Top 10 Tsunamis in Recent Years

top 10 tsunamis in the recent years

Top 10 tsunamis in recent years. Tsunami is the worst natural phenomenon, causing destruction and many killings, and sometimes carry out obsolete results. Elements have caused large tsunamis, tropical cyclones and volcanic predictions are almost impossible to move their presence almost impossible, in the last 10 years the biggest tsunami has caused man’s misery, destruction and economic cost. Sadly, according to scientific data, the number of destructive waves that have been wound up is due to the depth of the vast ocean. The article is from 2005 to 2015 of global disasters. Listed, periodically.

Top 10 tsunamis in recent years :

10)Tsunami on the Izu islands and Miyake in 2005: The selection starts with tsunami on the izu islands and miyake. An earthquake with an amplitude of 6.8 points on the Izu Islands and Miyake in 2005 caused a tsunami. Waves reaching up to 5 meters in height and can cause victims, because the water was moving very fast, and has a half-hour has come from one island to another. Since the population was evacuated in good time of the dangerous points, managed to avoid the tragedy. were recorded casualties. This is one of the biggest tsunami suffered by the Japanese islands over the past ten years.

9)Tsunami on the island of Java in 2006: In 10 of the biggest disasters in several years included a tsunami that befell the island of Java in 2006. Deadly sea waves killed more than 800 people. The height of waves reached 7 meters and laid much of the island’s buildings. Suffered about 10 thousand people. Thousands of people were left homeless. Among the dead were foreign tourists. distress cause was a massive earthquake in the Indian Ocean depths, which reached 7.7 on the Richter scale. It got the 9th position in this top 10 tsunamis in recent years selection.

8)Tsunami in the solomon island and New Guinea in 2007: In 2007, an 8-point earthquake caught up with the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea  . It destroys more than 10 villages due to tsunami waves of more than 10. Almost 50 people and thousands of people have been killed in the grave. The damage suffered by more than 30 thousand inhabitants. After the accident many residents refuse to go back, and stay in camps, which are built above the island mountains for a long time. This is one of the biggest tsunami in recent years due to earthquake in the Pacific Ocean.

7) Meteotsunami on Myanmar’s shores in 2008 : The cyclone, named “Nargis” in Myanmar grasped in 2008. Destructive element, which claimed the lives of 90 thousand inhabitants of the state, belongs to the category meteotsunami. In connection with the natural disaster affected and have suffered damage over a million people. Meteotsunami was so devastating that not a trace of some settlements. The biggest damage suffered Yangon. Due to the scale of the disaster, which has caused the cyclone, it is included in 10 of the largest natural disasters in recent years.

6)Tsunami on the Samoan island in 2009: Samoan Islands in 2009 were victim of surging tsunami, the earthquake in the Pacific Ocean, more than 9 points. The wave reached Samoa residential areas, and within a radius of several kilometers has destroyed all the buildings. Killed several hundred people. A powerful wave swept up to the Kuril Islands and was a quarter of a meter in height. Global loss among people managed to escape, thanks to the timely evacuation of the population. The impressive height of waves and a powerful earthquake tsunami includes 10 of the most terrible tsunami in recent years.

5)Tsunami on the coast of chili in 2010: Coast Chile overtook a major earthquake in 2010 that caused the raging tsunami. The waves swept over 11 cities and reached a five-meter height. The disaster in the hundreds of victims. Residents of. Easter were promptly evacuated. The larger the number of victims caused by itself the earthquake that caused the concussion of the Pacific waves. The result has been the displacement of the Chilean city of Concepcion at a few meters from his former position. The tsunami that struck the coast, is considered one of the largest in a decade.

4)Tsunami on the Japanese islands in 2011:  The biggest disaster that has befallen the land in recent years, there has been in the Japanese islands in Tohoku 2011. Islands earthquake caught up with the amplitude at 9, 1 points, triggering a global tsunami. Destructive waves reaching 40 meters, covered islands and is spread over several kilometers around. Died in the natural disaster there are more than 20 thousand people, and more than 5000 were injured. Many people are still missing. Natural disasters have caused accident at the plant, which led to an emergency situation in the country due to this radiation. The waves reached the Kuril Islands, and reached 2 meters in height. This is one of the most powerful and tragic tsunami in the past 10 years by its scale and positioned in 4rt in top 10 tsunamis in recent years list.

3) Tsunami on the Philippine island in 2013: Typhoon realized the Philippine Islands in 2013, was the cause of raging tsunami. Sea waves reached a height of 6 meters near the coast. In hazardous areas, the evacuation began. But the typhoon had time to carry out life more than 10 thousand people. The water made its way to 600 kilometers wide, sweeping away whole villages from the face of the island. Tacloban City ceased to exist. timely evacuation of people was carried out in areas where the supposed catastrophe. Numerous losses associated with natural disasters, gives the right to consider the tsunami in parts of the Philippine archipelago one of the most global of the decade.So, Tsunami on the Philippine island got the 3rd place in top 10 tsunami in recent years.

2) Tsunami in the Chilean city of Ikeke in 2014: Top 10 tsunamis in recent years have Tsunami in the Chilean city of Ikeke, which occurred in 2014, due to the major earthquake of 8.2 on the Richter scale. Chile is located in the area with high seismic activity, so the earthquake and tsunami frequent phenomenon in this area. At this time, the element has caused the destruction of the city jail, in this regard, its walls left nearly 300 prisoners. Despite the fact that in some places the waves reached 2 meters in height, able to avoid many losses. It was declared the timely evacuation of residents of the coast of Chile and Peru. He died only a few people. Tsunami is the most significant that occurred last year in the Chilean coast.

1)Tsunami on the coast of Japan in 2015: The 1st place is acquired by the Tsunami on the coast of Japan in top 10 Tsunamis in recent years. In September 2015 there was an earthquake in Chile, reaching 7 points. In this regard, Japan suffered a tsunami wave that exceed 4 meters in height. Seriously affected the largest Chilean city of Coquimbo. Killed about ten people. The rest of the city’s population was evacuated in a timely manner. In some areas, the wave height reaches one meter and brought some destruction. Last September disaster is completing 10 most global tsunami in the past decade.