Top 10 Most Amazing Fish in The World

top 10 most amazing fish

The water bodies throughout the world be it sea, ocean, lake or river bodies, all of them have a huge variety of different kinds of living beings. But due to lack of technology the researches was unable to have a proper progress and people were unaware of many of these creatures. Indeed Jacques-lv kusto is the best place to study these and with improvement of machinery and equipment the study about sea floor and in depth ocean have become more easy. Here is the top 10 most amazing fish  of the world.

Top 10 Most Amazing Fish in the World


10) Ambon Scorpion fish

top 10 most amazing fish

In the top 10 world’s most amazing fish Ambon Scorpion Fish is also listed. It is recognized by its bright purple color and sometimes it becomes pale purple and also have the ability to change color which is a quality of camouflaging. This fish inhabits at the bottom of the sea and and the main part of it’s life is to dug under sand and hence it’s makes and to haunt which helps it to protect itself from predators.  It was discovered in 1856.



top 10 most amazing fish

The top 10 world’s best fishes have listed Frogfish in 9th position.

This fish is mammalian . As it’s unique name “frog”, it’s fins resembles more like that of paws of an animal. It has a bright orange colour along with white strips. It crawls along the bottom and as it have paws like fins it even moves in leaps. It’s view have been opened recently in 2009.


8) Pickler

top 10 most amazing fish

The top 10 world’s most amazing fish  have Pickler listed as 8th.

This fish have appendages all over the body that resembles seaweed leaves, which look somewhat similar to fins . It’s diet consist of fish and plankton and algae and due to absence of teeth it swallows it’s prey as whole. The appendages masks the body and hence it have a excellent camouflaging quality .



top 10 most amazing fish

The top 10 best fishes have Fish moon in the 7th position. This fish have a laterally flattened body, like a disc , tail almost  imperceptibly and all the fins fused together. It was dubbed as a fish because of its body shape. It’s diet have jelly fish, eels,  squid larvae along with plankton. This fishes are unadapted to physical activities and even adults cannot overcome currents. Their size can become huge and can weigh up-to half a ton. It was discovered in 1758.


6) Long-nosed Chimaeras

top 10 most amazing fish

The top 10 world’s best fishes have Long-nosed Chimaeras in 6th position.

This fish was discovered a century ago but is not so properly known . It’s habit lies 1.5km below the Atlantic Ocean buried in sand. It’s diet is of clams of fishes and those who swims by.

5) Plaschenosets.

top 10 most amazing fish

The top 10 most amazing fish of the world,  in its 5th position have Plaschenosets.

This is a shark discovered in 1884, by its appearance it looks like a Conger eel or snake.  They have serpentine body covered with strips of sharks and is covered with gills.  Their jaw is stubbed with teeth but in several small rows, paired 12 in a row and appears as branch of Christmas tree and a plurality of sharp formation is also seen.


4) Indonesian Coelacanth

top 10 most amazing fish

The top 10 most amazing  fish in the world, in its 4th place have Indonesian Coelacanth.

This amazing species of fish with the oldest view of the globe was believed to be extinct until 1999. Till today only a handful of dozen of them are found.  In 2007 a Fisherman found the fifth specimen of this type and fenced it in the shallow water where it survived for 15 hours but although it’s believed that it lived for only 2hours in the upper water.


3) Monkfish

top 10 most amazing fish

The top 10 world’s best fishes have Monk Fish in the 3rd position.

This belongs to the family of anglers, inhibits at a great depth. At this depth normally no sunlight passes and this fish type attracts potential victims by the glowing growth on their forehead. They catches everything that swims pass them at this depth even predators larger than them.  For this they have developed sharp jaws and teeth. For reproduction in such difficult circumstances the male of this fish type betrays their secretion of the female through blood.



top 10 most amazing fish

The 2nd position in the world’s most amazing fish  is taken by Blobfish. This fish is said to be the ugliest being in the world . On land it seems like just a jelly. This creature can weight up-to 10kg and can be 50 centimeters long. Their diet is  usually plankton, small crustaceans and shrimp. It just lies at the bottom of opening mouth and waits until it zaplet a victim. Nothing much is know about their reproduction but it’s said they are very caring parents and stays with their little ones until they are able to take up their own life.

1. Macropinna microstoma 

top 10 most amazing fish

The top 10 world’s most amazing fish  have Macropinna microstoma in the first place. It was first found in 1939 but still is a mystery. A mysterious feature about this fish until 2009 was why it’s eyes are directed straight upwards.  They have a dome like structure in place of their head which is somewhat transparent. This creature have a transparent envelope with a special fluid that protects the visual organs.