Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio Movie He Should Have Won an Oscar

top 10 leonardo dicaprio movie

Really guys it’s very difficult to say which one is the best or making a top 10 list of Leonardo movie! Yes I’m talking about Leonardo DiCaprio the finest actor of Hollywood.

Before this February Leonardo got five times Oscar nominations and get zero! Can you imagine how frustrated the situation should be? “This man deserve an Oscar” people always shouting since more than a decade. At last The 88th Annual Academy Awards Leonardo DiCaprio has finally earned his much-awaited golden statue. After a decade when we look back his career we get confused to say which one is the best movie he bringing to world audiences. The Hollywood superstar has won his first Oscar for playing Hugh Glass in the survival drama The Revenant.

Yes The Revenant is a super movie and DiCaprio played as well he played before! But guys I don’t think, this movie is the best of the best he ever played. So I made a list of top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio movie should have won an Oscar. Check it out!


10. The Aviator (2004)

top 10 leonardo dicaprio movie

Leonardo DiCaprio teamed up with Martin Scorsese again in 2004 for the biographical drama “The Aviator.” DiCaprio took on the role of Howard Hughes, one of the well-off people to ever live. The film was nominated for 11 Academy Awards, but Leo did not get the golden women!


9. Catch Me If You Can (2002)

top 10 leonardo dicaprio movie

No wonder, starring DiCaprio, Tom Hanks, and directed by Steven Spielberg, the film was bound to be a feat. But the surprising thing about “Catch Me If You Can” is the fact that DiCaprio wasn’t even nominated for the Best Actor Oscar.


8. Blood Diamond (2006)

top 10 leonardo dicaprio movie

One of my personal favorite. DiCaprio was nominated for Best Actor for the film, and his costar Djimon Hounsou was nominated for Best Supporting Actor, unfortunately neither won.


7. The Departed (2006)

top 10 leonardo dicaprio movie

Another crowd movie directed by Martin Scorsese, “The Departed” was extremely well received by audiences and had positive reviews from critics. The film won four Academy Awards, and Leonardo was once again omitted by the academy members.


6. Shutter Island (2010)

top 10 leonardo dicaprio movie

DiCaprio plays a U.S. Marshal who is looking into the disappearance of a patient from a mysterious and horrifying psychiatric ward in the film. Even though critics settled DiCaprio gave an Oscar worthy performance, the Academy didn’t give any love to the actor or the film.


5. Inception (2010)

top 10 leonardo dicaprio movie

DiCaprio plays a man who permeates the subconscious of people in order to steal important information in the film, but he wasn’t even nominated for Best Actor, but still he did not receive it.


4. Titanic (1997)

top 10 leonardo dicaprio movie

DiCaprio was only 22 years old when he landed the part of Jack Dawson in the now classic film, 1997’s “Titanic.” Alongside Kate Winslet as Rose, the pair played starcrossed lovers who naively head towards disaster.

It was DiCaprio’s role that gave the film its spirit and what makes it so loveable today, but DiCaprio was not nominated for Best Actor.


3. Django Unchained (2012)

top 10 leonardo dicaprio movie

Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 film “Django Unchained” made over $400 million at the box office. Yet again Leo tests the limits of his acting abilities and, of course, yet again gets affronted by the Academy.


2. The Great Gatsby (2013)

top 10 leonardo dicaprio movie

In 2013, the world was convinced that DiCaprio would finally take home Oscar gold with his role of Jay Gatsby. The film won both Best Production Design and Best Costume Design awards, but DiCaprio went home bare handed.


1. The Wolf of Wall Street (2014)

top 10 leonardo dicaprio movie

The film was DiCaprio and Scorsese’s fifth collaboration, and was nominated for 5 Academy Awards. Personally Leonardo got two nominations for that movie, one for best actor’s nomination and the other one is for as a producer for best picture.  But the night ended with no wins awarded to the film, or to DiCaprio who lost to Matthew McConaughey for the role in “Dallas Buyers Club.”


It was my Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio Movie He Should Have Won an Oscar! If at this point, you’re asking, where’s Gangs of New York – while DiCaprio has done a lot of great work with Scorsese, this is not one example of such. Next to Daniel Day-Lewis’ electrifying performance as Bill the Butcher, DiCaprio’s performance feels a little bland and forgettable.

But guys at the end I want to say, Leonardo is the best who needs no statues to prove it, but he surely deserves a lot.

What you think? Let’s argue this out in the comments. Which Leonardo DiCaprio films should have made it onto this list?