Top 10 Facts About Mount Everest

Top 10 Facts About Mount Everest

Mount Everest: for many mountain climbers it is their ultimate goal. This mountain is world famous for its impressive height and is climbed by many daredevils every year. But what exactly do we know about this imposing mountain? In these top 10 facts about Mount Everest you will get to know this mountain like no other.

Top 10 Facts About Mount Everest

10. How high is Mount Everest?

How high is Mount Everest?

You would say that we know exactly how high this impressively high mountain is, but that is not entirely the case. Different measurements have been made that all come out differently. In 1955 a special team of Indian researchers took to the mountain. With the most modern equipment of the time, they set the height of the mountain at 8,848 meters. That is still the official height, but other heights have been established since this investigation. In 1999 the mountain turned out to be 8,849 high and in 2005 the altitude was set at 8,844 meters. China and Nepal cannot agree whether the rock height or the snow height should be taken as the official highest point, but whatever height we choose it is the highest mountain in the world (above sea level).

9. We did not know this was the highest point on earth

highest point on earth
Mount Everest is now world famous and almost everyone knows that this mountain has the highest peak in the world. That has not always been the case, because for centuries we had no knowledge of all the mountains on earth. It was only in the nineteenth century that the Indian subcontinent was first clearly depicted. Researchers captured the landscape and also measured Mount Everest for the first time. Despite a lack of modern equipment, their estimate of the height of the mountain was very good. As a result, it was officially established in 1852 that Mount Everest is the highest point on earth.

8. The camera of George Mallory

The camera of George Mallory

As far as we know, Mount Everest was first successfully climbed in 1953. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay defied the mountain and were the first to reach the summit. Yet there is a chance that this information is not entirely correct. In 1924, George Mallory also wanted to climb the mountain, together with his partner Andrew Irvine. They were last seen on June 8 when they were well on their way with their climb to the top. After that, nothing was heard from them, which meant that there was a great mystery for decades. Unfortunately, Mallory’s body was found in 1999. What was just not found is the camera he had with him. This camera can possibly prove whether this mountain climber reached the top before his death, so researchers still hope he will be found.

7. Who has climbed Mount Everest the most?

It is quite an achievement once you reach the summit of Mount Everest, but some climbers cannot get enough of it. Great honor to break the record of most climbs on Mount Everest. Kami Rita who has this record to his name. He has reached the highest part of the earth no less than 22 times. The woman with the most climbs to her name is Lhakpa Sherpa, who reached the top nine times. It is striking that these are both sherpas: members of the local population around Mount Everest. Top 10 facts about Mount Everest.

6. The fastest climbers

The fastest climbers

You would say that you would like to take the time to climb Mount Everest. This also applies to most mountain climbers. They usually take a few days and take the time to rest in one of the many camps along the way. However, some climbers find it a challenge to climb from the base camp to the top as quickly as possible. The southern side of the mountain was the fastest climbed by Lakpa Gelu. It only took ten hours and 56 minutes to reach the top of the mountain. He enjoyed the impressive view for a few minutes and then immediately went down again, making him back to base camp within eighteen hours and twenty minutes. The northern side was the fastest climbed by Hans Kammerlander: an Italian who only needed sixteen hours and 45 minutes.

5. The Puja ceremony

Mount Everest has earned the nickname “Chomolungma” within Buddhism. This name is a reference to a goddess of the same name, who is also called the mother of the world. The mountain is therefore seen as a holy place and climbers must always request permission before they climb Mount Everest. During a so-called Puja ceremony, this permission is granted and you are blessed with a safe journey. The ceremony is performed by two monks and a Lama. So you can reach the top of the mountain with confidence. Top 10 facts about Mount Everest.

4. The oldest and youngest climbers

The oldest and youngest climbers

For some people, climbing Mount Everest is something they have been working towards almost their entire lives. This does not apply to everyone, because there are a number of incredibly young climbers who have reached the top. The American ordan Romero is the youngest person to ever climb the mountain. The moment he defied Mount Everest, he was only thirteen years old. Quite an achievement, because the average climber is between thirty and forty years old. And after that he did not sit still, he has now climbed the “seven summits”, the highest mountains of all continents. And who is the oldest person to climb the mountain? The eighty-year-old Yuichiro Miura from Japan.

3. It is not the highest mountain on earth

It is not the highest mountain on earth

Mount Everest may be the highest point on earth, but it is not the highest mountain. That honor goes to the Mauna Kea, a mountain on Hawaii. The mountain is a total of no less than 10,200 meters high, making it more than a thousand meters higher than Mount Everest. The only question is why this is not the highest point on earth. The Mauna Kea officially starts under the sea. Thousands of meters from this mountain lie in the water, only 4,207.3 above water, making Mount Everest still the highest point on earth. Top 10 facts about Mount Everest.

2. There are corpses on the mountain

There are corpses on the mountain

Unfortunately, climbing Mount Everest is not without risk. In total around 240 people died during their attempt to climb this mountain. There are several reasons why they didn’t survive: avalanches, hypothermia, injuries or exhaustion. It is only extremely heavy and dangerous to carry down the bodies of these deceased climbers. That is why they are still on the mountain today. In fact, new climbers use them as milestones so they know how close they are to the top. Top 10 facts about Mount Everest.

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1. There is a lot of waste on the mountain

There is a lot of waste on the mountain

You wouldn’t expect it, but Mount Everest is a very polluted mountain. The mountain is littered with food packaging, empty oxygen tanks, droppings and broken climbing tools. During a major clean-up in 2011, no less than 8 tonnes of waste were removed from the mountain. The government of Nepal has therefore devised a new rule. Climbers must take all their climbing tools down again. Is their equipment no longer complete? Then that can result in a fine of no less than 4,000 dollars.