Top 10 Biggest Air Forces in the World

top 10 biggest air forces in the world

Top 10 biggest air forces in the world. During World War II, air combat became more important and the superiority of air power enjoyed by allied powers was an important part of the defeat of Nazi Germany.In the part of World War II, the success of technology in aircraft design increases. Since then, they have developed more effective and deadly air forces among many nations, and by 2017 many countries have a final power of mass movement.But in the number of combat aircraft available to them, is the most powerful force in the air force in any country? This election highlights the 10 largest air force in the world.

Top 10 Biggest Air Forces in the World


10. German Air Force- 406 Combat aircraft:

  • It was established in 1935
  • More than 3,400,000 Personnel & 119,871 Air crafts.

We can start this selection with German Luftwaffe in this top 10 biggest air forces list. German Luftwaffe was formed   as a member of West Germany’s NATO agreement. Western allies believe that Germany needs a strong air force in dealing with the Soviet Union’s threat and allies of the Warsaw Pact.

Although the German Luftwaffe has fewer personnel and a lower budget than several other European nations, even in the face of the British Royal Air Force and the French, the modern Recycled German Air Force currently operates the most determined warfare aircraft in the United States.

9. Air Force of The Republic of Korea-450 combat aircraft:

top 10 biggest air forces in the world

  • It was established on 10th august 1946.
  • more than 1,00,000 Personnel & 1000 Air crafts.

South Korean air force comes to 9th position among top 10 biggest air forces. The South Korean Air Force, also known as ROK Air Force maintains strong air deterrence due to the aggressive posture of its neighbor to the north. The ROK Air Force operates 450 combat aircraft that are almost exclusively designed in North America and NATO member states.

8. Turkish Air Force – 465 combat aircraft:

top 10 biggest air forces in the world

  • it was established in 1923.
  • more than 60,000 personnel & 668 Air crafts .

Turkish air force comes to the 8th position according to their power in this top 10 biggest air force selection. The Turkish Air Force is one of the oldest aerial warfare branches of any nation. It has a history dating back to 1913 when it was founded by the Ottoman Empire, but the Turkish air force, as it is known today was established in 1923 with the formation of the Republic of Turkey.

In modern times, Turkey participated in the NATO Deliberate Force Operation in Bosnia in 1995, and also continued to provide support in the area after the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia, commonly offering F-16s to assist in the policing of Baltic airspace at the time .

7. Pakistan Air Force – 522 combat aircraft:

top 10 biggest air forces in the world

  • it was established in 1947.
  • approximately 60,000 personnel & 961 Air crafts .

In 1933 the British colonial government of Pakistan created the Royal Indian Air Force , RIAF, in Karachi. After World War II, in which RIAF helped in the defeat of Japan, Pakistan gained independence in 1947 and the Royal Pakistan Air Force was formed.

After Pakistan became a republic in 1956, the royal prefix was removed and the Pakistani Air Force (PAF) benefited from the US aid program for receiving 100 built American Sabers.

6. North Korea Air Force – 691 combat aircraft:

top 10 biggest air forces in the world

  • it was established in  on 20 August , 1947.
  • more than 110,000 personnel & 940 Air crafts .

The secretive and volatile North Korea retains a large number of combat aircraft in the modern era, almost exclusively supplied by Russia and China. The country is one of the few still operating the former MiG-17 and MiG-19 fighters, although it also uses the much more modern and effective MiG-23 and MiG-29 fighter jets.

5. Air Force of Egypt – 900 combat aircraft:

top 10 biggest air forces in the world

  • it was established in 1930
  • 50,000 personnel & 1,136 Air crafts .

The Egyptian Air Force was formed in 1930 with only 3 pilots trained to its name, but by the time of World War II, it had received considerable assistance from the British and American air forces in the fight against Nazi Germany.

4. Air Force of India – 1100 combat aircraft:

top 10 biggest air forces in the world

  • it was established on 8 October 1932.
  • Approximately 170,000 personnel & 1,500 Air crafts.

We can place India in the 4th position in this top 10 biggest air crafts list.Since becoming a republic in 1950, India has engaged in 4 wars and numerous border skirmishes with neighboring Pakistan, mainly due to ongoing disagreement over the disputed territory of Kashmir.

The primary combat aircraft of the Indian air forces since 2002 has been Sukhoi Su-30MKI Russian development, which incorporates Indian electronic systems and is customized for Indian use in particular.

3. Air Force of the People’s liberation Army – 1500 combat aircraft:

top 10 biggest air forces in the world

  • it was established on 11 November 1949.
  • approximately 398,000 personnel & 2,755 Air crafts .

We have People’s liberation army in the 3rd position among the top 10 biggest air force in the world. It was formed in 1949 with the help of the Soviet Union, shortly after the People’s Republic of China was formed. And he participated in the Korean War using Mig-15s with Soviet development, and also received assistance from the Russians in training of their pilots. In the 1980s, the Chinese air force suffered from various technological problems and reorganized itself to become more effective.

2. Air Force of Russia – 1900 combat aircraft:

top 10 biggest air forces in the world

  • it was established in 1991.
  • more than 148,000 personnel & 3794 Air crafts.

Air force of Russia got the 2nd position for their larger air force in this top 10 biggest air forces selection.After the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, the Russians suffered considerable economic hardship, with a corresponding decline in air and moral power. Today’s Russian air force is considerably better equipped than a decade ago, with Sukhoi Su-35’s, Su-34’s and Sukhoi PAK DA all in active service.

1. Air Force of United States – 3318 combat aircraft:

top 10 biggest air forces in the world

  • it was established on 11 September 1947.
  • more than 400,000 personnel & 5000 Air crafts .

Now its time for the 1st place and the 1st position is being acquired by Air force of United States.With increased tensions throughout the world, and a possible resurgence of the Cold War on the horizon, it is not surprising to know that the United States stand alone by far, the largest, best equipped and most technologically advanced nation in the world when it comes to capabilities Of air warfare.

The United States Air Force is vast and overwhelming in terms of assets at its disposal. The more than 1,200 of the F-16 Fighting Falcons fleet from USAF, which would leave America fourth in this selection with this model only, but that really is just the tip of the iceberg.

The USAF military budget, founded in September 1947, exceeds $ 161 billion annually. This budget exceeds any other entire military budget of other nations.United States is in leading position in this selection of top 10 biggest air  forces in the world.