Top 10 Best Netflix Comedy Series


Netflix comedy series. Sometimes you are looking for a series that you can just laugh at. There are countless comedy series on Netflix, but there are a number of shows that make the crown. These series have the best jokes, the best actors and usually the most interesting story lines to watch. Do you want to have a night out laughing in front of the television? Then discover these top 10 comedy series on Netflix. Top 10 nest Netflix comedy series.

Top 10 Best Netflix Comedy Series

10. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The always cheerful and optimistic Kimmy Schmidt has lived in a bunker with a sect for more than 15 years. After she is released, her life is completely turned upside down. She decides to live in New York and to enjoy all the freedom of the modern world. She does all of that with a dose of naivety and humor. Top 10 nest Netflix comedy series.

9. The Good Place

After her death, Eleanor wakes up at The Good Place, the place where all the people go who have lived a good life. There is only one problem: Eleanor in her previous life was not at all friendly, environmentally conscious or loving. She got her spot in The Good Place through a mistake, but she will do everything she can to enjoy as much of the luxury life in heaven as possible. Netflix original comedy specials.

8. Atypical

Sam Gardner has autism and therefore does not always find it easy to go along with his classmates. His family tries to do everything possible to make his life as easy as possible. When Sam decides to go dating, the life of his family is also immediately turned upside down. Meanwhile, he asks himself what it actually means to be normal. Top 10 nest Netflix comedy series.

7. Santa Clarita Diet

Joel and Sheila Hammond have everything in life. They are happily married, work as real estate agents and have two nice children. When Sheila suddenly turns into a zombie, they try to live as normal as possible. Only they have to kill someone every now and then to satisfy Sheila’s hunger.

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6. Modern Family

Top 10 nest Netflix comedy series

The lives of the families of Jay Pritchett and his children Claire and Mitchell are never bored. Jay is married to a beautiful younger woman, Claire has to do it with the clumsy broker Phil and Mitchell and his husband adopt a daughter from Vietnam. They all love each other, only that is not always easy to notice. Top 10 nest Netflix comedy series.

5. New Girl

Top 10 nest Netflix comedy series

The enthusiastic and childish Jess finds out that her boyfriend is cheating. She decides to leave him and is therefore looking for a new apartment. When she moves in with the three friends Schmidt, Nick and Winston, she immediately turns their lives upside down. Top 10 nest Netflix comedy series.

4. How I With Your Mother

Top 10 nest Netflix comedy series

It is the year 2030 when Ted wants to tell his children how he met their mother. He starts at the beginning and talks about all the adventures he has experienced with his four friends.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Top 10 nest Netflix comedy series

Jake Peralta is a good detective. The only problem is that he finds it difficult to behave in an adult manner. That was no problem, until his new boss at The New York Police Department proved to be extremely strict. Jake does his best, but he keeps colliding time and time again with his new boss.

2. Master of None

Thirty-year-old Dev tries to make it as an actor in New York. Meanwhile, he must also find his way in the rest of his life. He doubts his relationship, his future, his parents and what he has to eat tonight. The future is a big black hole for Dev, but he wants to change that.

1. Friends

Top 10 nest Netflix comedy series

Friends is perhaps one of the most iconic comedy series of all time. The life of six friends in New York is followed closely. The structured Monica, joke Chandler, hooty Phoebe, nerd Ross, superficial Rachel and stupid Joey all love each other, but sometimes they just can not find each other so well.