Top 10 Books to Make You Cry

books make you cry

List of  Books Make you Cry. Have you ever cried while watching a movie or reading a novel? If not then you missed a lot of things. You never realise what’s the true meaning of happiness. After watching a good movie or reading a novel always I like to stay alone for a while. I want to touch the moment what I read. I know it’s an imagination there is no connections to reality, but really like it.

I’m not a good reader although. There is thousands of books in market. I just read a few of them. There is a lot of books will stay behind, unread, and life would pass. It’s make me feel sad. In this list I picked some of my memorable books which will make you cry at the end. You feel sad, even cry but you’ll feel happy. Let’s see the list below:

Top 10 Books Make You Cry

10. Marc Levy – The Shadow Thief

books make you cry

The novel “The Shadow Theief” critics have called the most exciting book Levi. The protagonist, a dreamy boy, endowed with a special gift: he can communicate with human shadows and even kidnap them. Shadows fall with him quietly, asking him for help – not for himself but for his masters, and he tries to improve on the fate of those who are dear to him. Growing up and becoming a doctor, he uses his gift to heal the sick. However, he himself cannot cure: his soul is desperately looking for love, lost many years ago.

9. Haruki Murakami – South of the Border, West of the Sun

books make you cry

“South of the Border, West of the Sun” (1992) – the most high-pitched classic novel of modern Japanese literature by Haruki Murakami. Twenty-five years in the life of a successful jazz bar owner returns mystical lover of his childhood – and almost forgotten passion erupts again. But the specter of death pursues him … “Casablanca” in Japanese. Existential novel about love, which will not come true.

8. Daniel Keyes – Flowers for Algernon

books make you cry

“Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes included in the compulsory program of reading in American schools. This is the only story in the genre of science fiction, the author of which was twice awarded the first for the story, and then for the novel with the same name, a hero story. Thirty-three years Charlie Gordon – retarded. At the same time he has a job, friends and an overwhelming desire to learn. He agrees to participate in a dangerous scientific experiment in the hope to become smart … This fantastic story has a striking psychological strength and makes us think of the universal questions of morality: Do we have the right to put one above the other experiments, what results it can bring and what price we are willing to pay for, in order to become “the most intelligent”? A lonely? The questions are still raised in Mikhail Bulgakov “Heart of a Dog” and Jack London in “Martin Eden,” Daniel Keyes gives a definite answer.

7. Victor Hugo – The Last Day of a Condemned Man

books make you cry

Victor Hugo – one of the most popular in the world of French prose writers. His works were the basis of the set of performances and films. A musical “Notre Dame de Paris» ( «Notre-Dame de Paris »), delivered on the novel by Victor Hugo, and thanks to the fantastic collections which entered the Guinness Book of Records, is still winning the hearts. The story “The Last Day of a Condemned Man” and the romantic drama ” Ruy Blas “fascinate the reader heat of passion, sharp dramatic fates.

6. Stefan Zweig – The Impatience of the Heart

books make you cry

Tearing soul history of the tragic, doomed, unrequited love women – crippled Edith von Kekeshfalva for good and sincere, but close to the young officer who is capable to respond to her feelings only pity Edith realizes her confined to a wheelchair, you should not rely on reciprocal love. But the force of her passion istupleniya is that does not require reciprocity. The only thing you can hope for a girl – it is a miracle that will help her one day to get up and go …

5. John Boyne – The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

books make you cry

Nine year old Bruno – German cheerful boy who happily lived in Berlin during the Second World War. When his father – a high-ranking officer of the Wehrmacht – transferred to a new location, the family moved from the capital to the provinces, and Bruno quickly finds a friend with a funny name Shmuel. He lives on a farm with unusual strange people: they go even during the day in their pajamas, playing in the room, which are sewn to these pajamas, and hauled some cars. And from the oven on a farm is sometimes acrid smoke … The novel “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” – a book, not intended for children, on the contrary, it is a very adult thing, addressed to the people who know the meaning of the barbed wire.

4. Annabel Pitcher – My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece

books make you cry

Ten Jamie cried when it happened. He knew that he should cry. After all, the older sister Jasmine cried, and my mother was crying, and Dad cried. Roger cried. But with his take – he’s just the cat and, even the coolest cat in the world. Everything is said that over time, all settled down, life will improve and everything will be as before. But it’s damn time went by myself and went, and nothing is getting better. Even worse was getting every day. Dad does not leave with a bottle, Jasmine goes grim, and my mother and disappeared completely. But Jamie hopes that all will come the day when they will be happy again. Even his second sister Rose – one that lives on the mantelpiece. That’s only necessary to push developments forward in the right direction. And Jamie occurs plan. They ate it, for example, be glorified all over the country and even the entire planet, then surely all the necessary changes … Amazing novel for all ages, sad and cheerful, optimistic and full of hope, the main idea of ​​which is that – no matter what happened which would be no evil befalls you, you alone are the masters of their own destiny, their mood and attitude to life.

3. Jojo Moyes – Me Before You

books make you cry

Lou Clark knows how many steps from the bus stop to her house. She knows what she likes to work in cafes and, most likely, she did not like her boyfriend Patrick. But Lu did not know what was about to lose his job and that in the near future, it will need all the strength to overcome her problems piled on. Will Traynor knows who shot down his rider took his desire to live. And he knows exactly what to do to put an end to all this. But he does not know that Lu will soon burst into his world a riot of colors. And they both know that will forever change the lives of each other.

2. Jenny Downham – Before I Die

books make you cry

Tessa has just months to live. She is fighting for live. So she wrote a list of all your desires and gets down to business. Not everything in it is so innocent, like her peers. But just because it is in many respects they are not similar. And because she had to get it all now! “Before I Die” – ​​honest, brave, and incredibly life-affirming novel. She truly stops time, recalling that it is necessary to appreciate the important thing is to seize the moment, be bolder in the desires and enjoy the adventure that gives us every day.

1. Erich Maria Remarque – Three Comrades

books make you cry

Erich Maria Remarque entered the literature as the author of the “lost generation” fate. It was true, based on the experience of the writer, the stories of young people who have passed the horrors of World War II. “All Quiet on the Western Front”, along with E. Hemmingway novels, Aldington R. and W. Faulkner, became confession “Child of the Century.” “Three Comrades” – piercing novel about loneliness and mutual understanding, friendship and love, devotion and the fragility of human life. His characters are far from social unrest and political upheaval of the 1930s, but the approaching disaster leaves its marks and sad in their lives. Despite the tragic note, this is a book about the amazing human happiness – the ability to not get lost in the labyrinth of ghosts and lies.

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