dwell. Top 10 best games on ps4.