Top 10 Casinos In The World

top 10 casinos in the world

Top 10 casinos is a trendy search in these days. The search index says that how popular this word ‘casino’. Remember latest movie The Great Gambler a boy wins millions of dollar in a night! Yes it can possible. I have seen many who enjoy casino game.

Last Century Las Vegas was the heaven of casinos. But after few years Macau entered in this Gambling Kingdom. Now most of top 10 casinos belongs from this two places. You will be surprised to see that how fast Macau becomes the king of gambling world.

Here is a list I made for you of top 10 casinos in the world. Just take a look on it…

10. Casino Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)

top 10 casinos

Total Gaming Space: 165,000 square feet
Gaming machines: 1,000
Table and poker games: 26
Restaurants and bars: 7
Hotel rooms: 1,000
Web site:

top 10 casinos

Minimums at the Lisboa stay pretty low throughout. Roulette checks in at $20, while Blackjack has one $50 table. Plenty of other games are either $100 or $200. For high rollers, the casino’s most expensive tables are found on the second floor. The Golden VIP room has five Baccarat tables all with minimums exceeding $2,000. Two other Baccarat tables are in their own room with lows of $10,000. The Elite Worldwide Club to the left of the escalators is composed of five $1,000 Baccarat tables and one more at $2,000. Roulette is also available for $100. Outside of these high limit areas, no other minimum bet on the second floor exceeds $500.

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9. MGM Grand Las Vegas (Las Vegas, USA)

 top 10 casinos

Total Gaming Space: 170,000 square feet
Gaming machines: 2,300
Table and Poker Games: 20
Hotel Rooms: 5,044

top 10 casinos

There is no chance taking chance with luxury at MGM Grand, which dominates the northeast corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue (the busiest intersection on the Strip. In fact, this iconic resort and casino is in the process of getting a glamorous makeover. All of the rooms have been perfectly redesigned and several of the property’s entertainment, dining and nightlife experiences are being remade.

Today, as in the past, guests can always count on the first rate service and entertainment at the resort. First and foremost, the MGM Grand is an entertainment destination. Its 16,000-seat Grand Garden Arena hosts concerts by the world’s top artists, championship boxing matches, award shows and so much more. Magician David Copperfield is a regular headliner in the more intimate Hollywood Theatre — and he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

MGM Grand is also home to the Cirque du Soleil production This show is a must see and is a major attraction for all tourists who visit. It’s comprised of acrobatic feats and often compared to a martial arts movie — just in theatre format.

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8. MGM Grand Macau (Macau, China)

 top 10 casinos

Total Gaming Space: 221,952 square feet
Gaming machines: 835
Table and poker games: 410
Restaurants and bars: 12
Hotel rooms: 593
Web site:

top 10 casinos

The MGM casino reminds me a lot of the Sands. Neither place concerns itself too much with appearances, preferring instead to let the gambling take center stage. And with more than 200 mass gaming tables and a ton of slots situated on the huge ground floor, MGM puts on one hell of a show.

It won’t cost you too much either as a large proportion of the tables are either $100 or $200. Although they do get more expensive as you move from left to right (assuming you’ve entered from the Grande Praca), most tables still stay under $500. For those with bigger wallets, the Las Vegas Room is the casino’s highest limit quarter, with minimums of $1,000, $2,000 and $3,000. They probably should have called it the Macau Room though, because outside of one Roulette table, it’s all baccarat.

As for slots, the vast majority of MGM’s 900 machines don’t exceed $1. High ones max out at $10 and can be found in the high-limit slot section next to the Las Vegas Room. All five electronic games are spoken for as well, with baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette, and sic bo all available on the left side of the room.

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7. Sands Macao (Macau, China)

 top 10 casinos

Total Gaming Space: 229,000 square feet
Gaming machines: 750
Table and poker games: 1,000
Restaurants and bars: 7
Hotel rooms: 51
Web site:

top 10 casinos

The main show at the Sands Macau is definitely gambling; everything else is almost an afterthought. Corners were definitely cut during the planning stage on floor aesthetics and lighting, but what you miss out on there is made up for by the sheer number of games available. More specifically the Sands has over 700 plus table games and well over 1200 slot machines. The action, on average, is expensive. $300 minimum tables are the norm. $100 tables are hard to find and each game may only have two or three such tables. Slots, on the other hand, are surprisingly cheap. There are plenty of 1, 2, 5 10 cent HKD slots to go around.

The gambling is spread out over four floors with most of it occurring on the enormous first floor. A smoke free casino is available on the ground floor while the high rollers head to the high limit exclusive members only Paiza Club on the third floor. (Interestingly enough the Paiza Club is not off limits to non-members. Tables with minimums of $1,000 to $10,000 are common, while the highest one I saw was a baccarat table at $80,000. The Paiza club is separated into about 20 smaller rooms with three or four tables in each, with each room named after a city in China, for example, Guilin room, Beijing room, Dunhuang room, etc.)

For those ladies who only want to gamble in the company of the other women, there is a small ladies only section on the first floor, made up of three tables. All three tables are baccarat, with minimum bets of 300 and 200 respectively.

For such a large casino it is interesting that there is no poker room. Following is a list of the Sands Macau games. Unless otherwise indicated, normal Macau rules and payouts apply to all games.

6. Tusk Rio Casino Resort (Klerksdorp, SA)

 top 10 casinos

Total Gaming Space: 266,330 square feet
Gaming machines: 257
Table and poker games: 12
Restaurants and bars: 2
Web site:

This dazzling, glitzy destination can be found in Klerksdorp, North West Province. With its vibrant Carnival theme, this casino is packed full of fun. When you’re done with gaming for the day, why not stop in at the Escapades Theatre or check out the banqueting facilities for all private functions and parties.

Players can grab a cocktail at the non-smoking bar, then head for a meal at the Copacabana restaurant or F.L.A.G. Cafe.

The Rio Metcourt Hotel is a 70-room, 3-star facility. The hotel offers a pool terrace and swimming pool, buffet restaurant, adjoining bar and Wi-Fi internet access. There is also beautiful convention facilities and loads of entertainment for the whole family.

5.Casino Porte (Macau, China)

 top 10 casinos

Total Gaming Space: 270,000 square feet
Gaming machines: 320
Table and poker games: 150
Restaurants and bars: 3
Hotel rooms: 423
Web site:

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Ponte 16’s architectural design draws inspiration from Macau’s unique East-West cultural pluralism, with a European/Portuguese design infused with traditional Chinese elements. The resort is significant as it is the only hotel to be situated in the inner harbor and is a part of the “The Historic Centre of Macao” – UNESCO World Heritage site..

4. Foxwoods Resorts Casino (Ledyard, Connecticut)

 top 10 casinos

Total Gaming Space: 340,000 square feet
Gaming machines: 7,000
Table and poker games: 400
Restaurants and bars: 29
Hotel rooms: 824
Web site:

top 10 casinos

If you want some relief from your busy life then Foxwoods Resort is a best place for you. A fantastic view in woods which gives you awesome feelings. Its look like a King’s Palace in the woods. A luxury life in the jungle.  There is everything you need. Fantastic bars and restaurants gives you various types of food.

Casinos are awesome here, mainly seven types of games are playing here. Slots, Table games, Bingo, Race Book, Keno, Poker and Video Poker. Bet starts from $5 to $10000.

3. City of Dreams Casino (Macau, China)

 top 10 casinos

Total Gaming Space: 420,000 square feet
Gaming machines: 1,350
Table and poker games: 520
Restaurants and bars: 14
Hotel rooms: 1,400
Web site:

top 10 casinos

Without a doubt the loudest casino in Macau belongs to the City of Dreams, and I’m not talking about the background music. I’m talking about the sensory overload that hits you full force from the frenetic flashing floor. It’s not so much that the place is packed with people, but that it’s packed with lights, lights and more lights and a slew of decoration so abstract I don’t even know what half the stuff is supposed to be. It’s just there, on the ceiling, on the walls and even by the tables, collectively trying to accelerate the concepts of “hip” and “cutting edge” and make them move so fast that they’re always one step ahead of the here and now. That’s a little bit of what it feels like to be in the City of Dreams casino. The action never steps, the lights never fade, nothing and no one ever grows old.

Tables in the very large first floor casino number 143 in all, not including the 91 found in three high limit areas, all of which are are still considered mass gaming and not VIP. High Limit East holds 30 tables, the Li Ying Room 25, and High Limit West another 23. Minimums in these three quarters range from $1000 to $5000, while most tables on the main floor are $200, $300, $500, $800, $1000 or $2000. If you look long enough, you should be able to find a couple $100 tables for some of the games, but not all.

2. Casino de Montréal (Montreal, Canada)

top 10 casinos

Total Gaming Space:  526,488 square feet
Gaming machines: 3047
Table and poker games: 123

Restaurants and bars: 8

Hotel rooms:

Highest Amount Ever Doled: $2,641,000 by slot machine

Web site:

top 10 casinos

Based in the former French pavilion from Expo ’67, the Montréal Casino opened in 1993 and was so popular (and earned so much money) that expansion occurred almost instantly. It remains Canada’s biggest casino, and has quite a sleek design, following a four-year, $300-million makeover completed in 2013. It has more than 3000 slot machines and 120 gaming tables.

Grab a drink at the Poker Bar in the middle of the casino, or try one of the other enticing new eating and drinking options. Regular weekend concerts take place here (jazz, folk, blues). Arched footbridges link the casino to the Jardin des Floralies , a rose garden that is wonderful for a stroll.

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1. The Venetian Macao (Macau, China)

top 10 casino

Total Gaming Space: 546,000 square feet
Gaming machines: 3,000
Table and poker games: 870
Restaurants and bars: 24
Hotel rooms: 3,000
Web site:

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When dealing with the largest casino in Macau, it’s probably a lot easier to write the games they don’t have as opposed to the ones they do. I think the only ones missing are Pai Gow, Yee Hah HiM, and EZ Baccarat. That’s it. Every other table game, electronic table game, or Live Gaming machine known to Macau is available at the Venetian, along with over 2,000 slots. Minimums on the 300 tables roll between $200 or $300 all the way up to $2,000 in the high limit Ruby Room, while slots start at 0.02 and end at $100. As for the various game machines and Live Baccarat (which also includes Live Roulette and Live Sic Bo), their lows don’t exceed $50.


All of the games are located in one huge square room behind the lobby, no doubt Macau’s largest casino floor. Bar Florian is located right in the middle of all the action under the Great Hall and escalators that take you up to the Grand Canal Shoppes. Much like the lobby, the casino is very elegantly decorated, full of paintings, pillars, art and chandeliers. While the design is certainly top notch, its effect gets kind of dampened by the sheer size of the room and all the tables, lights, signs and slots. With so much to look at, I’m not sure how many people really notice the fish on the pillars or the five different kinds of chandeliers. Still though, you have to be appreciate Las Vegas Sands effort.


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