Top 10 Super-foods for Weight Loss Guaranteed


Tired of doing workouts, jogging and other weight loss remedies? What if simply eating can reduce your weight! No kidding, just try these superfoods that are not only nutritional powerhouses but also help you achieve that oh-so-desirable slim figure and fitness.

Here is a list of best superfoods for guaranteed weight loss that will set your weight straight. Take an inspiration and go on to achieve that ‘dream figure’. 
10. Oranges
10 foods for weight loss
And last but certainly not the least is the mighty food namely orange that too helps in aiding weight loss as it contains large amount of fiber and Vitamin C that boosts metabolism and helps in weight reduction.

9. Green Tea
amazing foods for helth
Green tea is an excellent food for weight loss as it contains an ingredient called polyphenols that helps in dissolution of triglycerides which are deposited in our body. Not just this, it also boosts endurance level of a person which means one can exercise for long thereby aiding in weight loss. It also helpful to Reduce Breast Cancer .

8. Wine
Best foods for weight loss
Yes, now drink wine for not just good health but also to stay thin. Researchers suggest that light-to-moderate intake of wine protects against weight gain.

7. Brown rice
10 best food for loss weight
If losing weight is your motto for this year, try brown rice. It is a superfood that is low in calorie but has high fiber content; it keeps you full throughout the day thereby serving the purpose of weight loss.

6. Broccoli
top 10 great foods for weight loss
Though it is mostly known for its cancer fighting ability, but since it contains a high quantity of fiber, it also prevents weight gain. It also helps in lowering of cholesterol thereby boosting your heart’s health. This veg also helps to Prevent Breast Cancer .
5. Salmon
10 effective foods for weight loss
Salmon is an effective diet when it comes to weight loss as despite having fairly high fat content, it contains healthy omega-3 essential fatty acids that serve as a good weight-loss tool. It is a better option than read meat any day.

4. Dark chocolates
10 amazing foods for weight loss
Gone are the days when you used to think that chocolates were major reasons in weight gain. Good news is that dark chocolates can actually aid in weight loss as they contain high quality cocoa powder which is rich in antioxidants and thereby helps in slimming.

3. Eggs
top 10 foods for weight loss
For those who want to lose weight, eggs are the best way to start your day. Studies suggest that eggs contain an ingredient that can help to cut down calories consumed during each meal.

2. Avocados
Top 10 foods for weight loss
If you are trying to lose weight, this nutritional fruit can actually help you a lot. It contains ample amount of fiber that gives a feeling of fullness, so that one can stay satisfied with food for longer and proper digestion can also take place.

1. OatsTop 10 foods for weight loss
Yes, oats work wonder as they contain high quantity of fiber. Consuming a bowl of oats in breakfast keeps you full throughout the day and help boost metabolism thereby burning fat.


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