Top 10 World’s Largest Excavator

World's largest excavator

World’s largest excavator. Mining excavators are impressive machines and tend to weigh more than 800 tons. They are not only impressive by weight, but also by size. This selection highlights the 10 largest excavators in the world. These are the 10 largest hydraulic mining excavators currently in service. This classification is based purely on the operating load.

World’s Largest Excavator

10. BUCYRUS RH 340 / RH 340-B

The powerful excavator weighs 550 tons. This incredible kit part has a bucket capacity and bucket of retro excavator of 34 cubic meters. And it has blade gathering strength and explosive strength of 2,240 kN and 1,640 kN, respectively. The forces of explosion and start of this excavator during the operations of retro excavator are of 1,270 kN and 1,240 kN.


Bucyrus has 2 positions in selecting the largest mining excavators for good reason. The Bucyrus RH400, now owned by Caterpillar, is known to hold the title of the world’s largest hydraulic excavator. This monster is a front shovel excavator and weighs approximately 980 tons. This mining force has 8.6-meter chassis width and treadmill length of 10.98 meters. Only one blade dug can remove 45 cubic meters of material. With a combined force of 3,300 kN and an explosion force of 2,400 kN, the machine is impressive.

8. DEMAG H740

OS Apparently the fourth largest excavator in the world, this kit part has an operating load of 744 tons. It has been in business since 1999 and was designed for abrasive oil sands for KMC Mining, Canada. This machine has an impressive blade capacity of 40 cubic meters and an explosion force of 2,320 kN. It is powered by 2 CAT 3516B 16-cylinder diesel engines, delivering 4,000 hp at 1,800 rpm.

7. HITACHI EX5500-6

With a standard operating load of 522 tonnes, it also comes in an electric version weighing 516 tonnes. This machine has a chassis length of 9.35 meters and width of 7.4 meters. Its bucket capacity bucket load is 27 cubic meters and bucket of retro excavator can dig 29 cubic meters. The gathering and explosion forces may exceed 1,570 kN. The retro excavator can offer excavation and gathering forces of 1,370 kN and 1,240 kN, respectively.

6. HITACHI EX5600-6

Considered the sixth largest excavator in the world, it weighs in more than 500 tons. She was the successor to the impressive EX5500 series. This monster has a blade weight of 533 tons. On the train, its length is 9.35 meters and width of 7.4 meters. With a bucket bucket capacity of 29 cubic meters, and a 34 cubic meter retro excavator, this machine is certainly useful. The gathering and explosion forces are 1,520 kN and 1,590 kN respectively.

5. HITACHI EX8000-6

The Hitachi EX8000-6 excavator is 10.5 meters long and has a widening of 8.65 meters. Its bucket has the capacity of 45 cubic meters. The gathering and blasting forces are 2,870 kN and 2,230 kN, respectively. Cummins QSKTA60-CE 16-cylinder diesel engines power the monster at 3,800 hp at 1,800 rpm. And it also comes in an electric version.

4. KOMATSU PC5500-6

With an operating load of 495 tons, Komatsu is apparently the ninth largest hydraulic excavator in service. It has a train of 9.72 meters and a width of 7.54 meters. The shovel and retro excavator of the excavator has a capacity of 29 cubic meters. The forces of meeting and explosion of its blade are of 1,870 kN and 1,865 kN. The entire equipment is powered by 2 12-cylinder Komatsu SDA12V159E-2 diesel engines, producing 2,520 hp at 1,800 rpm.

3. KOMATSU PC8000-6

Supposedly the fifth-largest hydraulic excavator, Komatsu PC8000-6 has an operating load of approximately 710 tonnes. And it comes with shovel attachments and retro backhoe. This machine has a stroke length of 7.9 meters and general stroke width of 9 meters, its bucket size is 38 cubic meters. The arm-gathering force and bucket-gathering forces are 1,765 kN and 1,961 kN. Its maximum ground level reach of the bucket is 19.37 meters.¬†World’s largest excavator.


The operating load of this machine, with the blade attachment, is 676 tons, 672 tons if you add the annex of the retro excavator. The train, its length, is 10 meters and width 7.9 meters. The shovel and backhoe capacity for this machine totals 26 cubic meters. It has excavation and explosion forces of 1,550 kN and 1,670 kN for backhoe and assembly / blast forces of 2,430 kN and 1,905 kN for the shovel. The entire equipment is powered by 2 Cummins K 1800 E 16-cylinder diesel engines, delivering 3,000 hp at 1,800 rpm.¬†World’s largest excavator.


With a shovel attachment, it weighs 810 tons, 800 tons only the retro excavator. Its undercarriage measures 10.84 meters in length and the capacities of shovel and retro excavator are of 42 cubic meters. The maximum forces of meeting and explosion of its blade in 3,900 kN and 2,395 kN respectively. The retro excavator has excavation and explosion forces of 1,760 kN and 1,980 kN. The machine is powered by 2 Cummins QSK60 16-cylinder diesel engines producing 4,000 hp and 1,800 rpm. And it can also be powered by 2 MTU 12-cylinder diesel engines, generating 3,820 hp at 1,800 rpm.