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Hey, do you like writings? Do you have ideas? Need a platform? Yes, we are here for you. Your writings will spread all over the world. If you have ideas about any lists that you want to show the world it’s the right place for you. We publish your list with your name. Read the rules carefully and submit at [email protected]



  1. Submit Your NAME, Your AGE, Your OCCUPATION and Your PHOTO.
  2. List should be unique.
  3. Don’t copy from others.
  4. Lists should between 800 to 2000 words.
  5. You must start with a introduction and it’s good if you writes few words at the end.
  6. Each number of your list have minimum 80 words.
  7. You can submit more than 10 numbers.
  8. Don’t Submit any photos. Our editorial groups will manage it.

Please Note: Send an article with your first mail. Without article you’ll not get any reply.



  1. You’ll get an Authorship of our website.
  2. We will display your name with your post.
  3. Your social IDs will shows with your name.
  4. We will shows your image also.
  5. After Successful 50 valid articles we will provide you a certificate about professional copywriter. Which may helps you in copywriting career.

If any quarries please contact us.