Top 10 Biggest Corruption In India Make a shame

corruption in india

Corruption in India has become a common factor today. Political Leaders, Govt. Officials, Private Sectors and Media; each and every one is corrupt in India. Peon to Prime Minister none of them are honest. Every inches of Indian land is debt in corruption. All political leaders promised to eradicate corruption. But after few months every truth comes to light that how they came to power!

Isn’t it ironical to note that the country which has given birth to great spiritual leaders and intellectuals, figures among the top 10 corrupt nations of the world? The seeds of corruption were sowed in the mid-sixties when the ruling party  used the state machinery to strength  the political base of the leader. Soon, the leader become powerless and bureaucracy was rendered defunct. Political leaders have been availed to go scot-free, though corruption charges are leveled against them. Even the common man has become a victim of the rampant corruption. Growing consumerism is one reason for the corruption. There is a need for mass movement to root out corruption from India.

People, like Kiren Bedi, K.J.Alphanos, Anna Hazare, T.N.Seshan, Jogindar Singh and G.K.Khairnar, who believed in the principle ‘of Power comes from sincere service’, fought individual battles against corruption. They had to face ignominy and harassment because they dared to stand against the corruption establishment.

An analysis of 541 of the 543 winning candidates by Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) shows that 186 (about 34 percent) of the newly elected MPs have confessed in their election affidavits that they have criminal cases against them. In the 2009 Lok Sabha, the figure was 158 (about 30 percent) of the elected members of parliament.

Among the newly elected leaders to the Indian parliament, 112 have declared that they have serious criminal cases, including the ones related to murder, attempt to murder, communal disharmony, kidnapping and crimes against women, rape, against them.

According to this information you can understand that India is an open place for corrupt peoples! Here is a list of top 10 corruption in India which make the nations as shame.

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10. NRHM Corruption in India (Uttar Pradesh) – 10,000 crore (100 billion INR)

nhrm corruption in india

Uttar Pradesh NRHM Scam is an alleged corruption scandal in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (Under Bahujan Samajwadi Party), in which top politicians and bureaucrats are alleged to have siphoned off a massive sum estimated at ₹100 billion (US$1.5 billion) from the National Rural Health Mission, a central government program meant to improve health care delivery in rural areas. At least five people are said to have been murdered in an attempt to coverup large-scale irregularities. Several former ministers of then ruling party, Bahujan Samaj Party have been investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation.


9. Vyapam Scam (Madhya Pradesh) – 30,000 crore (300 billion INR)

vyapam corruption in india

The most violent corruption in India. The Vyapam scam is an admission and recruitment scam involving politicians, senior officials and businessmen in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB), popularly known by its Hindi acronym “Vyapam” (Vyavsayik Pariksha Mandal), is a self-financed and autonomous body incorporated by the State government responsible for conducting several entrance tests in the state. These entrance exams are held for recruitment in government jobs and admissions in educational institutes of the state. The scam involved a collusion of undeserving candidates, who bribed politicians and MPPEB officials through middlemen, to get high ranks in these entrance tests.

Cases of irregularities in these entrance tests had been reported since the mid-1990s, and the first FIR was filed in 2000. However, until 2009, such cases were not thought to be part of an organized ring. When major complaints surfaced in the pre-medical test (PMT) in 2009, the state government established a committee to investigate the matter. The committee released its report in 2011, and over a hundred people were arrested by the police.

The Governor, Chief Minister, IAS Officers, IPS Officers each and every person is claimed to involve in this scam.

43 whistleblowers and others involved persons are murdered. It is the most violent scam in India Under Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Government.


8. Saradha Group Corruption in India (West Bengal) – 30,000 crore (360 billion INR)

saradha crruption in india

The financial scam was caused by the collapse of a Ponzi scheme run by Saradha Group, a consortium of companies which was believed to be running a wide variety of collective investment schemes (popularly referred to as chit fund) West Bengal.

The group collapsed in April 2013, causing an estimated loss of Rs300–360 billion to over 1.7 million depositors. In the wake of the scandal, the Mamata Banerjee-led state government had set up an inquiry commission to investigate the collapse and also set up a fund of INR 5 billion (92 million USD) to ensure that low income investors are not bankrupted. But it failed. Many investors claimed that their cheque which is given from the fund, bounced.

The Centre also launched a multi-agency probe to investigate the Saradha scam, as well as other similar Ponzi schemes.
Group chairman Sudipto Sen, in a letter to the CBI, admitted that he had paid large sums of money to several politicians of Trinamool Congress.

He also stated that Trinamool Congress leader Kunal Ghosh had forced him to enter into money-losing media ventures and blackmailed him into selling one of his channels at below market price. Sen fled after posting this letter on April 10.

He was arrested in Kashmir on April 23, 2013. His close aide Debjani Mukhopadhdhay was also arrested for her involvement in the scam.

Several Politicians of Trinamool Congress are involved in this scam. Madan Mitra a minister of Trinamool Congress Party is abducted to custody. Opponent parties claims that The Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also involved in this scam.


7. Food Grain Corruption in India (Uttar Pradesh) – 36,000 crore (360 billion INR)

food grain croupption in india

Uttar Pradesh food grain scam took place between years 2002 and 2010, in Uttar Pradesh state in India, wherein food grain worth ₹350 billion (US$5.3 billion), meant to be distributed amongst the poor, through Public Distribution System (PDS) and other welfare schemes like Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY), Jawahar Rozgar Yojana and Midday Meal Scheme for Below Poverty Line (BPL) card holders, was diverted to the open market. Some of it was traced to the Nepal and Bangladesh borders, as in 2010 security forces seized Rs 11.7 million worth of foodgrains like paddy and pulses being smuggled to Nepal, another Rs 6062,000 worth of grains were confiscated on the Indo-Bangladesh border.

The scam first came into light in 2003, during the Chief Minister ship of Mulayam Singh, in Gonda district in the distribution of foodgrain meant for the Sampoorna Grameen Rozgar Yojana and soon complaints started pouring in from other districts as well. After initially ordering an inquiry into the scam Mulayam Singh withdrew it. The Special Investigation Team ( SIT) set up by the Mulayam Singh government in 2006, lodged over 5,000 FIRs. Subsequently the next UP chief minister Mayawati upon assuming office, ordered a CBI probe into the scam on 1 December 2007. Media dubbed it, “mother of all scams”, and TV news channel, Times Now reported the scam which started in 2002, under the reign of following Chief Ministers of Uttar Pradesh, estimated to be at over ₹2000 billion (US$30 billion). Uttar Pradesh as with other states and UTs, is allocated a monthly quantity of foodgrains, i.e. rice and wheat, by the Central government for distribution amongst AAY, BPL and APL families, under TPDS managed by the state government. For the period from April 2010 to March 2011, this quantity for the state was 528395 tons.


6. Common Wealth Game Corruption in India (Central)- 70,000 crore (700 billion INR)

commonwealth corruption in india

Among all the scams in India, the CWG scam is perhaps the only one that drew the attention of media worldwide.

A day after the conclusion of the Games, the Centre announced formation of a special committee to probe allegations of corruption and mismanagement against the Organising Committee (OC).

During investigations, Organising Committee chairman Suresh Kalmadi’s name surfaced as the main accused. Kalmadi has been accused of awarding a contract to install Timing, Scoring and Results (TSR) system for the 2010 CWG to Swiss Timing at inflated rates causing a loss of over Rs 90 crore to the exchequer.

The CBI has alleged that Kalmadi awarded the contract to the Swiss firm at a much higher bid despite having a cheaper option.

Apart from  Kalmadi, the CBI has named eight persons including OC former Secretary General Lalit Bhanot and former Director General VK Verma as accused.

Promoters of two construction firms, PD  Arya and A K Madan of Faridabad-based Gem International and AK Reddy of Hyderabad-based AKR Constructions are also accused in the case.


5. Irrigation Dept. Corruption in India (Maharastra) – 72,000 crore (720 billion INR)

irrigation corruption in india

There have been reports in the media that Ajit Pawar (Indian National Congress Party), who was water resource minister for a decade between 1999 and 2009, had approved 38 projects worth Rs 20,000 crore in 2009 without clearance of governing council of Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation (VIDC).

According to reports, Pawar and VIDC executive director approved the projects without placing it before the governing council comprising state’s chief secretary and officials of the finance, planning agriculture and water resource departments for deliberation and clearance, as mandated under the rules.

It has also been alleged that tenders were approved at inflated rates but Pawar has flatly refuted the charges.


4. Land Corruption in India (Andra Pradesh) – 100,000 crore (1000 billion INR)

land crruption in india

A total of 88,500 acres of land was allotted in this manner to private parties, depriving the state revenue of nearly Rs 1 lakh crore. Among the irregularities established by the CAG were those pertaining to Vanpic, Obulapuram Mining Company and Aurobindo Pharma, all of which are already under the CBI scanner in the Jagan assets case.
The CAG report details the land allotments between 2006 and 2011, the major portion of which saw Y S Rajasekhara Reddy (Indian National Congress Party) as CM. “Alienation and allotment of land by the state government during 2006-11 was characterized by grave irregularities, involving allotment on an ad hoc, arbitrary and discretionary manner to private persons/ entities at very low rates, without safeguarding the financial and socio-economic interests of the state. The rates proposed at different established levels of the government hierarchy were disregarded and substantial benefits were unduly granted to private parties. Audit scrutiny revealed that in the test-checked cases, undue benefit of Rs 1,784 crore was given to various entities and persons due to the difference in the rates at which land was allotted and the market value as recommended by the district collector and empowered committee. In many cases of land allotment, the state government ignored the prescribed procedures and disregarded canons of financial propriety,” observed the CAG.


3. Delhi Airport Corruption in India (Delhi) – 163,000 crore (1630 billion INR)

delhi airport corruption in india

The Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) hinted in its report on the Delhi airport modernisation project that the government had given out prime land that will fetch Rs 1.63 lakh crore to its private sector partner, Dial.

The CAG report — accessed by HT but not yet tabled in Parliament — said the company had got 4,799.09 acres of land on a Rs 100 annual lease rent for 60 years for an equity contribution of only Rs 1,813 crore.

What’s more, the operations, management and development deal signed by the Airports Authority of India permitted the company to utilise 5% of the land for commercial exploitation. Consultancy firm Merrill Lynch had worked out the valuation of the land at Rs 100 crore an acre.

The auditor also pointed out that the government decision to offer a “post-contractual benefit” to the private partner, Delhi International Airport Ltd (Dial), of levying development fees forced passengers to cough up Rs 3,415.35 crore towards the project cost.So,it comes to the 3rd position in corruption in India.


2. 2G Corruption in India (Central) – 170,000 crore (1700 billion INR)

2G corruption in india

The Second biggest corruption in India. The 2G spectrum scam was a telecommunications scam and political scandal in which politicians and government officials under the Congress government undercharged mobile telephone companies for frequency allocation licenses, which they then used to create 2G spectrum subscriptions for cell phones. The difference between the money collected and that mandated to be collected was estimated by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India at ₹1766.45 billion (US$27 billion), based on 2010 3G and BWA spectrum-auction prices.[1] In a chargesheet filed on 2 April 2011 by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI, the investigating agency), the loss was pegged at ₹309845.5 million (US$4.7 billion). In a 19 August 2011 reply to the CBI, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) said that the government had gained over ₹30 billion (US$450 million) by selling 2G spectrum.[2] Minister of Communications & IT Kapil Sibal said in a 2011 press conference that “zero loss” was incurred by distributing 2G licenses on a first-come-first-served basis.

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1. Coal Allocation Corruption in India (Central) – 200,000 crore (2000 billion INR)

coalgate scam in india

The Biggest Corruption in India ever happened! Between 1993 and 2011, the government of India gave away 206 coal blocks for free to government and private companies. The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG), in a recent report, estimated that the losses due to the policy of the government giving out coal blocks for free amounted to Rs1.86 lakh crore.

Estimates made by stock brokerage CLSA suggest that only 41 out of the 206 blocks given away for free were allocated before the end of 2003. This means that 165 blocks were allocated between 2004 and 2011. The UPA government has been in power since May 2004. Hence, a major number of coal blocks were given away free during the UPA rule.

The government gave away 6282.5 million tonne of coal for free. It could have sold it at a certain price. Also, mining this coal would have involved a certain cost. The CAG first calculated the average sale price for all grades of coal sold by Coal India in 2010-2011. This came to Rs1,028.42 per tonne. It then calculated the average cost of production for all grades of coal for the same period. This came at Rs583.01 per tonne. Other than this, there was a financing cost of Rs150 per tonne which was taken into account, as advised by the ministry of coal. Hence a benefit of Rs295.41 per tonne of coal was arrived at (Rs1,028.42 – Rs583.01 – Rs150). The losses were thus estimated to be at Rs1,85,591.33 crore (Rs295.41 x 6282.5 million tonne), or around Rs1.86 lakh crore, by the CAG.


Corruptions in India Came to the light in 2015

  • Rajasthan Ambulance scam2.56cr– Former chief minister Ashok Gehlot of Indian National Congress ,former Union minister Sachin Pilot of Indian National Congress,Karti Chidambaram of Indian National Congress, son of former Union minister P. Chidambaram,Ravi Krishna, son of former Union minister Vayalar Ravi of Indian National Congress have been booked by CBI[78]It is alleged that technical specifications were tweaked to award the tender to the Ziqitza Healthcare firm.
  • Delhi Jal Board tanker scam400cr– Former Delhi chief minister Sheila Dikshit is accused of floating very costly tenders
  • Amethi Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust land grab case– A revenue court ordered return of the land sold to Rajiv Gandhi Charitable Trust by an industrial house to Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC).
  • Delhi CNG scam100 crore– Former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit of Indian National Congress and Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung are accused in the scam.
  • Delhi power scam8000cr- CAG has reported that Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group BRPL is accused of inflating their dues to be recovered from consumers by almost Rs 8,000 crore. As per the report, the CAG claimed that there is scope for reducing tariffs in the city.
  • Gujarat fisheries scam400 cr– Gujarat ministers Purshottam Solanki of Bharatiya Janata Party and Dileepbhai Sanghani of Bharatiya Janata Party are accused of granting fishing contracts for 58 reservoirs to his favorite parties and did not follow the mandatory auctioning process.
  • GIDC plot allotments bribery case– Goa chief minister Laxmikant Parsekar brother-in-law Dilip Malvankar, a field manager attached to Goa Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) was arrested while allegedly accepting a bribe of Rs 1 lakh to allot a plot in Tuem Industrial Estate.
  • Mizoram office for profit scam– Lal Thanzara of Indian National Congress, who is the younger brother of the chief minister Lal Thanhawla, has resigned from Cabinet for allegedly holding 21.6 per cent share in Sunshine Overseas, a road construction company, which was getting government contracts in the last three years.
  • Maharastra Annabhau Sathe Development Corporation (ASDC) scam141 cr– Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) legislator Ramesh Kadam, accused of siphoning off Rs 141 crore from a state-run body, has been arrested by CID.
  • Uttarakhand liquor license scandal– Uttarakhand chief minister Harish Chandra Singh Rawat of Indian National Congress and his personal secretary Mohammed Shahid were caught in camera negotiating with a liquor baron for a Rs 100 crore bribe to change the state’s policy on the sale of alcohol.
  • Nagpur Land grab case- High court of Maharashtra has fined Member of Parliament Vijay J. Darda and ex-chief minister of Maharashtra Ashok Chavan, both of Indian National Congress 25,000 each and ordered an enquiry in encroachment by Jawaharlal Darda Education Society, controlled by MP Vijay J. Darda and Rajendra Darda.
  • Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) “Chikki” controversy206 crore– Maharashtra women and child welfare minister Pankaja Munde did not invite e-tenders in awarding contracts to the vendors, though it is mandatory to e-tender for contracts over 3 lakhs.
  • Bangalore illegal land denotification scam– S. Yeddyurappa of Bharatiya Janata Party former chief minister of Karnataka is the prime accused.
  • Virbhadra Singh disproportionate assets case6 crores– Chief minister of Himachal Pradesh of Indian National Congress Virbhadra Singh has been booked by CBI for disproportionate assets.
  • NTC land scam709 crore– Former gujrat CM Shankersinh Vaghela of Indian National Congress has been booked by CBI
  • Lalit Modi money laundering case– Lalit Modi ex-Indian Premier League (IPL)commissioner is accused of bid rigging, awarding contracts to his friends, accepting kickbacks on a broadcast deal, selling franchises to members of his family, betting and money laundering.He has absconded from India even as Enforcement Directorate is investigating the cases. He has many political friends and has taken political favours from External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje of Bharatiya Janata Party.
  • Andhra Pradesh Cash for votes scam– Revanth Reddy MLA of Telugu Desam Party is the prime accused and currently in jail.
  • Corporate espionage – Officials of Reliance Industries, Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, Essar Group, Cairn India and Jubilant Energy were accused of stealing documents from the Petroleum Ministry.
  • Uttarakhand flood relief scamRs 100 crores– When lakhs of people in flood-ravaged Uttarakhand went hungry during the 2013 disaster, Government of Uttarakhand state officials partied on Uttarakhand flood relief funds.

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