Top 10 Feel Good Movies

top 10 feel good movie

What do you do, when the day doesn’t favour you? When you prefer staring at the ceiling to hanging out with friends? When you gulp down tubs of sundae? Well for me, nothing works as much as a good movie!! Or shall I say a Feel-Good movie! Here is my list. Feel free to shoot your picks! 

1O. HITCH (2005)

top 10 good feel movies

we all need help with a number of things. Then why is it a ‘crime’ to take help in the matters of love? This film also offers us some loveable characters, especially Alex Hitchens! A fun film, which would surely plant a smile on your face.

9. MARY POPPINS (1964)

top 10 feel good movies

A ‘twisted’ tale of P.L. Travers’ life has mesmerized cine-goers of every possible age. It not only makes you feel good, but also a tad bit nostalgic! Some may time-travel back to the Christmas noon, when it was a family ritual to watch it! Others may think of those rare occasions, when classmates would gather at the school auditorium, for this annual fiesta! #supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


top 10 feel good movies

At a very crucial juncture of her life, Frances Mayes, decides to dump all the setbacks, and start anew. Cut to – Italy! The food, the air, the ‘newly bought mansion’ only helps her to commence a new journey, and how?

7. UP (2009)

top 10 feel good movies

Carl has recently lost his wife. He is nothing short of a cranky recluse. But everything tosses for a change one day, after his sudden encounter with Russell. It is one of the best films Disney has produced. It is a commendable mix of emotion, fun and music. One would instantly fall for the brilliant animation, as well.

6. PHILOMENA (2013)

top 10 feel good movies

A true tale of a mother and her son. How they lose each other and finally how they reunite! Or do they? This dramatic rollercoaster ride is soothing to your eyes and heart!


top 10 feel good movies

Paul Feig continues his ‘tradition’ of pointing out some of the social issues in a very subtle and fun manner. You laugh, you cry, and eventually you feel good, thanks to the Bride and her maids (and also the lovely attires and definitely officer Rhodes!!).


top 10 feel good movies

If only we were half as ‘smart’ and courageous as Erin. Neck-deep in debts, string-thin bank balance, fresh out of a divorce… But she surely had the ‘b**bs’ to turn things to her favour and make it count. Erin, now also a grandmother of three, continues to touch peoples’ lives as a Consumer Advocate! Way to go girl!


top 10 feel good movies

Old age implies complete retirement from every imaginable aspect of life, till one actually ‘retires’. But this film challenges that notion and effectively vindicates the idea,’ where there is life there is hope…’ and a special mention of Dame Judi Dench! #RESPECT

2. THE ARTIST (2011)

top 10 feel good movies

Love at the time of crisis or a new beginning at the time of crisis. Irrespective of that it is a splendid watch! It follows the pattern of a classic silent black-and-white film and comes through with flying colours!

George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) is the superstar of silent movies in Hollywood in 1927. Audiences just adore everything George is a part of. Along comes Peppy Miller (Bérénice Bejo) who is going to be a huge star some day. George and Peppy work together on one film. George takes her under his wing and a beautiful relationship develops between the two. But after few years, silent movies fade into obscurity as talking pictures or “talkies” explode onto the scene. George finds himself struggling for not only work, but a purpose to live as Peppy becomes the next big thing overnight.

The Artist is funny and charming. Jean Dujardin really plays to the crowd and appears to love nothing more than catering to the people who come to see his films. Once Bérénice Bejo enters the picture, the film begins to evolve into a type of romance. Peppy seems to steal the spotlight in the same way George does as soon as you see her dance for the first time. The laughs are there, the charms are there, The Artist has a firm grip on your heart and your attention and never really lets go.

1.WILD (2014)

top 10 feel good movie

The movie started when Cheryl about start her journey. She managed to provide all things alone to support her journey, like cooking, making the tent, crossing over a big rock and river, and snake. She meets various type of people on the road, the nice ones and the bad too. The thought of quitting always tempting her head, at one point it’s too far to get back. But at least she learn that life is not to quit. Its a nice journey. She discovered,

“There is a sunrise and a sunset every day and you can choose to be there for it. You can put yourself in the way of beauty.”

Same as life comes with many situations sometimes good sometimes bad too. But you have to accept all the part like you accept the good one. If you fear about the bad things you’ll never finished your journey. But don’t worry At the end of your toughest journey it pays you back. I love Wild because  it’s a movie for survival, and the sacrifices we make that people often forgotten. Yes that’s why it is number one of the top 10 feel good movies.


Do you like my list? Anything I missed? Feel free to reply.